8 Most Common Intimidator Utv Problems

Intimidator UTV problems

Despite being a newcomer to the Utility Task Vehicle scene, Intimidator UTV has already established itself; thanks to its tough, rugged dependability and capability of ensuring exhilarating recreational ride.

But just like all other motor vehicles, the intimidator UTV has its own share of problems as well.

The most common problems that an Intimidator UTV owner frequently encounters include transmission issues, engine overheating, coolant leak, failed battery, wiring-related issues, inoperative braking system, or other body parts and mechanisms.

Before deciding to purchase an Intimidator UTV, one needs to learn these issues in detail and also the troubleshooting procedures prior to even checking the products or different brand’s review. Here, you will get the fixing guidelines along with important Intimidator UTV specs.

What are the typical Intimidator UTV problems?

Problem 1# Transmission Issues

The Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) system changes the gear ratio depending on factors like speed, RPM, or load, and thus ensures more efficient operation. But shifting between gears, it also leads to transmission failure as well.

The CVT transmission system of an Intimidator UTV consists of a driven pulley, an engine and a belt. If any part gets damaged, the system will fail.

Take regular care of the faulty CTV transmission. Otherwise, after a few more miles of moving, the ignition function might stop permanently.

How the transmission system can be fixed?

In case the system has a belt problem, just replace it with a new one and get rid of the problem. The same goes to the pulley.

In case of belt slippage, contact the dealer. Try to avoid cold conditions and keep the UTV at a warmer place.

Never use any other but motor oil for your transmission. Be careful that the oil isn’t sticky. If you still have the transmission issue, install a different one than CVT.

Problem 2# Engine Overheating

What causes UTV engine getting overheated?

Overheating is another problem that almost all UTV users experience on regular basis and Intimidator UTV owners can’t enjoy any exception.

Clogged radiator and coolant leakage are the two reasons that cause this trouble in most cases. Radiator clogging might occur while running through the tracks and trails full of mud.

Faulty radiator clamp is another issue you need to keep close eyes on. Whenever the radiator clam will turn to blue, you need to replace it immediately. 

How the overheating can be resolved?

Always use vented engine covers so that air can get an escape route. Try to arrange an acceptable amount of coolant to minimize overheating. If there’s any problem in the electrical radiator fan, fix it. Finally, cleaning the radiator can play a vital role in keeping the vehicle cool.

Problem 3# Coolant Leakage

What causes coolant leakage issues in an Intimidator UTV?

Coolant leakage is another associated problem that’s closely connected to the engine overheating. It’s a very common phenomenon in UTV machines, and the radiator clamp is the main reason that’s causing all these troubles.

If there are any cracks or holes created on radiators then the coolant will possibly get leaked. You need to identify the leak in no time, and solve it with an urgent basis.

How the leaking coolant issue can be solved?

If the radiator is blue in color, get ready to change it immediately to avoid coolant leakage. Make it sure always that the engine’s got enough coolant, and to be on the safer side, maintain a balance between the maximum to a minimum range of the reservoir tank.

Replace the coolant from time to time following the manufacturer’s guidelines and avoid all possible contaminations to happen.

Problem 4# Battery Drainage

What causes batteries getting drained?

The batter problem generally occurs due to the recurrent using of the vehicle. It may also cause fast drainage of the batteries.

One possible cause of batteries not working is that they don’t have enough charge to start your UTV. If there’s no issue with batteries, probably the fault is in its charger.

How to fix the UTV battery issues?

Use a voltmeter to check whether the battery is working or not. If it’s okay, then make arrangement of charging it.

Also, take a look at the carbon terminal on both ends to see solidification as it doesn’t allow current to pass and charging goes in vain for that. Clean it up, if found any.

In case the battery isn’t working, then it’s a faulty one and needs to be replaced with a fresh one.

You need to change the charger if there’s no battery issues found. Another trick to enjoy battery’s longevity is to make sure not to overcharge or undercharge it ever.

Problem 5# Faulty Headlight

What causes problems with UTV headlight?

Headlight is necessary to illuminate the tracks at night or during the dark phases of the day. But, it’s very much usual to have a faulty headlight, especially if the rider has to go through rough terrains time and again.

The headlight issue arises for circumstances like malfunctioning wire connection, damaged bulb or blown fuse, technical issues with the relay itself, and so on.

How to fix the faulty headlights?

At first, check the wiring if it’s cut anywhere. If there is any broken part of the circuit, fix it. Again, if you find a faulty relay in the turn signal kit, you’ll need to repair it.

If there’s damaged bulb of fuse, replace it with new ones to overcome the headlight issue.

Problem 6# Brake Issue

What causes error in UTV braking system?

No doubt, the most significant part of any vehicle is its braking system to avoid all types of accidents.

Brakes need to be delicate and error-free as it plays the significant role of stopping the utility car to follow the traffic lights or avoid any hazardous moments.

How to fix the brakes?

Check the UTV to keep it away from corrosion or problems associated with low voltage.

Fix all such problems, and take the help of experts, if required. Always regulate the brake wiring system to ensure that they aren’t loose or cut off, by any means.

Problem 7# Tire Problems

What are the problems with UTV tires?

The Intimidator side by side is basically an off-road motor vehicle, so the tires type used in this is different than other transport medium.

They are tougher and stronger in comparison to other vehicles. Also, they need to be big enough to support the machine to manage off-road movement efficiently. If the tires are smaller than the load requirement then the UTV might get stuck in certain spots and causes trouble to the user.

How to repair the tires?

If you face any problems regarding the balance or frequently face accidental issues, you might consider of changing the tires.

Again if they repeatedly get punctured while being at work, you need to replace them as well. The best way of preventing such issue is to use strong and big tires.

 Problem 8# Starting issues

 What are the issues with Intimidator UTV accelerator?

 Sometimes you might face situation like hearing a click rather than the usual kicking sound while starting the UTV’s engine which is further followed by quietness.

This starting issue needs to be addressed straight away and solved as the top-priority task.

How to fix the issue?

There are different factors you need to check. At first, take a look at the battery to ascertain that it’s not dead or cold.

While checking the ignition, unplug the spark plugs and check if it’s begun to degenerate. Clean it and keep in mind to maintain a small gap in the spark plug.

Check for cracks along with wear and tear signs on drive belt. Always ensure that the air filter is kept as clean to help the engine functioning perfectly.

Other Problems-Accelerator, Shifter Handle

If the accelerator is unresponsive or responds roughly, you need to patch-up the problems. Yet again, in case there is shortage of fuel or any contamination, it will certainly effect on throttle issues.

On the other hand, shifter handle failure may occur due to transmission fluid leakage or clutch problems.

In order to repair the accelerator, one needs to get rid of deposits and sediments from the tank so that contamination doesn’t happen.

Furthermore, cleaning up the air filter is a must. You may conduct a compression test to make sure that the valve or clutch doesn’t need any further modifications.

For solving the shifter handle case, manage the cooling system to work in an optimal condition. Replace every damaged accessory, and don’t take any risk.

Intimidator UTV vs Mahindra

FeatureIntimidator UTVMahindra UTV
EngineKohler Pro EFIMahindra mCRD
Horsepower33 HP24 HP
TransmissionAutomatic CVTAutomatic CVT
SuspensionDual A-ArmDual A-Arm
Towing Capacity2000 lbs1500 lbs
Bed Capacity600 lbs500 lbs
Fuel Capacity7.5 gallons7 gallons
Warranty3-year limited3-year limited
Price$10,999 – $15,499$10,999 – $18,999

Intimidator UTV vs Polaris Ranger

FeatureIntimidator UTVPolaris Ranger UTV
EngineKohler Command Pro EFIPolaris ProStar 1000
Power44 horsepower82 horsepower
TransmissionAutomatic CVTAutomatic PVT
SuspensionIndependent dual A-armDual A-arm
Tires27-inch Maxxis Bighorn27-inch Maxxis Liberty
Seating Capacity4-6 people3-6 people
Cargo Bed Capacity600 lbs1000 lbs

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Final Words

As you have already learnt, the Intimidator UTV doesn’t come without any problem. But, these problems won’t bother you much if you can follow all the basic techniques elaborated here. This will certainly help you in not killing your money and time.

Basic knowledge, regular maintenance and monitoring are the keys to enjoy a successful Intimidator UTV usage over a long time.

Overall, Intimidator UTV is an amazing off-road vehicle that will provide you with pleasant experience, convenience, and stability. Finally, best of luck!

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