Polaris Outlaw 525 Vs Raptor 700- A Comparison To Help You Choose

The Polaris Outlaw 525, along with the Raptor 700, has been in the market for a very long time, and these two are the ones that are mainly compared when trying to buy a quad. These two machines are easily controllable and comfortable when driving on terrains. Also, compared due to its sportiness and the way it acts on the terrains.

However, both these machines have different and unique features which make them distinctive, such as the horsepower of the Polaris Outlaw 525 and the Raptor 700. So, we will discuss broadly how you can compare these two quads/ATVs.

Firstly, we will look at the specification comparison for the Polaris Outlaw 525 and the Raptor 700.

Polaris Outlaw 525 Vs Raptor 700 Discussion In Details

FeaturePolaris Outlaw 525Raptor 700
Engine TypeSingle cylinderSingle cylinder
Horsepower50 HP50 HP
Torque42 ft-lbs45 ft-lbs
Fuel SystemElectronic fuel injectionElectronic fuel injection
TransmissionAutomatic with reverseAutomatic with reverse
SuspensionIndependent dual A-armIndependent dual A-arm
Tires21×7-10 front, 20×10-9 rear21×7-10 front, 20×10-9 rear
BrakesDual disc brakesDual disc brakes
Weight567 lbs615 lbs


The Raptor 700 has a 4-stroke engine with a double overhead cam which helps to reach its 686cc displacement. Whereas the Polaris Outlaw 525 has a liquid-cooled KTM.

The engine power of the Polaris 525 is pretty strong, as it can hit up to 76mph, while the owners also suggest it can hit up to 82 mph. Whereas the Raptor 700 reaches 60 mph quickly, but it is difficult to reach over 70 mph.

However, the evidence suggests that the Polaris Outlaw is faster, but if the Raptor 700 is modified, it can easily be the fastest atv out there as the fastest speed ever driven in a quad was with the Raptor 700. But still, the Polaris Outlaw has a slight advantage in this segment.


The Polaris Outlaw 525 has a horsepower of 49.6 hp, whereas the Raptor 700 has 46.9 hp. So the upper hand is with the Polaris Outlaw even though the Raptor 700 has a 668cc engine.

Fuel Capacity

This is a very important attribute for customers who like to drive for longer in the terrain, or they like to speed their ATVs. The fuel capacity for the Polaris Outlaw 525 is 11.8 L.

On the other hand, the Raptor 700 has an 11L capacity. So, if you need a larger fuel capacity, then the clear winner is Polaris Outlaw 525.

FeaturePolaris Outlaw 525Raptor 700
Fuel Capacity3.4 gallons3.4 gallons
Type of FuelGasolineGasoline
Fuel InjectionYesYes
Fuel EconomyUnknownUnknown
Range per TankUnknownUnknown

Ground Clearance

If you like to ride around hills and places where it is steeper. So, the Polaris Outlaw 525 has a 130 mm ground clearance. Whereas the Raptor 700 has 239 mm, so if you need to drive on more challenging hills and terrain, then you should prefer the Raptor 700.

The Difference In Suspension Between Raptor 700 And Polaris Outlaw 525

The Raptor 700 has a Cast aluminum swing arm with preload adjustable shock and 10.1-in travel in the rear suspension. While the Polaris has a compression and adjustable shock 11 in.

As a result, the Polaris Outlaw 525 has a greater advantage as it offers higher travel than the Raptor 700 due to its front and rear suspension.

Bore X Stroke

A low bore than a stroke will provide an engine that will be favorable for low-end torque. Whereas the larger bore will provide the machine with more horsepower.

As the Polaris Outlaw has a higher bore than stroke, it would give you more hp. While the higher stroke provides a low-end torque in the Raptor 700.

This segment depends upon your choices while buying the ATV.


The transmission in the Polaris 525 and the Raptor 700 both of these have a chain drive system. And also a manual clutch.

But if we compare these two, then the Polaris 525 has an upper hand as it has better acceleration.

Polaris Outlaw 525Raptor 700
Fuel TypeGas
Fuel Capacity (gal)3.25
Number of GearsN/A
Drive Type2WD/4WD


Both of these vehicles almost have a similar size and length, only a few inches here and there. Only the engine displacement is different.

Which One Is Faster?

The time which is taken to go from 0 to 50 mph for the Polaris 525 took around 5.7 seconds. Whereas the Raptor 700 took around 6.18 seconds.

Now we will look at a quick overview of the advantages you may find while riding the Polaris Outlaw 525.

Pros for the Polaris Outlaw 525

  • The IRS-equipped rear, along with the sway control, helps the Polaris Outlaw 525 to have a very nice handle.
  • If you ride at higher altitudes, the carburetor is easy to jet, which helps it to ride easily.
  • It is easy to handle the shock preload with your hand
  • It is easy to make stable turns with the Polaris Outlaw 525
  • The grip is very trustworthy, even in sugary sands
  • If you are looking to do stunts with the Polaris Outlaw 525, you should not worry, as it is reliable.

Now let us discuss the disadvantages of the Polaris Outlaw 525

Cons For The Polaris Outlaw 525

  • The valve and choke are difficult to find
  • It is heavy on the pocket to change the brake and clutch levers
  • The air filter sometimes does not give service up to the mark
  • It acts up a bit when jumping
  • While the motor is up and running, it is hard to find neutral

common problems with Polaris Outlaw 525:

  • Stalling or difficulty starting
  • Reduced engine power or performance
  • Battery not charging properly
  • Leaking oil or coolant
  • Suspension issues or rough ride
  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Excessive vibration or rattling
  • Electrical or lighting problems
  • Overheating issues
  • Difficulty steering or handling
  • Worn or damaged belt.

Pros For The Raptor 700

  • It has a really good torque which helps it to pick up the speed easily
  • It is very reliable if you regularly check and change the oil it can give you service for years
  • It is very easy to reverse, and EFI
  • It is really easy to mod the vehicle, which helps to enhance the machine’s power

Now we will look at difficulties faced while driving the Raptor 700

Cons For Raptor 700

  • It is very easy to get marks and scratches in the body as it uses a cheap material outer layer in the Raptor 700
  • A very low clutch throw which makes it hard to shift gears in a sports vehicle
  • It is very hard to make turns if you are on high speed as it might throw off your balance
  • The exhausts can be too loud, which might irritate you
  • The width can be too small for a sports vehicle as it might give less stability.

Common problems with Raptor 700:

  • Engine issues, such as low compression or rough idling
  • Power loss or lack of performance
  • Leaking oil or coolant
  • Electrical problems, including faulty ignition or charging system
  • Suspension issues, including worn out shocks or bushings
  • Difficulty shifting gears or clutch slipping
  • Overheating or poor cooling
  • Vibrations or excessive noise
  • Difficulty starting or stalling
  • Problems with the fuel system, including clogged injectors or a faulty fuel pump.

Which One Should You Choose?

There are a lot of mixed opinions on which vehicle of these two is the best. Both, are pretty unique but also have similar attributes. It depends on what you will use the vehicles for.

As if it is bought to race and participate in tournaments, then the Raptor 700 would be a better option as it has a better chance and higher probability of winning due to its ease of modding and upgrading the vehicle.

However, the Polaris Outlaw 525 has better control and might be better suited for rough terrains and muddy and sugary sands.

Moreover, if you prefer a better suspension then you should opt for the Polaris Outlaw 525. Whereas if you prefer a powerful and more reliable machine with less maintenance, then the Raptor 700 is more suitable.

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