John Deere 7200r Specs, Weight, Engine, Parts, Attachments, Data, HP, Price and Problems

John Deere’s 7200R tractor is a powerful machine that can handle any job you might need it for. With a 7,000 RPM engine, this tractor is able to move quickly and efficiently through your field. Whether you are harvesting crops or clearing land, the John Deere 7200R will get the job done.

John Deere 7200r Specifications:

2WD Weight18,104 lbs or 8211 kg
Weight (max capacity)31,967 lbs or 14500 kg
TLS Plus Weight26,335 lbs or 11945 kg
Rear axle load23,149 lbs or 10500 kg
Power RPM2100 (rpm)
Number of cylinders6 cylinders 24 valves
Horsepower220 hp or 164.1 kW
Front tread60 to 88 inches / 152 to 223 cm
Front axle load14,330 lbs or 6500 kg
Engine size414 ci or 6.8 L
4WD Wheelbase115.2 in. / 292 cm
2WD Wheelbase119.4 in. / 303 cm
4WD Weight23,080 lbs or 10469 kg
Battery cold cranking Amps925
Battery voltage12 V
Bore stroke4.19×5.00 in. or 106 x 127 mm
Engine torque
Compression ratio17.2:1
Electric charging systemalternator
Electric ground forcenegative
Engine torque RPM
Fuel injection systemelectronic high-pressure common rail
Fuel tank capacity133 gal or 503.4 L
Fuel typediesel
Electric charging Amps200 amps
Number of batteries2
SpeedsWith Group 47 rear tires.
Starter motorelectric
Test DateApril 26 – May 15, 2012
TypeDiesel Autoquad Plus 4WD
PTO power (rated PTO speed)190.62 hp / 142.1 kW
PTO power (rated engine speed)169.95 hp / 126.7 kW
PTO power (max)197.02 hp or 146.9 kW
PTO fuel use (PTO speed)11.0 gal/hour / 41.6 l/hour
PTO fuel use (max)11.1 gal/hour [42.0 l/hour]
PTO fuel use (engine speed)10.3 gal/hour / 39.0 l/hour
Drawbar fuel use (max)10.2 gal/hour / 38.6 l/hour
Drawbar power (max)154.77 hp / 115.4 kW
Engine starter volts12 V
Nebraska summary820
Drawbar pull (max)20642 lbs / 9363 kg
Drawbar typeCategory 3 drawbar
Hydraulic pressure2958 psi or 204.0 bar
Hydraulic systemclosed-center pressure and flow compensated
Max pull gearA3
Number of valves6
SVC flow rate35 gpm or 132.5 lpm
Pump flow rate32 gpm or 121.1 lpm
Front PTO RPM1000 (rpm)
Drawbar real power154.77 hp or 115.4 kW
Drawbar fuel consumption10.2 gal/hour or 38.6 l/hour
Front PTO systemoptional
Max drawbar pull20642 lbs or 9363 kg
PTO claimed power164 hp or 122.3 kW
PTO clutch system
PTO engine @RPM540@1950 (rpm)
Rear PTO systemindependent
Rear PTO RPM1000 (rpm)
PTO real power190.62 hp or 142.1 kW
PTO fuel consumption11.0 gal/hour or 41.6 l/hour

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John Deere 7200R is a reliable tractor that will make your job easier. It has a variety of features that make it ideal for large-scale farming, and its powerful engine ensures that it will get the job done quickly. If you’re looking for a tractor that can handle the toughest tasks, JD 7200R is the perfect option for you.

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