5 Common Kangaroo Golf Cart Problems and Solutions

Having a Kangaroo Golf Cart is almost like having a professional caddie.  caddie It’s tough, dependable, and unlikely to break. Other battery-powered pull caddies I considered were too flimsy, and the controllers didn’t work continually, so I didn’t buy one. Getting a Kangaroo caddie will make golfing more enjoyable than you ever imagined.

Whatever the case, issues will arise at some point. If you know what to look for, you can do the troubleshooting on your own. The troubleshooting process may appear intimidating at first, but it does not have to be. The most common problems with Kangaroo golf carts, as well as their solutions, are discussed here.

Kangaroo Golf Cart Problems And Solutions at a Glimpse:

Slow Kangaroo Golf CartCheck the wheel axle pins, clutches and the motor.
Intermittent speed controlYou may need to change your speed controller.
Golf carts cut outInvestigate the wiring and connections.
Cart won’t runHave a look at the battery, wiring, and the controls.
Plugged in, the cart goes full speedEnsure the right controller box.

Issue 1: Slow Kangaroo Golf Cart

For starters, the Kangaroo Golf Cart is moving painfully slowly. The golf cart’s performance may suffer if the battery is low on charge or if one or more of the Battery cells are defective. Either change the batteries to see if that helps, or read on for some other potential answers.

How to make the Kangaroo Golf Cart Faster?

  • The wheel hubs, clutches must be replaced.
  • Look to see if any of the wheel axle pins are missing.
  • In the event of a motor’s partial burnout, it should be replaced.
  • If the speed magnet in your sensor fails, your cart will have a hard time maintaining its speed and may eventually come to a complete stop.
  • If you have had your speed sensor for an extended period of time, you may have noticed that its performance has declined over time.

Issue 2: Intermittent speed control

Kangaroo golf carts frequently experience erratic speeds. It’s time to change the speed controller if your cart starts up without a hitch but doesn’t pick up speed or stay at a constant rate.

Speed Up Kangaroo Golf Cart

  • The culprit could be the knob on the speed controller.
  • A knocked-out speed dial.
  • Change the controller if the velocities are erratic and unpredictable and there is no way to slow down or speed up the pace.
  • You can consider taking it to a professional if there is no gradual increase or decrease in velocity.

Issue 3: Golf carts cut out.

The golf cart’s cables and batteries could be to blame for its frequent shutoffs. If the element connectors are not securely connected, problems will arise.


  • Batteries and battery cables should be replaced if they become damaged.
  • Battery connectors are prone to water damage, so make sure you inspect them.
  • Check to see if the battery’s lead connector is contaminated with dirt or corrosion.
  • It is recommended to replace the connector sleeves located inside the round shaped connector if they are damaged.

Issue 4: Cart won’t run

The cart won’t turn on if any of its connectors are loose. Do not worry because even that can be addressed very easily.

Solution to Make the Cart Run

  • Verify that the battery isn’t disconnected improperly.
  • Check the interior of the golf cart to see if it is damp.
  • If there is a wiring fault, please fix it.
  • troubleshoot the controls, circuit, and controller box to see if there is a problem.

Issue 5: Plugged in, the cart goes full speed

It’s natural to be concerned if the cart accelerates to full speed even when plugged in. This is due to the controller box.


  • Under the battery compartment, you should be able to locate the controller box.
  • If a different controller box was installed, swap it out for the correct one.


Kangaroos are made of what?

Kangaroos are made of durable steel, as opposed to many other manufacturers that are produced of aluminum. Our polyurethane tires are more grippy than rubber tires.

Do Kangaroo Golf Carts have a braking system?

Kangaroos lack both a hand and a parking brake. We recommend turning your caddie at an angle if you come to a stop on a slope. Kangaroo Vortex, on the other hand, has an Autobrake functionality. When trying to slow or stopping on a downslope, this electronically provides extra braking power.

Would a Kangaroo Golf Cart fit in my car’s trunk?

Yes! Kangaroos fit more finely in your trunk than flip models because they disassemble into three pieces. A full Kangaroo can even fit in the trunk of a comparatively tiny sports car.

Number of times holes can I play with Kangaroo’s batteries on a single charge?

On a mildly hilly course, a new battery should last the entire 18-hole round. If your course is particularly hilly or your bag is quite heavy, it may be necessary to have an extra CaddyCell lithium battery.

How should I care for my kangaroo?

It is not recommended to hose down a Kangaroo to safeguard the equipment and wiring harnesses. Using a wet rag instead is the easiest way to keep your cart looking shiny! Some cart owners have even utilized a leaf blower to remove grass from their vehicles.

Final Words

Because of their durability and longevity, kangaroos fetch high prices at auction. Engineering-wise, it’s much more robust than competing brands. For this reason, many golfers who have previously owned clubs of different brands eventually switch to Kangaroo. The problems with the Kangaroo golf carts can be safely ignored. If a problem does arise, fixing it shouldn’t be too time-consuming or laborious for the most part.

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