5 Common Kubota SVL95 Problems and Solutions

Kubota is one of the famous brands in the world that makes effective skid steers at an affordable price. A major invention of the Kubota skid steer series is SVL95. It has great features and a well-established machine that won its place among competitors.

Along with some great features, it has some drawbacks too. However, these drawbacks can be solved easily with little care and attention. The issues of Kubota SVL95 will be discussed in this article with the most suitable solutions.

DEF problems and dust problems are the most important and common issues in SVL95 that affect engine operation, door operation, air filter performance, and many others.

Issues of SVL95 and the Solutions:

1. DEF Problem

DEF, referred to as diesel exhaust fluid is the liquid that is used in the exhaust system. This fluid is injected directly into the exhaust system.

SCR, selective catalytic reduction is the part of the system, where the fluid injected and emission of nitrogen oxide happens.

The main issue of the DEF system is, not the proper emission of nitrogen oxide. This is dangerous because it became freeze as it has 67% water, which freezes during winter. As a result, the DEF tank can be cracked and create other problems.

Other problems such as overflow DEF tank, damaging other parts of the engine, clogged engine etcetera. Putting diesel into the DEF tank may also cause an engine to misfire.

Solution of DEF Problems

The most suitable solution to the DEF problem is, to clean the DEF tank just after the fluid draining process.

Rinse the DEF tank with water could be a good option to clean it. Not cleaning the DEF tank often can lead to crystallizing the fluid, so better to clean the DEF tank after every drainage is necessary.

In case of a damaged DEF tank, it is advised to talk to the dealer to replace the tank with a new one.

2. Dust Problems

Dust is another main issue that brought negative reviews to SVL95. For any kind of task, SVL95 is filled with a huge amount of dust everywhere in the engine, cab, and other parts of the machine.

It hampers the engine operation, door operation, and air filter performance. Details of these are explained below.

3. Dust Problem Affects Engine Operation

After a task, a huge amount of dust gathers under the machine and loader arms. If cannot be cleaned in 4-5 tasks, these clouds of dust form bigger dirt, especially if it came in touch with water, it became cakes.

These pancakes are hard as a rock. In the full-throttle position, these cakes create noise and cause the engine to stop to permanently damage it.

4. Dust Problem Affects Door Operation

The amount of dust gathering in the rails of the cab door makes the door hard to move up and down. It also rattles a lot day by day. Not only does this affects the air conditioner of the cab, but also annoys the driver.

5. Dust Problem Affects Air Filter Performance

The dust decreases the performance of the air filter. For a full day job, an air filter does the most important work for the driver, it keeps the air fresh inside the cab.

But due to the dust, the air filter does not work properly and the driver suffers a lot.

Solution of Dust Problems

To avoid these problems, dust cleaning is a must in the everyday routine. The scraping of rock like pancakes is hard to remove and very time-consuming, so it is better to clean the machine after every one or two tasks.

To clean the air filter, remove the filter parts and clean the dust with the needful equipment.

For the door, a suitable solution is to seal the cab with a band or rubber. With it, a little amount of dust will enter the cab, also the air conditioning will work better. Applying grease on the door rails could be a great option to get rid of door rattles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much fuel does a Kubota SVL95 take?

Kubota SVL95 fuel tank capacity is 28.8 gallons. It can also take a 5-gallon diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank. With these, it can work 8-10 hours a day. Refueling is advised to do every four to five days of working.

How much Kubota SVL95 can lift?

Kubota SVL95 has the most powerful engine. With 96.4 horsepower, it can lift around 9,143 lbs as a tipping load.

What is the biggest invention of Kubota in the skid steer series?

The SVL97-2 is the new invention of Kubota, which is the biggest skid steer of Kubota.


This article has covered the main two issues of Kubota SVL95, the DEF problem, and the dust problem. Both of the issues can create a big mess in SVL95. But some daily simple attempts can reduce the dangerous level.

These daily necessities have been stated briefly here. Other than that, Kubota SVL95 is a good machine in the market and performs up to the mark. 

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