6 Common Cat 305 Excavator Problems and Solutions

Cat 305 Excavator is one of the best construction equipment on the market. It is mostly used on construction sites rather than for personal usage. However, you can still use it for various applications because of its versatility. Cat 305 is very reliable and it provides excellent performance.

Cat 305 has operating weights of 12,688 pounds or 4080 kg respectively. This mini Excavator can dig up to 11 feet 3 inches. Although it has such amazing features, you might still face some problems with it especially when you have already used it for a few years.

Common problems you may face with Cat 305 are low power, issues with the hydraulic pump, overheating, tire problems and lacks lifting capacity.

6 Cat 305 Excavator Problems and Solutions

Every vehicle including excavator can have some issues due to long time usage and rough usage. Some even have default issues by the manufacturer company. But if you know the causes of the occurred issues, you will be able to solve the problem easily. So, the causes and solutions of the common problems of Cat 305 Excavator are given below:

1. Low Power Problems

When the CAT 305 excavator will not get enough power, it will not function properly. So, if you are experiencing low power issues with this machine, then the machine will work slower than usual. This can happen due to a faulty power unit, or the drive coupling is worn and slipping. Also, you can check if the connection plugs are working correctly or not.


To solve the low power issue you will need to check the power unit and drive coupling. Wear, broken, or slippage on the drive shaft are all possibilities. Drive couplings deteriorate due to the high load placed on the rubber portion that provides flexibility. Check the hydraulic fluid levels as well; if the suction strainer is blocked, the pumps may suffer from cavitation and starvation.

This is a complex solution and you might need an expert’s help, so you should call a mechanic to fix this problem.

2. Hydraulic Pump issues

Issues with the hydraulic pump also lead to slowing up the Cat 305. In most cases, there are two primary hydraulic pumps, one for each of the track motors and maybe another for the pilot circuit. The two main hydraulic pumps, which are primarily meant to power the excavator’s main function, might be the cause of the excavator’s slowness.


If the engine is not working well or has to be serviced, the hydraulic pumps will not be able to produce the necessary flow to run the system. You should maintain the engine on a regular basis. Filters for diesel engines must be kept clean and free of pollution. If the air filter is really dusty, remove it and replace it.

3. Starts but does not move

Sometimes, your CAT 305 Excavator can start but not move forward or reverse. This is a common problem. You may try restarting to solve the problem, but you might not get any result. And sometimes, the engine does not start at all after restarting it. This can occur due to the safety switch and the fuse.


All you need to do is, replace the safety switch or the fuse if they are the real causes of the issue. However, this issue can also occur due to faulty wiring diagrams. And for that, you might need to call a mechanic to fix the problem.

4. Overheating problems

Cat 305 is a versatile but small and compact excavator. Overheating is a particular problem with smaller excavators. Faults in the load, exhaust, radiator, fan clutch, transmission cooler, etc compartments are responsible for overheating problems.


If you experience overheating, make sure to check this compartment for issues. Sometimes only cleaning the compartments can fix the overheating problem.

5. Tire Problems

If the CAT 305 excavator has tire problems, it will not be able to move properly. So, when your CAT 305 is not running smoothly, make sure to check the tires for flat or worn-out tires, air leaks, sidewall damage tires, etc.


It is best if you replace the tires of the CAT 305 excavator because repaired tires do not last long as brand new tires. You can call a mechanic or an expert to replace the tires.

6. Lacks lifting capacity

The lifting capacity of Cat 305 is 430 kg (Front) and this might not be enough for many users. But there is nothing much to do about it as this is a default feature of the CAT 305 excavator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours is a Cat Excavator good for?

The Cat Excavator may endure between 7,000 and 10,000 hours if it is properly maintained, not damaged, and well-maintained. This is simply a rough estimate, and lifespan hours may vary from brand to brand.

How much does a 305 Caterpillar excavator weight?

The Cat 305 can weigh about 11,700 lbs. So that whether on construction sites or for backyard tasks you can use it anywhere to save your own time and energy.

How much is a Caterpillar excavator?

Caterpillar Excavator costs about $850,000 to $100,000. The prices range from cheap to expensive, and they can be used for a variety of tasks. Choose the type that suits you best. You can purchase a new CAT excavator at the lower end of the scale that weighs 26,000lbs and has a 70hp engine, which is a very good deal.

Final Words

Cat 305 is a versatile machine that’s optimized to handle the toughest jobs in the toughest conditions. You should keep going with Cat 305 despite the few issues it has because it is a dependable power source for tough jobs with the full-throttle so you finish the job with less stopping and more going. And if you maintain the vehicle regularly with regular troubleshooting, you will face fewer problems with it.

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