Best zero turn mower for 10 acres: The Definitive Guide

Mowers are necessary if you own a large garden. Mowers will help you to keep your lawn neat and clean. There are a variety of mowers to cut the grass, such as ride-on, zero-turn, walk-behind, self-propelled, and even robotic mowers.

  • Best for engine quality: Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 24 HP
  • Best for performance:  ARIENS APEX 60 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower
  • Best for high-speed mower: Husqvarna Z254F 26HP
  • Best for smooth riding: Swisher Z3166CPKA Big MOW
  • Best for premium cover: Craftsman Z560 24 HP Mower
  • Best for efficient brake system: Husqvarna Z254 Mower
  • Best for less vibration: The Husqvarna MZ61
  • Best for maintenance-free transmission: Husqvarna Red Max RZT54
  • Best design: Swisher ZTR3166KA

Best zero turn mower for 10 acres: The Definitive Guide

1. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 24 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 offers an incredible engine that is both efficient and economical to use. The mower engine is also durable, smooth, and relatively quiet when in use. This beast’s fabricated 11″ gauge steel, triple-blade cutting deck has a whopping 61″ cutting width and 12-separate cutting heights. The range starts from 1.5″ minimum to 4.5″ high. Read full review here

The incredible engine and high speed

 24 HP Kawasaki includes an efficient engine that is durable and calm when in use. The machine has a maximum forward speed of 8.5 mph. It allows you to cut the grass wider in less time than other available devices in the market.

The comfortable sitting facility

The mower includes a 15-inch high back and a sliding seat. The user can feel comfortable working with a thick padded cushion and elastomeric vibration control (EVC). On the other hand, padded armrests are also there to ensure the utmost comfort.


Package Dimensions48 x 48 x 48 inches
Mower Weight770 pounds
Power SourceGasoline-Powered
Cutting Width61 Inches
Operation ModeManual

2. Ariens 991151 Apex 60″ 24 HP Kawasaki FR730 V Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower

The ARIENS APEX 60 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower is designed to replace a conventional riding mower and intends to last for several years. It can cover and cut four acres of grass within an hour. The mower has a modern Tubular frame design that helps the comfort of the user.

Excellent Performance

Investing in an ARIENS APEX 60 is a great decision if you own a large lawn. It can slice the grass up to 4 acres in just an hour. The hydrostatic adjusts and a peak speed of 8 miles per hour enable you to cover maximum ground in a limited period. It also reduces the chance of scratching up the field.

Safety Features & Maintenance

Just like any other device, a mower also needs some maintenance to survive in the long run. You need to periodically change the engine’s oil, and filter some replacements. Again, the APEX 60 blades also need to shape from time to time to maintain the cutting speed and quality.


Product Dimension74.5 x 62.8 x 42 inches
Weight855 pounds
LED headlightAvailable
Cutting Width60 inches
Operation ModeAutomatic

3. Husqvarna Z254F 26HP 747cc Kohler Engine 54″ Z-Turn Mower

Husqvarna Z254F 26HP is the best option for those who want to invest in speeding quality. While moving, the mower has good flexibility that makes the rider’s job easier.

How does the ZTR work?

It is possible to gain a zero-turning radius by using the two throttles on the mower. The idea of driving the mower is that you should control the speed of the individual rear wheels to turn left or right. To make a right turn, for example, you should enhance the speed of the left-rear wheel. On the other hand, you have to decrease the speed of the right-rear wheel. Moreover, it can provide you with precise correct steering without requiring you to go too far forward.

Powerful engine and high-speed mowing for a 1-acre yard

You will get a powerful 26 HP engine to fuel this beast. This ZTR mower prepares for mowing a 1-acre lawn or larger.


Power SourceGasoline-Powered
Cutting Width54 Inches
Package Dimensions48 x 48 x 48 inches
Mower Weight770 Pounds

4. Swisher Z3166CPKA Big MOW 31 HP/66 in. Kawasaki Commercial Pro Front Deck ZTR Zero Turn Mower

The Swisher BIG MOW is made from fabricated steel and contains two 4 gallon fuel tanks. The Hydro gear includes 3400 transmissions with an electric PTO warner clutch. Again, the blades are also quality full. The Swisher provides commercial Grade cast iron blade spindles. It comes with 3 G6 commercial Grade mulching blades. It also contains an LED headlight which is convenient to use at night.

Twin Hydro-Gear 3400 Hydrostatic Transmission

One of the best features of the mower is the twin hydro gear 3400 hydrostatic transmissions. It contains large 12cc pumps. On the other hand, 16cc motors on each drive wheel are also available with the Swisher Z3166CPKA Big MOW. Moreover, the user can enjoy a smooth delivery as promised. Again, infinitely variable speed is also there to enhance the experience. You can even control the direction of the mower just like any other device.


Power SourceGas Powered
Mower Dimension113.5 x 83 x 68 inches
Mower Weight1380 Pounds
Operation ModeAutomatic
Engine Horsepower31

5. Craftsman Z560 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Platinum Mower

If you are looking for a riding lawn mower, the Craftsman Z560 24 HP can be your ideal choice. The machine is perfect to cover a 1-acre yard. It can move very fast inside your lawn and cut the grass quickly that makes it more demandable. The mower also comes with a premium cover. After using the equipment, you can easily cover it to get rid of the dust, and other things. The 24-hour long power gas engine is also efficient to use on larger yards.

54 inches cutting width included with the deck wash

The mower includes a 54 inches cutting blade. The blade is sharp enough to cover your lawn and cut, trim and clip the unwanted grasses just with one sweep. Again with the 360 degrees turning radius, you can easily change the direction.

Comfortable mowing 1-acre lawn

The user feels much comfortable while using the cutting mower apart from the excellent cutting speed. There is no need to push the equipment from behind. You will sit on it and steer it around the 1-acre yard by using this mower.


Cutting Width54 inches
EnginePowerful 24 horsepower gas engine

6. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna always intends to offer the best efficiency and mowing speed. Their Z254 is also the same. It comes with a great speed where you can cover the whole 1-acre lawn with ease. The zero-turning radius is another magnificent feature that allows moving the steer right or any other angle rapidly whenever needed. The mower is prepared with metal that gives it more longevity.

Powerful engine and high-speed mowing for a 1-acre yard

The mower combines a 26 HP Kohler engine. The engine allows a max speed of 6.5 MPH and some reliable startups. There is also a patent-pending park brake system. This allows automatic deactivation or activates the steering levers. On the other hand, the air induction mowing equipment pulls the heat from the deck’s top and bottom.


Mower Dimension72 x 61.49 x 34.48 inches
Mower Weight2 pounds only
Cutting Width54 inches
Operation modeManual

7. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

The Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP is a semi-commercial model of mower. The mower has a 27-horsepower Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series engine. It is prepared with 11-gauge steel. Moreover, you will get a fabricated 61 inches deck. The mower also contains 6 inches durable caster wheels. These wheels are making the mower highly manageable.


The Husqvarna MZ61 mower can cover 3 to 4 acres of field within an hour only with its highly efficient speed and power. The seat is very comfortable, and it rides as solidly as it seems. On the other hand, due to the dual levers, you can feel minimum vibration while sitting on the mower.


You can use the mower for semi professional works with ease for its efficient performance. Cutting down 3 to 4 acres of grass within an hour makes the mower an affordable option for many.


Power SourceGas-powered
Mower Dimension75.5 x 76 x 42 inches
Material11- gauge steel
Weight770 pounds
Cutting width61 inches
Operation modeManual

8. Husqvarna New Red Max RZT54 54″ Deck Riding Zero-Turn Mower

The RTZ54 is a versatile Red Max mower designed for bigger, and more open properties. With each move of the mower, it can cut more with the 54-inch cutting width. This tractor has three blades and an electric-clutch mechanism, as well as a 10-gauge steel cutting deck. Its V-Valve provides the engine with commercial-grade fuel. The mower can be twin-powered to provide a professional-quality result with its excellent features.

Fuel Capacity

The Husqvarna RedMax RZT54 has a fuel reserve of 3.5 gallons and a replaceable spin-on oil filter. The filter makes the mower more efficient and productive. As there is less need for refueling difficulty.


The Husqvarna Red Max RZT54 includes a hydro-gear ZT-2200 transmission in conjunction with the FR engine to keep it conveniently manageable, sustainable, easy, and firm all at the same time.


Mower Dimension8 x 8 x 8 inches
ColorRed & Black
Mower Weight2 pounds
Cutting Width54 inches
Operation ModeManual
Maximum Speed6.5 mph
Tank Capacity3.5 gallons

9. Swisher ZTR3166KA 31 HP Kawasaki Commercial Grade Front Mount Zero Turn Riding Mower

The Swishers ZTR3166KA 31 Mower has a low and stable build. The mower offers the latest in ergonomics and control. Moreover, it helps the user to cut the grass in the yard comfortably and efficiently. The heavy-duty composite fenders have a built-in battery panel, storage room, and a cup holder. The Swisher mower also comes with a LED headlight.

Design of the Swisher ZTR3166KA 31 HP

The Swisher ZTR3166KA 31 HP Kawasaki Commercial zero turn mower is designed for mowing underneath low clearance barriers and for optimum transparency of the mowing course. The deck height is electrically connected by a clutch pedal and flips up for quick washing. On rough terrain, the big chevron tread tires hold you ongoing. Moreover, the mower also includes twin-powered grade hydro gear transmissions. On the other hand, the Swisher ZTR3166KA also offers a 3 gator mulching blade on a 66″ fabricated front mount cutting deck.


Mower Dimension113.5 x 83 x 68 inches
Item Weight1380 pounds
Battery1 12V battery required.
Rear Wheel Size23 inches
Fuel Capacity8 gallons
LED HeadlightsAvailable

3 Things to Consider Before Buying

Before buying the first lawnmower, it is best to weigh the following considerations, since each style of mower has its own set of characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

Flat Lawn

Because of the high engine performance and large cutting deck, zero-turn mowers are ideal for 1 acre to 2 acres of flat grass. On the other hand, Most ZTR mowers have a top speed of 5 to 7.5 Mph, which is quick enough to mow the whole yard in a matter of hours.

Rough terrain

It is preferable to use a walk-behind mower on a 1-acre property with bumpy terrain. If you are riding on the fast-moving mower, the rugged terrain can cause the machine to bounce up and down.

Rocky garden

In a rough yard, it is not advisable to use a ride-on mower. Since there are many stones and other hard objects on the lawn, it is hard to detect tiny stones, and sharp objects may easily harm the blades.

So, whatever mower you are selecting, do research well. There are a few options available, for example, zero-turn, ride-on, self-propelled, drive walk-behind, and robotic mowers. It is highly dependent on the kind of lawn you are mowing. Find out what you need for your garden; a lawnmower or a lawn tractor. If you are finding any difficulties, our article is here to help you out.

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