Where are Kioti Tractors Made? – Full Details

There are many brands of tractors in the world, but Kioti is one of the most renowned. Among its biggest strengths in the US market are its technological advancements, excellent value, and outstanding customer service. In the decades since its first tractor entered the market in 1986, the brand has experienced rapid growth. Its high performance makes the Kioti tractor brand a top choice for farming equipment and tractors.

Background of Kioti

Daedong Corporation, based in Daegu, produces Kioti Tractor as part of their agricultural segment. In 1968, Daedong began manufacturing tractors. It was founded in 1947. In the decades since, Daedong has developed into a wide range of farm and farming products. Since 1993, Daedong has produced and marketed tractors, attachments, and rough road tractors in the US.

The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality products, expertise in manufacturing, and responsiveness to complex market challenges have led to its products’ acceptance in more than 30 countries around the world. Daedong Industrial’s dedicated research and development team continues to shape the future of farm equipment mechanization throughout the world.

Where are Kioti Tractors Made?

It is a division of Daedong Industrial Company that makes Kioti tractors in Wendell, North Carolina, and South Korea. Kioti Tractor sells approximately forty different tractor types in the United States and Canada, including zero-turn mowers, five utility vehicles, and a variety of tools and accessories. However, despite the fact that Kioti tractors are made in North Carolina and  South Korea, they are mostly sold and manufactured in Korea and China with North Carolina and Ontario as their distributing bases.

Current Condition of Kioti Tractors

Over the years, Kioti has gradually expanded its line of products beyond compact utility tractors with under 100 horsepower. In addition to lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers, utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, farm implements, engines, and other farm and construction equipment, Kioti manufactures a variety of agricultural and farming products. Across Europe, the U.S., and internationally, Kioti Tractor is known as Deadong’s trade name. The company changed its name to Deadong Corporation in March 2021.

Expansion of Kioti in North America

Kioti has confirmed that customers will be able to order a compact tractor and wheel loader after their production begins in 2022. The tractors and wheel loader will be very powerful as they will have 74-horsepower. However, even though they will consist of high power and quality you will find them located in markets at a mid-range price.

Kioti stated that the new company will design, engineer, and manufacture its own products. Competitors include Kubota, Kohler, and  Yanmar all of whom provide compact engines.

Kioti Tractors in Other Countries and States

As mentioned before Kioti is sold and distributed in many countries from around the world. In 1986, Kioti introduced its first tractor in the United States. Since then, it has branched out globally to other countries. It has become one of the most popular tractors in Korea today. Let’s check out the condition of Kioti tractors in other counties:


Daedong-USA, Inc. founded Kioti Canada in 2018 as a branch. As a distribution center for Kioti in Canada, Kioti Canada serves as a hub for growth. Kioti has been available in Canada for 32 years through 75 outlets. Other accessories and tools are also distributed through this company. For example- Besides 500 tractors and 500 lawn and garden accessories, there are 500 tools that can be stored in it.


In 2007, Daedong-USA.Inc. established its subsidiary in China, in Anhui province, under the brand name Daedong China. For the Chinese market, Kioti makes customized products as per as the users want like rice transplanters. At present, 40 dealers distribute Daedong China’s products in China. The company strives to become one of the most reputable tractor makers in the country.


Daedong-USA, Inc entered the European tractor market after experiencing success in the North American market. To provide quality products and after-sales service to 30 countries within the European Union, Daedong Kioti Europe B.V was established in the Netherlands near Rotterdam port in 2012.

RECO began successfully marketing and distributing its products in the UK in 2001. As part of its expansion into the German market, the company launched a new office in Hamburg later in 2019. The Pols Group of Holland now distributes and repairs Kioti tractors, UTVs, mid-positioned mowers, front and rear outboards in the UK, as well as tractor parts and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Kioti Tractors?

Daedong Corporation makes Kioti Tractors. A South Korean agricultural machinery manufacturer, Daedong is also known by the brand name Kioti in the U.S., Kioti was established in 1947 in Daegu, South Korea. In addition to tractors, combine harvesters, all-terrain utility vehicles and engines, its main products are combine harvesters and engines.

Who makes engines for Kioti tractors?

Daedong, the same company that makes KIOTI tractors, makes the Tier 4 engines for KIOTI. In other words, the tractors and the engines are designed and constructed in the same location. So, you know they are trustworthy.

Where are Kioti manufactured?

The Kioti brand is manufactured in South Korea by Daedong Industries. Daedong is popular for manufacturers of machinery for the commercial market.

Final Words

So, that was all about where Kioti tractors are made. As you can see, Kioti Tractors are made in South Korea and Wendell, North Carolina by Daedong USA. They are also sold and distributed by them. Daedong is known as one of the most popular lawn equipment manufacturer brands for commercial purposes. So, this makes Kioti more trustworthy. 

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