John Deere 9660 sts Specs, Parts, HP, Price, Data, Weight and Problems

John Deere 9660 sts is a high-quality tractor that is perfect for farmers and ranchers. This tractor has a variety of features that make it an essential tool for the agricultural industry. These features include an easy to use engine, a powerful diesel engine, and a large enough Tractor. John Deere 9660 sts is also able to handle a wide variety of tasks, making it an ideal choice for farmers and ranchers.

John Deere 9660 sts Specifications:

MODEL:john deere 9660 sts
Power Boost Power338 hp
Power304.5 hp
Number Of CylindersSix
Grain tank size9000 l
Engine power222 kW
Engine Make2240
Cutting platform width4,25 m
Conveyor Length68 in
Conveyor Speed520 rpm
Conveyor Width55 in
Displacement494.3 cu in
Fuel Capacity249.7 gal
Operating Weight W/O Attachment30681.8 lb
Power Measured @2200 rpm
Rotor Diameter29.6in
Rotor Length123.3in
Rotor Speed – Low210rpm
Separator TypeRotary
Separating Area2387.1in2
Rotor Speed – High1000rpm
Discharge Grate Area558.1in2
Concave Area1705.1in2
Threshing systemT

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John Deere 9660 sts are a great tractor for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful machine. With its easy to use controls and durable construction, this machine is sure to provide you with the results you need.

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