Bad Boy vs Gravely: Zero Turn Mowers Comparison

Bad Boy vs Gravely

The majority of people nowadays have lawns, and maintaining them requires a great deal of time and effort. Having a lawn mower will remove the need to mow and trim your lawn manually. It is easier to maintain your lawn when you have a Zero turn lawn mower to handle all the hard work. A zero-turn mower cuts mowing time, reduces fuel consumption and allows you to mow more land over the machine’s lifetime.

Bad Boy vs Gravely: A Data-Driven Comparison

The lawn mower market is filled with a variety of options. Beginners often have a hard time choosing one mower over the other. Their search for lawn mowers starts even before they know what features to look for. In this way, they fail to select the right model for their lawn.  So, in this article, we are going to talk about the features of two of the most popular lawn mowers which are Bad Boy and Gravely to help you distinguish the right one for you.

Bad boy

Bad Boy Mower

Bad Boy Mowers are all built to last a lifetime with heavy-duty, long-lasting components. Rails cut and welded from all-steel, heavier-duty than they need to be, are the foundation of their reputation. For long-lasting performance in challenging conditions, Bad Boy mowers are equipped with 18ci Parker wheel motors and dual 16cc hydro-gear pumps. In conjunction with an innovative three-link rear suspension, an independent cast front I-beam suspension provides a smooth ride and makes it more consistent tire contact with the road, and allows it to handle hills better.


● Engine

Zero turns mower from Bad boy generally uses Kohler, Kawasaki engine. The company

recommends that the oil and filter be changed every 50 hours of usage.

● Durability

With thicker, industry-leading front forks, the frames are made from heavy-gauge steel, always formed and welded. With the easy access floorboard, you can quickly get on and off the seat with the heavy-duty rubber floor mat, which is the fully fabricated and welded solid steel reinforced deck.

● Deck Quality

Besides its unrivaled strength and solid all-welded 1/4″ steel construction, the leading edge is skirted with a 1/4″ metal strip. In addition to the sloped nose, there is a chamber in the front of the mower that allows the grass to stand upright before becoming exposed to the blades, resulting in a more efficient and precise cut. The anti-scalping wheels are reinforced at both ends resulting in greater strength, and the deep 5.5″ depth and improved baffle system allow for greater discharge and cleaner cut.

● Comfort and Control

Bad Boy mower features very comfortable padded armrests ensure a relaxed working posture with cushioned seats. This steering dampening system provides better steering response and maneuverability by making the steering more tight and smooth. Easily dial in your perfectly leveled deck height for a perfect cut each and every time with the left or right side deck lift pedal.

● Dual Fuel Tanks

Featuring 13 gallons of fuel capacity for all-day performance, in addition to a cup holder for bringing your favorite beverage along, the Bad Boy mower also features improved storage capacity for a deeper storage capacity. So, there can be enough fuel for your mower as well as yourself for a long gardening day.


  • Engine by Kohler pro 7000
  • Engine power 22 Horse power
  • Deck size 42 inches
  • Deck type- Fabricated deck


Gravely Zero Turn Mower

The Pro-Turn 600 by Gravely is the latest and greatest addition of zero turn lawn mowers. Designed with operator comfort in mind without sacrificing its superior performance, this zero-turn commercial machine comes in a sleek new design. After trailering up for the night, you’ll feel less exhausted and cut more acres in less time. 


● Engine

Gravely Pro-Turn 600 is powered by the Kawasaki FX850V 27 hp, FX1000 35 hp, and FX1000EFI 38hp. A well-maintained Kawasaki lawn mower engine will last for many years. This means your Gravely ZT mower will go on for a long time too.

● Suspension System

This Zero turn mower by Gravely gives you more control and comfort when mowing at higher speeds by reducing bumps and jolts. Ultimately, you will feel less tired at the end of the day. A special feature of the product is that it self-adjusts, so that there is hardly any maintenance required.

● Deck

A completely new deck has been designed for more effective grass dispersion. A steel frame constructed from seven gauges is a durable and long-lasting component that will serve you well for many years.

● Cut Quality

The grass dispersal of the X factor III deck of the Gravely pro-turn 600 lawnmower is improved in quality. Furthermore, its seven-gauge steel is suitable for different types of lawns. In addition to additional spindles, this deck design includes a chute profile, standard baffles, and a larger discharge opening.

● Comfort

There are several features that make this zero turn mower very comfortable to use. Additionally, the vehicle has large diameter wheels on the back and rear that provide operator comfort when driving at high speeds. This zero turn lawn mower by Gravely can be used regardless of the weather conditions. A suspension pod system bolsters the seats for a higher level of comfort and without compromising the performance.


  • Engine by – Briggs and Stratton
  • Electric Start
  • Engine power- 18.5hp
  • Fuel Tank- 2 Gallon
  • 42-inch cutting deck
  • With XRD and 18.5″ / 500cc Intek
  • Stamped deck 12 gauge
  • Forward speed is 6 mph
  • Reverse speed is 3 mph

Final Words

As now you have read the specifications and the features of both tractors Bad Boy and Gravely Zero Turn lawn mowers, it will be very easy for you to decide the right one for your lawn. You can choose Gravely lawn mowers if you desire a tractor at a reasonable price. But you should definitely choose Bad Boy zero turn lawn mowers as you desire a zero turn lawn mower with the best features and quality despite the price.

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