Sany vs Kubota: Which Mini Excavator is Better?

Sany vs Kubota

Mini-excavators are now very popular and in some aspects selling more than the big-sized excavators. They are best for getting work done in small places. So, we already have a lot of players in this segment. But customers prefer two brands more than others. Those are – Sany and Kubota.

Both of them offer a wide range of excavators in every category possible. Thus, customers get confused on which one to buy. Excavators from these two companies in every range are almost the same. They charge the same price and offer almost the same performance. So, we will be comparing Sany and Kubota mini excavators, to find out the better one.

The main Differences between Sany vs Kubota are their engine power, arm digging force, swing speed, warranty and price range. Their prices will vary as both these companies sell their products through dealers and every dealer can charge different prices within a given range.

Quick Comparison

We are putting the main features and specifications of Sany SY16C and Kubota KX018-4 side by side in the table below to help you get the idea.

Operating Weight1.88T1.8T
Engine Power13.81 HP16.1 HP
Fuel Tank20L21L
Bucket Digging Force3417 lbs3594 lbs
Arm Digging Force2068 lbs1852 lbs
Travel Speeds1.3 / 2.3 mph1.4 / 2.5
Swing Speed10 RPM9.1 RPM
Warranty5 Year / 5000 Hours2 Year
Price30,000 to 33000 USD33000 to 36000 USD

Sany vs Kubota: Detailed Overview

Now, we will be discussing the differences and similarities of these two excavators broadly to help you make a choice.

Operating Weight

The total weight of the Sany SY16C is 1.88 tons. Whereas, the Kubota KX018-4 weighs around 1.8 tons. We can see no major difference in this segment as they weigh almost the same.

Engine Power

The Sany SY16C comes with the Yanmar 3TNV70 engine. This engine can generate almost 13.81 mechanical horsepower.

The Kubota KX018-4 comes with the Kubota D902-BH-E4 model engine. This is a more powerful engine that can generate almost 16.1 mechanical horsepower.

The Kubota KX018-4 is clearly ahead in this segment as it is more powerful. This extra horsepower can come very handy in practical usage.

Fuel Tank

The fuel capacity of the Sany SY16C is 20 liters.

And the fuel tank of the Kubota KX018-4 can store 21 liters of fuel.Note: sany has some fuel issues

The difference between these two is nothing major. So, we can call it a draw in this segment.

Bucket Digging Force

Bucket Digging Force is a crucial component of excavators; it measures the amount of power that can be applied to the top of the bucket. A larger Bucket Digging Force value indicates greater capacity for carrying and excavating. The Sany SY16C has a bucket digging force of 3417 lbs.

And the Kubota KX018-4 has a bucket digging force of 3594 lbs.

Kubota’s bucket digging force is almost 200 lbs more than that of the Sany’s. So, Kubota has an advantage in this segment.

Arm Digging Force

The Sany SY16C has an arm digging force of 2068 lbs.

And the Kubota KX018-4 has an arm digging force of 1852 lbs.

Sany SY16C is clearly leading in this segment as its arm can enforce more power while digging.

Travel Speeds

The Sany SY16C can walk at a speed of 1.3 to 2.3 miles per hour.

And the Kubota KX018-4 can generate speeds of 1.4 to 2.5 miles per hour.

There is not much difference in this segment.

Swing Speed

The Sany SY16C can swing its arm at a speed of 10 revolutions per minute.

The arm swing speed of Kubota KX018-4 is 9.1 revolutions per minute.

The difference can seem no big deal. But, the Sany SY16C’s extra speed can come handy.


Sany offers 5 years of warranty for its excavators while Kubota offers only 2 years of warranty.

This is by far the biggest difference in these two excavators where the Sany SY16C is winning. The extra three years coverage can come very handy.


The prices of excavators can vary within a given range. This is because different dealers can charge different amounts of money from you. So, we can only give you a price range and not the exact price.

The price of the Sany SY16C ranges from 30,000 to 33,000 USD while the Kubota KX018-4 can cost you around 33,000 to 36,000 USD.

Which One Is Best For You?

It is very hard to declare a winner from these two excavators. But, I would choose the Sany SY16C if I were you. Why? Yes, it offers a less powerful engine, bucket digging force and weighs more than the Kubota KX018-4. But it offers more arm digging force while offering an extra 3 years of warranty with less cost! The other differences where Kubota is winning are not that of major types.

The extra warranty coverage can become very helpful in case you face any problems.


Sany SY16C and Kubota KX018-4, both mini-excavators offer good value for money. No matter which one you buy, they will surely be able to perform up to the mark. But as of our thinking, purchasing the Sany SY16C would be better.

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