7 Common Gravely ZT HD 52 Problems and Solutions

If you are a beginner in lawn care, Gravely zero turn HD 52 mower can be a good option for you to start with. It is very easy to use, and you can choose the cutting width as you like. It is powerful enough to mow up to 3 acres of land. So, if you have a medium to large size lawn, it will be great for you.

Whether you are currently a user of Gravely ZT HD 52 or thinking of buying it, there are some drawbacks of this ZT lawn mower that you should be aware of. With a long time of usage, you might start experiencing problems like- starting problem, smoke coming out of the mower, starting then dying, transmission problem, vibrating problem leaking gas problem and uneven cuts. But do not worry as the problems can be resolved.

7 Common problems of Gravely ZT HD 52:

Many problems can occur due to user errors. That is why you should handle the lawn mower by following the user manual. With proper maintenance and troubleshooting, it is possible to reduce the problems on a large scale. 

1. Problems with starting

The problem with starting is often caused by not enough fuel. So, check the fuel first when you fail to start your Gravely ZT HD 52 lawn mower. If there is enough fuel, and it still would not start, check the air and fuel filters for clogs and debris.

Often the debris gets clogged in the filters and prevents air and fuel from flowing properly, and this prevents the mower from starting. Cleaning the filters might solve your issue in this case.

However, if this is not the issue, check the ignition switch and wire connection if they need replacement.

2. Smoke coming out

Smoke coming out is a problem that should be taken seriously. It can occur due to a lot of reasons. Check the engine oil level. Smoke can come out due to low oil levels. You can try adding oil to solve this problem, but it might need a professional repair sometimes.

Oil spilling or too much oil in the crankcase can also cause smoke to come out of the mower. Excessive oil can cause the engine to overheat, causing oil to leak into the cylinder via the valve system. Blocked air filters can also cause smoke.

Make sure to clean it or replace it if it is too damaged. And if this does not solve the issue, check for internal problems and check the piston ring.

3. Starting then dies

If you experience that your Gravely mower starts and then dies after some time, then it is a severe problem. You need to troubleshoot properly because many reasons can be blamed for the problem. This issue usually occurs due to bad fuel.

So, check the quality of the fuel and check if it is expired. Drain the fuel and refill it with new fuel of good quality.

Dirty and broken cooling fins can also be blamed for causing this issue. Check the fins and replace them if needed. Also, check for carburetor clogs. If the carburetor is clogged, clean all of the carburetor’s parts. If necessary, replace the component.

4. Transmission problem

A faulty hydraulic chain or gear might make a Gravely lawn mower’s hydrostatic transmission seem feeble. A weak transmission can also be caused by old hydraulic oil or a lack of oil in the hydraulic tank.

To troubleshoot this problem, you need to check the hydraulic oil. Old or expired oil can cause the problem. So try replacing the oil to solve the issue. Also, make sure to check the tensioner, pulley and belt.

Replace the pulley and belt if they are worn out. Also, try greasing the tensioner arm. This might solve this issue.

5. Vibrating problem

Vibrations might be caused by small debris caught in your Gravely mower, worn engine mounting nuts, or defective mower deck components. Check the mower clutches as bad clutches can cause vibrating problems. If they are damaged, replace the clutches.

If that is not the case, then check the blade components. If the blades are damaged, replace them. Damaged blades can cause vibration. Also, check the blade spindle.

If there is any grass or weeds stuck in the spindle, that might be causing vibration. Clean the blade spindle properly to solve the issue.

6. Leaking gas problem

Your Gravely zero-turn might be having gas leaking issues due to failed and dirty carburetors. The carburetor can accumulate particles left behind from old gas, resulting in obstructions or component failure. Replace any broken components in the carburetor after cleaning it.

A faulty fuel pump or a damaged fuel tank can also cause the issue of leaking gas. Check the components and replace them if you find them faulty. If this does not solve the issue, then check the gas cap and shut-off valves. If they are faulty, replace them.

7. Cuts uneven

When your mower produces uneven cuts, it is mostly the blades to them. The blades might not be installed properly, or the blades might become worn or bent. So, you need to check the blades. Replace them if they are worn. Sharpen them if needed and make sure the blades are being correctly installed.

Check the mower deck if these measures do not solve the problem. If it is too damaged, then replace it. Mower decks can get easily damaged due to too fast ground speed. So, be careful about the speed the next time. And if the deck is clogged, only cleaning it would solve the uneven cuts problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the engines for Gravely mowers?

Yamaha makes the engines for gravely mowers. Yamaha is a good brand for making engines in the market. In addition to the 29-horsepower MX775V-EFI, Gravely will also introduce the 33-horsepower MX825V-EFI this year. Gravely plans to offer them on certain models in its Pro-Turn 200 and 400 line.

Are Gravely zero-turn mowers good on hills?

They do a fantastic job when it comes to zero-turn mowers on hills, which are common in most yards. When tackling very steep hills, however, like with all riding lawn mowers, there is a risk of toppling over.

Final Words

Hope this article helps you solve the common problems of Gravely ZT HD 52 lawn mower and helps you make a better decision if you are considering buying it. Regardless of the few issues, Gravely ZT HD 52 makes a good lawn mower for beginners if you can maintain it well.

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