7 Common Honda Pioneer 700 Problems And Solutions

Honda Pioneer 700 is the upgraded version of Honda Pioneer 500 or 520. It has more power, more durability than the previous models. With a single-cylinder engine of 675cc, it offers more performance and durability.

As well as an automatic transmission with a torque converter, the Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe models have paddle shifters. It will work extremely well and still have enough capabilities left over for occasional recreational use.

However, after some years of usage, it is not uncommon to face some problems with the Honda Pioneer 700. The problems can be solved with the instant knowledge of identifying the causes. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the common problems of the Honda Pioneer 700 and the solutions.

Common Honda Pioneer 700 Problems

  1. Trouble with transmissions
  2. Shifting restrictions
  3. Differential lock not functioning
  4. Oil readings are inaccurate
  5. Problems with performance
  6. Engine Problems
  7. Starting Problems

Problems and Solutions of Honda Pioneer 700:

Do not get overwhelmed by the Honda Pioneer 700 problems. You have made the right decision by choosing it as it will serve its purpose with amazing performance. And even when you face problems, you can easily solve them with the necessary guidelines. So, the common problems of Honda Pioneer 700 and the solutions are given below:

1. Trouble with transmissions

If your Honda Pioneer 700’s gear feels stuck when you try to drive, it indicates your UTV has transmission problems. Transmission problems can prevent your vehicle from starting until the oil is hot. It happens in cold seasons when the oil takes time to turn hot.


If your Honda UTV vehicle has transmission problems, you need to make sure you are not using motor oil in the transmission. Using motor oil instead of transmission oil is a common mistake for transmission problems. So, make sure to use the right type of oil and take the time to warm up before you start your journey.

2. Shifting restrictions

Restrictions in shifting 3rd gear can happen when you have been driving your UTV up to 8000 miles. This means, you will face this problem eventually and there is no need to blame the vehicle for it. It can also happen to damaged air filters according to some users.


Keep your air filter clean. Start and warm up your vehicle in the cold season before you start to drive. Check the oil level and oil condition. And you will be ready to go.

3. Differential lock not functioning

Identifying the lock problems of your Honda Pioneer 700 is not easy. Unlike other UTVs that cause dash light flashing when there is something wrong with the differential lock, Honda Pioneer 700 shows no such symptoms. However, you might know the differential lock is not working when the front tires are indifferent. This can also cause confusion between the lock problem and 4WD problems. This can happen if your roads have been too rocky when you have driven around with your Honda Pioneer UTV.


When you are driving around rocky roads with small pebbles, then it is not a surprising matter that some of the little rocks and pebbles will get stuck into your UTV. It can cause harm to the air filters as well. Debris and dried vegetation can be accumulated on the skid plate and cause damage. The only solution to this problem is proper maintenance and clean-up after every use. Also, this is a very uncommon problem, and there are very few chances you might face it. Honda already resolved this issue on their latest models.

4. Oil readings are inaccurate

If you use engine oil with the wrong lubricity, your Honda Pioneer’s oil readings will be inaccurate. This is actually the fault of the user if this happens.


Honda Pioneer 700 is designed with a semi-dry tank, and it is important to test the engine oil in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer recommends that you should use Pro Honda GN4 4-stroke oil SAE 10W-30 with API Service Classifications of SG for better results.

5. Problems with performance

When your engine will start but stop or stall eventually, or loud sound and odor will come out of the vehicle as it runs, then you will know it has some performance problems. There can be many reasons for it, but mainly there can be problems with the filters and frozen oil.


Honda Pioneer 700 has this serious problem of oil getting cold in the winter, thus it takes time to start and this can lead to many other problems. To fix this problem, firstly, you should check the oil temperature, fuel filter, and some other parts to fix this problem. Additionally, use the recommended fuel or check your fuel filter for any blockages to clean.

6. Engine problems

You might also face some engine issues with the Honda Pioneer 700. It mainly occurs when there is not enough oil or the oil is too old. Also, cam chain failures can lead to engine problems as they can wreck engines and other parts.


It might be needed to repair or replace the engine. And sometimes, just checking the engine oil will be enough.

7. Starting Problem

Every vehicle and machines have problems starting sometimes. It is not common. Sometimes it can be solved in no time and sometimes it is the beginning of the end. Occasionally, your Honda Pioneer 700 will not start, or it will crank for a few minutes before starting.


The solution to starting problems can be switching batteries or checking for spark plugs and fixing them if broken. Also, if it is too cold weather then it is very natural to have this problem. All you need to do is let it idle for some time after starting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pioneer 700 reliable?

With a reputation for quality and reliability, the Honda Pioneer 700 is a highly-respected model. You can work efficiently on the farm with this vehicle or just take a chilling ride with your friends or family.

Does the Honda Pioneer 700 have enough power?

The Pioneer 700 is very powerful. You can drive it on rough terrain with ease. You can get to where you want to go without being hindered by mud, hills, or rocky sections thanks to the vehicle’s power, traction, and ground clearance. Even if you are going down a slippery and risky road, Honda Pioneer 700 will provide you with plenty of traction that can ensure your safety.

What is the most common problem with Honda Pioneer 700?

The most common problem that you might face with your Honda Pioneer 700 is that the engine takes time to start if the oil is not in the right temperature. For that, you will need to start the vehicle a few minutes before you ride your UTV.

Final Words

Do not let the problems of Honda Pioneer worry you. A Honda Pioneer 700 is the best vehicle for those who like the automatic transmission, numerous seating positions, or entertainment features. And the problems it has eventually can be easily solved with the given solutions. But you are still free to decide what works best for you.

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