9 Common Bobcat 751 Problems And Solutions

“A bad workman quarrels with his tools”- You must have heard this proverb. Blaming tools for your failure is not wise. You can argue that sometimes there are problems with the tools. Yes, you have a point. But a good workman solves the problems instead of lingering with them.

I used to do it while working with my Bobcat 751. No doubt it is an excellent Skid-Steer-Loader. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that it will never trouble you. The issues are mostly simple, and you can also solve them yourself.

In this article, I have listed down the Bobcat 751 problems that you can face, along with their solutions. Mostly they are simple maintenance problems; you do not need to take your Bobcat to mechanics for them.

The Bobcat 751 problems include- no movement of the lift, not taking the start, not spinning when the battery is charged and lights are lit, hydraulic leak, steering problem, 751 not getting fuel, parking brake, stopping after a while, and the red hydraulic light won’t go off.

You will get to know about all these common problems of Bobcat 751 and their solutions. It will save both money and time for you. So, don’t drive away from the page.

Bobcat 751 Problems And Solutions at A Glance:

No movement in the liftExamine the harness and BICS controller connecting pins.
751 is not taking startPull the connector from the boss box and install it back after fixing the issues.
Not spinning when lights are litNeed to change the ignition switch or the starter.
Hydraulic leakChange the charge pressure switch
Steering problemReadjust the steering
Not getting fuelBlow air through the fuel pump and reinstall it.
Parking brake problemReplace the parking brake switch
Starts but stops after a whileClean the fuel container with a fuel pipe.
The red hydraulic light won’t go offKeep the machine in a warm place and replace the sender.

1. Bobcat 751 Is No Starting

When you turn the ignition on, all the warning lights light up and go off. The LCD display flashes on and shows input. But nothing works at all.

Try this to solve the problem:

This problem can happen for several reasons. First of all, wiring harness shorting can cause this problem. So, you should check the wiring first.

If there is no problem with the wiring, you need to check on the connector. Pull the connector out of the boss box, and check if there is any problem with the connections. If there is, work on them and reinstall the connector.

If you are lucky, it could also be a dash problem. So check the connectors to the display panel.

2. No Movement in The Lift

Your Bobcat 751 acts like it’s on freeze, the lift won’t go up, and the bucket doesn’t tilt.

Here is how you can fix it:

To solve the problem, you need to check the safety interlock switches and harnesses first. Because if there is any problem with the lap bar, seat switch, or door switch, the functions will not work. It is for your safety of yourself.

If there is no problem with the interlock switches and harness, the next step is to check the controller.

Check the connector pins to the BICS controller to the solenoid valve. It can be an open circuit, loose connection, or broken wire. Also, clean and tighten the grounds. A faulty ground can also be responsible for this problem.

You may find a broken wire or poor connection in the connector plug. Reestablish the wirings, and your 751 will come around.

3. Does Not Start When The Lights Are On

You have your Bobcat fully charged, but still, it does not start when you have kept the lights on.

Do this to solve the problem:

This can be a problem related to your ignition switch or your starter as well. When you switch your ignition switch to ON, it allows power to the system. When you turn to start then, it allows power to start.

Use the jumper wire from the battery to the starter connection while the ignition switch is “ON.” You can use a car jumper cable for the test. If the starter works and starts the engine, it means that the problem is with the switch. Just change the switch and get rid of the problem.

If the starter does not work, then the problem is with the starter. You need to remove it and wiggle it loose. If it is too damaged, replacing the starter will solve the problem for you.

4. The Red Hydraulic Light Won’t Go Off.

You switch on the engine, and the red hydraulic light flashes on. It’s okay if it goes off within seconds. But sometimes, it does go off at all. And as long as the light is on, you cannot work with your Bobcat 751.

The solution to your problem:

Before doing anything, check the temperature where you store the machine. If the place is too cold, it takes time to go off. Try to keep it in a place that has balanced weather.

Another reason can be the pressure sensor. You have to disconnect the sender and see what happens. If the machine works well, then replacing the sender is your solution.

5. Hydraulic Leak Near the Filter

You may find a hydraulic leak in your SkidSteer. It is a common problem in Bobcats. Sometimes it is hard to understand where the oil is leaking.

What you need to do is

First, check on the charge pressure switch, and If you are sure that the leak is in the charge pressure switch, then you have to replace it. If the charge pressure switch is not the problem, then it can be the spool seals on the main hydraulic control valve just above that wet hose that is leaking.

You do not have to pull the whole control valve out and spend a lot of time after it. Try to replace the seals without pulling the valve to save both time and money.

6. Bobcat 751 Is Not Getting Oil

It seems like the Bobcat wants to start, but it does not because it is not getting the fuel.

Here is how you can fix it:

You need to check the suction side of the fuel pump. Check carefully if there is any loose line. Fix the line, and you won’t face the problem.

But if the pump is alright, and there is no loose line, then follow these steps:

  • Remove the fuel tank cap
  • Remove the line from the fuel pump’s suction side
  • Blow air through it and
  • Reconnect and try to prime.

Hopefully, your Bobcat will roar again.

7. The Parking Brake Is Not Working

You may have had issues with the park brake switch for some time. After a while, no wiggling seems to work.

What you have to do is-

Try to wiggle the park brake switch to get it to function as soon as the problem begins. It’s a warning that the switch is about to come out and needs replacement.

It is better to replace the switch to perform the repair. Otherwise, it can cause expensive problems like harming the controller. Inspect the wiring and connector pins. Make sure there is no damage that can cause an open circuit within your parking brake.

8. Machine Starts But Stops After A While

Your Bobcat 751 starts well and runs for some time. But soon turns off without your command.

Here is what you need to do:

First, make sure the fuel run solenoid and lever are fully engaged. If they are, then disconnect the supply line at the primer bulb. Next, Connect a short length of fuel pipe to the priming bulb. Insert the other end of the hose into a clean fuel container. Open the bleeder valve, pump the primer bulb, and see if it will start and run.

9. Steering Problem

When you are driving straight, it works nicely. But the problem occurs when you are trying to take a turn. It may take a jerk or not work at all.

Here is how you can fix it:

Most probably, you just need a little adjustment. There are linkages in Bobcats that allow them some level of adjustment over time. This is because, after some time, the parts get worn.

So you can solve the problem by readjusting the steer. If it has already done this a few times, you may have to rebuild it slightly. In that case, it is better to contact the dealer.

Final Thoughts

From our research and experience, we can say that Bobcat 751 problems are very common. For most of them, you do not need to go for service. With a little try, you can solve the problems yourself.

However, not every problem is to be solved at home. If the problem is too complex for you, you must take it to the service shops. Also, whenever you are changing any parts, always take them from a dealer. But as long as the problems are common and not so complex, why spend money after the shops? Fix it yourself.


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