7 Problems with Kawasaki FR730V with Solution

Kawasaki FR730V is a popular engine used on riding lawnmowers and other outdoor power equipment. Despite its popularity, this engine has experienced a number of common problems and issues that can cause it to malfunction. I have been using a Cub Cadet Z-Force SX 60in lawn mower that is equipped with FR730V and faced some issues.

Although I faced problems with starting, their are other issues that many people faced.

These issues include engine stopping to poor coil quality. Other problems are, refused to initiate the engine, unexpected performance, gas leaks, smoking, a faulty battery, and many other problems. However, these issues can be easily fixed by changing spark plugs, etc.

Although they may trouble the users you can quickly fix them instead of purchasing a new lawn mower. Let’s explore in this blog how I fixed most of the problems.

Kawasaki FR730V Problems and Solutions at a glance:

If you want to learn about problems and solutions for Kawasaki FR730V in a short time, you can check out the following table.

Engines failed to loadCheck spark plugs, clear the blocked carburettor, replace the coil heater and fix the broken flywheel
Suddenly engine stoppedFill up the fuel tank and clean the front of the fuel tank.
Unaccepted PerformanceClean the carburettor, replace the spark plug and clean the fuel filter.
Gas leakInstall a new gasket, repair the fuel line and change the carburettor.
SmokingCheck the carburettor, avoid the low quality of oil and repair the filter.
Bad quality of the coilReplace coil
Faulty switchesChange the switch
Problem in batteryChange the regulator and alternator.

Now that you have gotten an idea of what the issues are and their solutions. Let us discuss in-depth how to fix them.

1. The Engine Stopped Suddenly

One day, I was using a Kawasaki FR730V. Suddenly, it stopped. I wondered what was wrong.

I diagnosed the following problems. They are as follows.

  • Some debris remained in the carburetor
  • The dirty materials blocked the fuel cap.

I solved the problem following the below steps:

  • First, I cleaned the carburetor
  • I also cleaned the fuel cap
  • Finally, I installed a new fuel filter

As a result, nowadays, the engine does not stop suddenly. It improved the productivity of my task as well as the mower.

2. Refused the Engine to Launch

You may also notice that sometimes the engine does not want to start. Users has reported that they have found that it refused to launch for the following reasons.

  • The flaw in spark plugs
  • There were some clouds of dust in the carburetor
  • Faulty coil heater
  • Crack in flywheel
  • Defects in switch

Here Are Some Steps to Solve The Problem:

  • Replaced the spark plugs
  • Cleared the carburetor
  • Changed coil heater
  • Replaced switches
  • Repaired flywheel

3. Unsatisfactory Performance

Antehr problem some people faced that Kawasaki FR730V stopped before the expected hour. Moreover, it was not running at 2400 rpm. So, I started diagnosing the problem and found the following issues.

  • Trash stuck to the carburetor
  • Spark plug damaged
  • There was a clog in fuel filter


  • Cleared the carburetor
  • Replaced the spark plug
  • Cleaned the fuel filter

4. Leakage of Gas

Gas is expensive among lists of fuel. So, the gas leakage issue was a significant concern for me. Kawasaki FR730V might sometimes leak fuel. However, it is a very rare issue. This may happen due to the following reason.

  • Damage in the carburetor gasket
  • Find the hole in the fuel line and tank

Ways To Troubleshoot:

  • Changed the carburetor gasket.
  • Repair holes in the fuel line.
  • Changed the fuel tank.

5. Smoking Issue

I was using a Kawasaki 730v, and suddenly, one day, it was firing smoke. I became worried. Then, I realized that I did something wrong or something wrong with this lawnmower. I identified the following reasons.

  • I needed to place the carburetor properly.
  • The dirty materials blocked the air filter.

Here Is How To Solve The Smoking Issue:

  • Placed and adjusted the new carburetor properly.
  • Cleaned the air filter.

6. Bad Quality Coil

Sometimes, the coil initiator gets damaged. As a result,  Kawasaki FR730V may stop functioning.


If you face the same issue, do not try to touch it. Immediately take your phone and call experts to change it.

7. Battery Issue

You may notice you need more battery backup for your engine. Low battery juice may force to stop the before the expected time. Sometime battery may stop taking any juice. In such cases, the problem may occur due to the following reasons.

  • The voltage Regulator and alternator were damaged.
  • The alternator belt got loose.


Call a Kawasaki expert. He will change the voltage regulator and alternator. Then, the engine will perform the task smoothly. The battery again started charging flawlessly.

What is the Horsepower of the Kawasaki FR730V?

The Kawasaki FR730V engine is very efficient and reliable. It has a 24 – horsepower motor. For this reason, it is pretty powerful for any heavy task.

How many liters of Oil does a Kawasaki FR730V use?

Usually, a Kawasaki FR730V uses 2.0-liter oil for the highest performance. However, it may vary depending on the model. You can check out the manual to learn more.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Kawasaki FR730V?

Usually, we can use a commercial Kawasaki FR730V for 3000 hours. However, the performance degradation starts after usage of 2800 hours. The lifetime depends on the types of usage and proper maintenance.

Final Thought

No machine is perfect. Every instrument has some problems. Kawasaki FR730V is a great technology, but it also has some issues.

However, if you follow my guide, you can quickly troubleshoot all of the problems of your engine. So, maintain your Kawasaki and happy gardening.

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