Kobalt 80v vs 40v Mower: Which one is Best?

Lawn mowing is impossible without a lawn mower. In order to keep a lawn healthy, it must be cut regularly in an orderly manner, kept weed-free, and watered regularly. If you try to do this work manually, then it will be very time-consuming and very energy draining. Among all the popular lawn mower brands, Kobalt stands out for its excellent engine and battery.

An electrical charge can be stored in a battery. Under the proper temperature conditions, it can provide good discharge performance. In addition to being recyclable, this battery is great for protecting the environment. As well as having excellent cycling characteristics, the battery also comes with a long life span. It is inexpensive and fast to charge a battery.

Kobalt 80V and Kobalt 40V are the two best self-propelled battery-powered mowers. But still, you might get confused between choosing these two mowers. For that, we are going to help you talk about the features of Kobalt 80V and Kobalt 40V so that you can distinguish between them and choose the right one for you.

Kobalt 80V Review

Kobalt 80v

Kobalt has a variety of 80V Max products to choose from. Following the straight shaft string trimmer, the straight shaft electric drill became heavily used on the farm. Kobalt 80V mowers are very sturdy. They can perform great even in hilly areas and in rainy areas as well. Every aspect of it seems well-planned and well-engineered. This mower makes mowing very easy and comfortable as it is a relatively lightweight tool. Steel is used in all or most of the places you’d expect steel to appear. With this mower, you do not have to wrestle. This is a well-balanced and lightweight device that moves smoothly. The mower handled our lumpy farmhouse lawn like a champ and it is fit for any lawn size.


The battery is the main thing that distinguishes Kobalt 40V and Kobalt 80V.  With this device, you can choose from lithium-ion batteries with capacities including 2.0Ah, 2.5Ah, 5.0Ah, 6.0Ah.

Charging time

Kobalt 80v 2.0Ah batteries require 30 minutes or less to charge. Kobalt 80v 2.5Ah batteries require 40 minutes or less to charge. The Kobalt 80v 5.0Ah battery needs 150 minutes or less to charge.


Kobalt 80V mowers feature a push-button electronic start, that makes the string trimmer easy. In contrast to the mower, it has two speeds instead of a variable speed drive. Trimming and edging the lawn at a low speed is perfectly acceptable. With its higher speed, the trimmer works just as effectively as gas trimmers for tougher weeds. While the lower speed dramatically extends battery life, the Trimmer still held a charge long enough to complete most typical yard work on the high setting.

Height Adjustment System

Kobalt 80V has an awesome feature that lets you adjust the height. You can adjust all four wheels with just one lever! Everything went smoothly and was easy to adjust. With the mulch bag installed, the size set to “2 works perfectly. Mowers powered by gas would not work so well if done the same.

Battery Life

An electronic symbol of power appears on the “power” button. As a jet turbine begins to rotate, it hums to life. Kobalt picked up speed automatically as it dug into the tall, damp grass. Under harsh conditions, each battery lasts about 20 minutes. There are two batteries included with the mower. It is possible to extend the battery life under less rugged conditions. The bag can be detached, and the side-discharge feature gives you all the mulching and non-mulching options you could possibly need.

Kobalt 40V Review

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Kobalt 40-volt cordless mower provides the power you need for up to 40 minutes runtime on a fully charged 5.0 Ah battery. It also has a 3-in-1 feature that offers mulching, rear bagging, or side discharge capabilities. With the Kobalt 40v Brushless Mower, you can handle even the largest yards with plenty of power and runtime.

Durability is enhanced by a 20-in steel deck. With a single button press, it automatically starts. With the Kobalt 40V mower, it is also possible to adjust the height with the single lever to create the perfect cut regardless of the type of grass. You don’t have to worry about buying an additional charger for this mower because it comes with a 5.0 Ah battery and charger.

Additionally, the 40-Volt MAX family by Kobalt is very compatible with this power supply. It is designed to be stored vertically in order to free up more garage space. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind for a long time.


You can choose from 2Ah, 2.5Ah, 3Ah, 4Ah, or 5Ah capacity in the Kobalt 40V. The runtime is excellent and the charging time is convenient. Regardless of charging status, the Kobalt 40v maintains its memory. Kobalt 80v is manufactured with lithium-ion batteries and offers high performance.

Battery Capacity

With two batteries already, the Kobalt 40V mower is more than capable of mowing the average lawn. However, one should have at least a 4.0 Ah. It usually takes me 45-60 minutes to complete one. Two 4.0 ah may be needed to complete .7 acres.

Charging Time

Battery charging can take as little as 60 minutes for each Kobalt 40v 2.0Ah battery, 70 minutes for 2.5Ah, 80 minutes for 3.0Ah, 100 minutes for 4.0Ah, and 120 minutes for 5.0Ah.

80V vs. 40V – Similarities

Being from the same manufacturer, Kobalt 80V and Kobalt 40V have many similar characteristics. Their brands are both popular and they are both demanding. Both products are of very good quality. Both of them come with chargers. In addition to these similar characteristics, let’s examine their remaining similarities.


The Kobalt 40v and 80v both feature durable and dependable build quality. During certain conditions, the batteries provide optimal performance because they are constructed with a strong plastic. These batteries were built with lithium-ion technology for the Kobalt 40v and the Kobalt 80v. Besides preventing overheating, overcharging, and overloading, the battery also prevents overcharging. Additionally, both of the mower’s batteries provide fast charging and no memory effect are features of the lithium-ion batteries.


Both Kobalt 80V and Kobalt 40V batteries can withstand pressure, wear, and damage. Despite the solid casing they have, there is still a high degree of environmental pressure on the battery.

Onboard Battery Indicator

In addition to the onboard battery indicator, both the 40V and 80V have a power limit indicator. A battery gauge means you will be able to see when your battery needs to be fully charged.

Final Words

Kobalt is undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to self-propelled, battery-powered mowers. It is not very difficult to tell the Kobalt 80V from the Kobalt 40V when it comes to their performance. Overall, the Kobalt 40V can be a great option for homeowners looking for a lawn mower who are looking for the best service at a reasonable price.

Additionally, it is an excellent choice for beginners. But if you have no problem paying some extra dollars you can go for the Kobalt 80V for the latest and updated features. And also, if your lawn size is large, then it is recommended that you buy the Kobalt 80V.

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