7 Common White Outdoor Lawn Mower Problems and Solutions

White Outdoor Lawn Mower

The White Outdoor lawn mower is a push-behind mower with 2 powerful engine options of Briggs and Stratton or Kohler. Its deck options include mulching and side discharge with the safety feature of blade brakes. You can use it as you like whether you want to push it from behind or you can put it on self proper mode.

Nevertheless, you may encounter some problems with it after using it for some time. Engine fails to start, overheating, issues with a spark plug, vibrating problems, unstable engine performance, occasional skips at high speed, blocked fuel line, poorly idling, steering problem, uneven cuts, and not mulching grass are the common problems of White Outdoor lawn mower.

Common Problems of White Outdoor Lawn Mower:

While every machine can have problems, you can over come those issues most of the times. But, you will have to identify the problem first and the go for the possible solutions. Read on to known about white outdoor lawn mower problems and their best possible solution.

1. Engine fails to start

Engine fails to start for a lot of reasons, it can be because of the faulty or loose spark plugs, empty or blocked fuel, disengaged blade control, and flooded engine.


To solve the problem, you need to check the wire connection, tighten the wire if loose, and replace the wires if faulty. Check the blade control engagement and bring them into control. Check the fuel and refill if necessary, and clean it if it is clogged. If the engine is flooded then restart the engine and give it some time, but make sure not to prime.

2. Engine overheats

A mower’s engine can overheat if, among other things, the ignition timing, the carburetor is set too lean, the carburetor is dirty, or the valve clearances are wrong. The mower may need a tune-up if it overheats during normal mowing when run at full throttle.


To fix the problem, you must take the mower casing off and clean it inside. You should also check the oil level before starting the machine, and if necessary, add more oil.

3. Vibrating problems

The lawn mower usually vibrates if the mower blade is damaged or out of balance. When a blade spins unevenly, it vibrates, just as a washing machine with an uneven load will knock around and make a lot of noise.


If your mower vibrates excessively due to a blade issue, check the blade for damage and check the balance. Replace the blade if necessary. The blade may need to be sharpened or replaced if out of balance.

4. Unstable engine performance

Generally, engine surging at idle is a result of a fuel delivery problem, an air leak, or a problem with the governor system. A carburettor overhaul, governor adjustment, or air filter replacement may be necessary.


A poorly tuned carburetor is a typical cause of poor engine idling, which leads to scrambling and leaping. Most lawnmowers, fortunately, include two screws that allow you to adjust the carburetor on your own.

5. Idles poorly

Your White Outdoor push mower might idle poorly sometimes if the spark plugs are faulty, torn or loose and too wide. It can also occur because of the improperly adjusted carburetor and dirty air cleaner.


To solve this problem, all you need to do is to reset the gap to .030-inch or replace the faulty and worn spark plugs. Also, try referring to the engine manual and cleaning the carburetor.

6. Uneven cut

Your White Outdoor mower can produce uneven cuts due to dull blades and wheels that are not positioned correctly. To sole the uneven cuts, all you need to do is to sharpen the dull blade and replace the blades if needed. And make sure to place all four wheels in the right positions if they are misplaced.

7. Mower will not mulch grass

The mower is often unable to mulch grass because of not its own fault but because the grass is too wet. So make sure not to much-wet grass and avoid mulching after rain. Also, some mowers are not capable to mulch too long grasses. If that is the issue, you might not be able to mow with your mower too. And lastly, dull blades prevent the mower from cutting grass. So, make sure to keep your blades ready and sharpened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are White Outdoor mowers any good?

White Outdoor lawn mowers is a very good lawn mower company for beginners. It is very reasonable in price and it is a push lawn mower that is very easy to handle and use. Despite its cheap price, the white Outdoor brand contains features found in higher-priced versions, such as front-wheel drive self-propulsion on some variants.

Who manufactured White Outdoor Lawn Mowers?

White Outdoor lawn mowers are one of the several brands manufactured by the MTD company. These mowers were made with the best features at a very reasonable price in mind.

Which engine powers the White Outdoor lawn mower?

A Kohler overhead valve 4 cycle engine, as well as a Briggs & Stratton conventional side valve 4 cycle engine, are both of the options that are available.

Final Words

The White Outdoor lawn mower is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a push lawn mower at a reasonable price. However, if you already have the mower hope this article helps you to solve the problems you have or may face. And with proper troubleshooting and maintenance, you can reduce the problems on a large scale.

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