Top 9 Best 54 Inch Zero Turn Mower for the Money

The 54 inch zero-turn mower can be the perfect solution for people who have 3 acres or more. They are capable of cutting a great deal of grass quickly. Since the deck sticks out from the side of the mower more, they trim around obstacles much better than smaller Zero turn mowers.

Using ZTRs with wider frames and larger tires, you can mow up to a slope of 15 degrees without feeling uncomfortable. On rough terrain, they ride better because they have large tires at the back and front casters.

Best 54 Inch Zero Turn Mower 2023:

NoProduct NamePrice
1Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP KohlerCheck Price on Amazon
2Ariens 915279 IKONCheck Price on Amazon
3Husqvarna 23 HP Hydrostatic Turn Riding MowerCheck Price on Amazon
4Ariens APEX 23 HP MowerCheck Price on Amazon
5Husqvarna MZ54Check Price on Amazon

Not everyone needs a large deck. But those who need specially beginners have a very hard time choosing the right one for them. So, in this article we are going to talk about the best 54 inch zero turn mower in the market to help you choose the suitable one for you.

1. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower is nothing but a combination of style and smart working. Weighing 2.00 lbs, this mower is very convenient to move around.


  • Compatible Engine

The 26 HP Kohler engine is the perfect mower engine as it has a max speed of 6.5 MPH and helps start-up easily. It is built to be gas-powered, making it compatible with the best mowing system.

  • The Auto-Controlling Braking System

Nothing can beat this mower with its ability to automatically activate and deactivate the park brake system depending on the movements of the steering levers. This feature has made this mower to be the easiest one to use.

  • Air Induction Mowing System

The air induction system in a mower is now a hot topic. This feature helps your mower to suck air from the surface and the bottom of the deck, which increases the quality of the mower in serving a clear-cut service.

  • High-Quality Deck

The use of heavy flat-stock steel has given the mower’s deck the ability to enhance the machine’s durability. It also ensures a long-lasting service to the customers.


  • The deck is made of heavy flat-stock steel.
  • Its engine has a max speed of 6.5 MPH.
  • The auto-controlling braking system has made this mower stand out.
  • Ait induction system of this mower allows it to deliver a safe service.
  • The clippings are dischargeable and baggable.


  • Easy to control
  • Made of heavy flat-stock steel
  • The clippings are dischargeable
  • Includes auto-activating braking system


  • Often the belt comes off
  • The customer service is not satisfying enough


Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower will surely be your perfect companion with its awesome service and extremely powerful yet durable engine.

2. Ariens 915279 IKON

Ariens 915279 IKON

Ariens 52 Inch 21.5hp Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower is a mower well known for its compatibility. High-ending graphics have made this mower look outstanding.


  • Jaw-Dropping Construction

The outlook of this mower steals everyone’s attention with the use of custom paint, high-ending graphics, and classic badging. Moreover, steel framing makes it the most stable and strongest mower ever.

  • Providing The Most Comfortable Riding

You will get a super comfortable back seat with an armrest, seat slider to move your seat to your desired position, and oversized foamed gripping in this super convenient mower. Also, a rubber floor mat is included in this mower.

  • A Deep Deck

During challenging situations, the 4.5-inch fabricated deck of this mower would be your savior. It ensures perfect airflow in your machine and is commercially styled.

  • Dial -Operated Cutting Height

This mower system allows it to serve you with 13 different cutting positions, each leading to a tremendous and effective outcome only with a turn of the dial.


  • High-ending graphics ensure a high-quality outlook.
  • Serves 13 different cutting positions.
  • Super comfortable seat with adjustable sliding system.
  • The 4.5 inches fabricated deck enhances the power of the mower.
  • Includes a rubber mat.
  • The deck height can be adjusted from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.


  • Super comfortable
  • The seat is adjustable
  • It can tackle challenging situations smoothly
  • Includes a very deep deck


  • Does not last very long
  • Sometimes comes with sensor problems


Nothing can beat the Ariens 21.5hp Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower when it comes to comfortable riding. If your comfort is your priority, then you must get this mower.

3. Husqvarna 23 HP Hydrostatic Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z254F 54 in. 23 HP Kawasaki Zero Hydrostatic Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna 23 HP Kawasaki Zero Hydrostatic Turn Riding Mower is a great mower with a compatible engine. This beast nails the task with its outstanding features.


  • No-Maintenance Transmission

You don’t have to worry about the transmission of your mower anymore as this one provides a hydrostatic and no maintenance transmission for its user. This amazing facility allows the mower to be more powerful and independent regarding cutting conditions.

  • Strong Engine

This mower includes a 23 HP Kawasaki engine that helps empower the mower, even more, resulting in a max speed of 6.5 MPH. Also, convenient and clear-cutting service is ensured by this feature.

  • Safe Handling

The foot area of this mower is designed to avoid slipping mostly. This mower prioritizes safety, reflected in its comfortable seating system and ergonomic control panels.

  • A Combination Of Style And Professionalism

Getting this mower also gives you a stylish and bold machine. Super convenient and amazing outlook has made this mower the most desired one.


  • Provides a max speed of 6.5 MPH.
  • Excellent outlook is combined with great professionalism.
  • Super comfortable seats are the safest with the help of easily manageable control panels.
  • The powerful engine of 23 HP boosts the clear-cutting muscles.
  • The convenient deck serves in getting 54 in.


  • Easily manageable
  • 100% safety is ensured
  • Excellent outlook
  • A powerful engine serves to boost service quality


  • Sometimes comes with missing parts
  • The hydraulic hose often comes off


This mower will be perfect for people who want quality and service at the same place. The consistent and speedy approach is everything you need.

4. Ariens APEX 23 HP Mower

Ariens APEX 52 inch 23 HP (Kawasaki) Zero Turn Mower 991159

Ariens APEX 23 HP Mower is famous for stability and extreme strength. Moreover, the belt tension management of this machine is outstanding.


  • Full Tubular Frame

The secret behind the extreme strength of this machine lies in its tubular frames. These frames block the machine’s tension and pressures, increasing the stability. Also, the frames support the machine and balance the weight while making it stronger.

  • Commercial-Grade Deck

Thickness in the deck is something that everyone craves in their mowers. Luckily, this one is well known for its thickness. The 10-gauge deck of this machine is made of steel, providing extra strength and durability.

  • Belt-Tension Tool

A belt-tension managing technique is included here to increase the machine’s lifespan. The belt adjusts itself automatically depending on the machine’s tension, increasing its durability.

  • Deck Lifting System

The machine’s deck is 52 inches fabricated and has a depth of 5.5. It also provides a deck lifting system operated by foot. The management between 15 cutting positions relies on the deck lifting system and is easily adjustable.


  • The belts auto-adjust depending on the pressure.
  • The deck is welded together while giving more durability to the machine.
  • Foot-operated deck lifting system makes the service easier.
  • Blade spindles and belts are easily manageable with a deck access panel.
  • The armrest and the seat are padded with comfortable foam.


  • Comfortable seats and armrests are included
  • Includes a deck access panel for easier management
  • Auto adjustable belts
  • The welded deck gives more durability and strength


  • Sometimes it gets clogged
  • A lit bit expensive 


This mower is the best mower for advanced technologies. The seat will feel extra comfortable even if you use it for a long time. No back ache guarantee!

5. Husqvarna 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Husqvarna YTH24V54 54 in. 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower is a mower that you would look for regarding easy starting and powerful performance.


  • Turning Radius

The radius allows the mower to work its magic in tighter areas and challenging situations with its adjustable 15 in. Also, the high back seat position and easily managing construction helps allow the radius to turn in difficult situations.

  • Thoughtful Construction

This mower provides a hydrostatic transmission controlled by the foot pedal operating system. Because of the food pedal, you can move your mower wherever you want while keeping your hands steady on the steering wheel.

  • Beast-Like Engine

You would be surprised by the performance of this mower’s 24HP Briggs and Stratton Intek V-twin engine. This engine also provides extreme boldness, featuring ReadyStart to help you out with an easy start-up.

  • Electric Cutting Deck

Turning the mower deck would be the easiest piece of cake as you can turn it on with a switch in the control panel. This amazing feature is possible due to the electric cutting deck system of the mower.


  • Includes electric cutting deck system.
  • It can be adjusted in tighter and tough places with the help of a turning radius.
  • Powerful performance is guaranteed with its 24 HP V-Twin engine.
  • Includes air induction mowing system.
  • The foot pedal lets you keep your hands on the steering wheel while moving around.


  • Thoughtfully constructed
  • Extremely powerful engine
  • Includes air induction mowing
  • It can be easily started


  • Not enough instruction.
  • Sometimes it needs repairing


Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower will be your best companion in challenging situations and uneven spaces. The powerful engine speaks loud for its efficiency.

6. Husqvarna MZ54

Husqvarna MZ54

Husqvarna MZ54F 54 in. 24 HP Mower becomes the most convenient option with its high ground speeds and convenient startups. Auto braking technology allows this mower to be the unique one.


  • High-Quality Engine

Boldness is reflected in its 24 HP engine that provides excellent startups with high ground speeds every time, which is required for convenient working.

  • Auto Braking Technology

This technology allows the mower to auto-brake the machine with every outward and inward movement of the steering levers. You don’t have to worry about the brakes, as the auto-braking system is now in your favor.

  • Best Mechanism

The deck of this machine is built to be the deepest, providing precise cutting and bagging. Blades are excellent in quality, and the airflow tends to be very conveniently designed.

  • Dischargeable Clippings

A 9-bushel triple bag collection tool helps the machine provide dischargeable and baggable clippings.


  • A 24 HP engine that gives bold startups and high speed.
  • Comfort-providing service is secured by its vibration dampener.
  • The high-back seat comes along with a comfortable armrest.
  • The hand grips are covered with foam pads.
  • A patent park auto braking system is included.
  • Mulchable and dischargeable clippings make the service more advanced.


  • Automatically brakes with the steering lever’s movements
  • A comfortable seat is included
  • Gives high speed every time
  • Foamed hand grips provide comfortable gripping


  • It should include a gas gauge
  • Sometimes comes with manufacturing problems


Husqvarna MZ54F 54 in. Zero Turn Riding Mower will be ideal if you are looking for something with easy management. You can easily operate it even if you are a beginner. The comfort is outstanding.

7. Husqvarna TS 24HP Kawasaki Garden Tractor

 Husqvarna TS 354XD (54") 24HP Kawasaki Garden Tractor

Husqvarna TS 24HP Kawasaki Garden Tractor has become an incomparable beast with its confident and bold movements. Nothing can beat the smart outlook of this mower.


  • A Kawasaki Engine

This mower includes a 24HP/726cc engine, a V- Twin OHV designed one, providing the boldest service that no other mower can provide.

  • Rear Differential

The rear differential of this mower is constructed with an electric locking system. This locking system provides the swiftest ride during climbing slopes.

  • Well Constructed Deck

The 54-Inch Fabricated deck serves clear-cut riding and ensures long-lasting service using steel in its construction. You can expect good durability from the machine.

  • Comforting Seat

A comforting back seat with a great safety sensor is all you need to declare a mower excellent, and this mower has that factor in it.


  • Well built skid prevents the wheels from moving forward or backward accidentally
  • The turn radius is very strict
  • The powerful engine is designed to be a V-Twin OHV one
  • The electric locking system of the differential is incomparable
  • This includes a Hydrostatic Transmission.


  • Provides an electric lock in the differential
  • Comfortable seat
  • Powerful engine with a lot of advantages
  • Easily manageable service


  • Often fails in cutting grass
  • Runs harshly sometimes


You must get this Kawasaki Garden Tractor if you want something smart and handy. The comfort and newer addition will surely blow your mind every time you use it.

8. Toro 54 in. TimeCutter IronForged Deck 24.5 HP Commercial V-Twin Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower with MyRIDE

Toro 54 in. TimeCutter IronForged Deck 24.5 HP Commercial V-Twin Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower with MyRIDE

The Toro 54-inch TimeCutter features durable construction, exceptional performance, and quality feel, the same as our landscape contractor equipment. Toro’s MyRIDE Suspension System provides a comfortable ride over any terrain. Your MyRIDE keeps you above the mower, keeping you safe from accidental bumps and bruises that could cause you to fall and ruin your day.


  • Pro DNA

Using the same technology that professionals depend on, these machines are infused with commercial DNA. By using the same technology professionals use, you can look after your lawn beautifully.

  • Durability

Each TimeCutter comes equipped with a Toro IronForged deck engineered for years of performance and reliability.

  • Fast Cutting

The zero-turn steering technology allows you to cut your mowing time in half, so you have more time to enjoy your lawn.


  • Cutting Options available- Bag,Mulch,Side-Discharge
  • Deck Material is 10 Gauge Steel
  • Deck Type is Fabricated
  • Drive Type is Rear Wheel
  • Engine Displacement 708 cc
  • Toro Engine 24.5 hp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity is gallons
  • Maximum Cutting Height is 4.5 inches
  • Maximum Forward Speed 7 mph
  • Maximum Reverse Speed 3 mph
  • Minimum Cutting Height 1.5 inches


  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Professional level cut quality
  • Durable for a long period of time
  • Can mow around obstacles
  • Fast working


  • Mower would only spin in a small circle
  • Lack of maintenance can cause problems


If you want your work done faster then Toro 54 in. TimeCutter IronForged Deck 24.5 HP Commercial V-Twin Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower with MyRIDE can be a great choice for you.

9. John Deere Z515E 54 in. 24 HP V-Twin ELS Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower, California Compliant

john Deere Z515E 54 in. 24 HP V-Twin ELS Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower, California Compliant

John Deere ZTrak Residential Zero- Turn Radius Mowers offer unmatched quality, performance and comfort. They’re designed for use by domestic guests looking for an effective mowing machine with exceptional project and trouncing capability. The seat with thick froth padding is erected for superior lift comfort with armrests for redundant support.


  • Durability

The new Z515E contains a 24 HP V-Twin ELS John Deere machine that features an advanced filtration system for enhanced performance and long machine life. It has enough power to handle tough mowing conditions.

  • Fast Cut Quality

The 54 inches Accel Deep Mower Deck delivers superior cut quality at advanced mowing grass and can be fluently equipped to bag or mulch.

  • Design and Comfort

In order to provide operator convenience and comfort, the 12-Volt charging port, standard hour meter, color coded operating controls,storage compartment and cup holder are included.


  • Deck Material – 10 Gauge Steel
  • Deck Type- Stamped
  • Drive Type- Rear-wheel Drive
  • Engine Displacement- 724 cc
  • Powered by – OEM Branded 24.5 HP Engine
  • Fuel Tank Capacity -3.5 gallons
  • Maximum Forward Speed 8.5 mph
  • Maximum Reverse Speed 4 mph
  • Maximum cutting height 4 inches
  • Minimum Cutting Height 1 inches
  • Mower Size- Large
  • Number of Blades -3
  • Number of Cylinders – V-Twin
  • Number of Deck Wheels are- 5


  • Very powerful engine
  • Capable of fast mowing
  • Plenty of fuel capacity
  • Very comfortable ride
  • Reliable and durable
  • Hassle free maintenance 


  • Occasional malfunction
  • Sometimes the warranty is not covered


If you want the best cutting experience with the high power engine then John Deere Z515E is a great choice for you.

Final Words

As you have read the features, you might have already gathered the idea about 54 inches zero turn mowers. They all are great catches, but if you are still confused, we recommend you to get the Toro TimeCutter 54 in. IronForged Deck 23 HP Kawasaki V-Twin Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower for yourself which ensures all the advanced features in a reasonable price.

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