How To Make An Electric Golf Cart Faster Without Upgrades

How To Make An Electric Golf Cart Faster Without Upgrades

When you drive one electric golf cart, then you are aware that it isn’t the street’s quickest vehicle. Although there isn’t enough you can really do to increase its speed, but can take a few steps to ensure that it runs quickly and effectively. In this article, we’ll go over several tricks for accelerating and making driving an electrical golf cart extra enjoyable.

For starters, you can clean it properly, check the health of the batteries and pour filtered water in them, check the pressure levels of the tires and charge the cart with good quality chargers. Additionally, making the golf cart less heavy by throwing out extra things can also be a good option.

Making An Electric Golf Cart Faster Without An Upgrade( Step-by-Step)

1. Washing it regularly.

If drivers don’t pay heed to washing their golf carts on a routine basis, the cart can become shockingly miserable. For instance, a person who frequently uses a cart might well have slathered stains which look nice or perhaps help the cart appear more durable.

Unfortunately, all of this mud has a nasty propensity to collect inside the drive’s gears and rear subframe in addition to its appearance.

The upshot of that is the vehicle will struggle and gradually lose momentum.  The tires of the vehicle could move more slowly or come to a complete stop if there is stain and dust on different cogs, belts, and other parts of the vehicle.

Additionally, if dirt is tracked inside any electrical components, the electricity may not function properly, which could result in the cart stuttering as it moves.  It is crucial to clean the cart each time people go outside as a response.

2. Taking care of the batteries.

The key to keeping an EV cart moving at a great pace is its batteries

Without routine maintenance, the cells could corrode, become worn down, or have damaged circuits.

Fortunately, if you make the effort to reopen the cell box and inspect the batteries for any unforeseen deterioration, correcting these issues is rather simple.

  • Gently pull your bench to begin this procedure, then check for the cell box. Since it is simpler to put cells in the rear, most battery powered golf carts do so.
  • When the seat has been raised, your cells, or the box, must be visible. You could require a wrench or a key since most have an accessible cap that might only require a key.
  • Now examine each wire on each of the cells. Do they seem to be firmly in place & guarded? Use rivets or other tools that are appropriate for the drive’s needs to hold things down.
  • Inspect the cables, the connections, and all of these places for damage or rusting.

At some time, you might also wish about changing your cells, but wait in doing so till you’ve completed this entire procedure for your vehicle.

3. Checking the tires.

The cart will be unable to go quickly and securely if the wheels are too worn, which prevents the proper amount of traction from being applied to the roadway.

Additionally, if the wheels are overinflated, they could rupture, leading you to a vehicle that doesn’t operate as easily as you might like.

Checking your wheels’ pressure with a tire monitor is the simplest technique to diagnose this issue.

These meters, which employ the same kind of contact as standard automobile tires, are widely available in service centers. Check your position by measuring the psi in each wheel on the cart. The force in most vehicles will range from 15 to 25 PSI.

Additionally, if the pressure in your wheels rises above 25 PSI during any time, depress the little tube in the middle of every tire head with the tip of a pencil or using the thumbnail.

4. Charging the battery properly.

The sole reason behind most golf carts not running to their full capacity is its unfed battery. Yes, it may sound like a very simple thing but it is a major reason.

Most people do not charge their golf carts batteries fully and go out with a half charged battery. So, it is normal that the cart will not be performing properly. That’s why it is crucial to charge the cart to 100% and then come out with it.

When the charge level resides around 40% or 50%, the golf cart restrains itself from utilizing most options. So, the cart starts running slowly.

Anothing thing is charging it with good quality chargers. Cheap chargers can surely cost you less in the short time, but the cost of charging it again and again will surely be mounting up.

Good quality chargers will charge the cart faster and that charge will be much more effective than the charging being done by a cheap charger.

5. Throw out any unnecessary equipment from the cart’s battery.

This procedure complements the earlier-discussed cleaning technique.

The cart will go more quickly if you clear it of clutter, dust, and filth since less power is required to keep it moving. Obviously, this is only one of the steps needed to reduce the heaviness of the cart.

Additionally, you have to pay heed to things like eliminating extraneous items and heavy objects. For instance, you might wish to remove items that are overly heavy from the glove box.

Additionally, be certain to perform all necessary cart repair, such as lubricating the tires and bearings, to maintain them moving easily and effectively. You can complete these tasks without professional assistance.

6. Maintain the correct battery water level.

A golf vehicle cell element requires periodic, careful watering to keep them functioning effectively and efficiently.

Many people could find this step shocking since they don’t know the cart requires it to be handled in this manner.

The cells will grow too heated if there is not enough water in them, which could lead to poor performance.

Some of them might just not recharge completely or deplete their energy too rapidly, presenting you with a vehicle that moves much more slowly than you might prefer.

You should be cautious while selecting the sort of water to utilize here. Just remember not to dump a container full of water through your faucet into the batteries.

However municipal water which has gotten chemically treated may have minor levels of metals and other components in them, which could make your cell worse off. The only option is filtered water.


How can I increase the speed of my electric golf cart?

The first option is to upgrade it. But before that, you can follow some simple procedures if you wish to use the cart for more time, like watering the batteries and cleaning the cart, charging it properly or throwing out unnecessary things from the cart.

Will bigger tires make my golf cart faster?

Bigger tires can surely help the cart go faster. This increase can sometimes exceed 300%! The speed increases with tire size.

Why is my electric golf cart so slow?

There can be many reasons behind the slowness. The cart can become very heavy with unnecessary equipment, the battery may not be charged to its full capacity, there can be some leakage between the cables.


Every technique we’ve covered can improve the golf cart’s mobility and help it move much more quickly. You should carefully review the guidelines listed above prior to making any modifications to the vehicle to improve its speed. Why spend tons of money when some simple steps can improve the performance of the cart nicely.

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