John Deere 9650 Specs, Parts, HP, Price, Data, Weight and Problems

John Deere 9650 is a livestock tractor that is great for the farmer. It has a 3-cylinder engine that provides good power for the work that needs to be done. The tractor also has a wide variety of features that make it perfect for the farmer. These features include a front end loader, dust mop, and skid steer.

John Deere 9650 Specifications:

Power Boost Power241hp
Operating Weight W/O Attachment29260lb
Number Of Cylinders6
Engine Model6081H
Displacement8.1cu in
Fuel Capacity210 gal (795 l)
Discharge Grate Area580 cu in (0 m)
Separating Area1860003.8 cu in (30 m)
Separator Length1860 in (4,724 cm)
Concave Area1705 in2 / 1.1 m2
Beater Grate Area420 in2 / 0.3 m2
Total Cleaning Area7053 in2 / 4.6 m2

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John Deere 9650 is a versatile and powerful tractor that is perfect for farmers who need to handle a wide variety of tasks. With its high-quality features and comfortable operating environment, the 9650 is sure to make farming easier and more efficient.

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