Toro Super Recycler vs Honda HRX: Which one best?

A recycler lawn mower chops grass into small pieces and returns them to the lawn as fertilizer by using multiple blades and a mulching blade for cutting grass into pieces that are compostable. Despite being zero-turn mowers, recycler mowers are pushed from behind to perform their work.

Various types of landscaping equipment are described with different names, and we can also refer to the recycler lawn mower by its name. Recycling lawn mowers are used in landscaping to cut grass as well as leaves. They come in a wide range of designs, so you should familiarize yourself with them before purchasing one.

Toro Super Recycler vs Honda HRX

Toro Super Recycler and Honda HRX are two of the best recycler lawn mower in the market. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the features of these two lawn mowers and compare them to help you determine the right choice for your lawn.

Toro Super Recycler

Toro is renowned for its lawn care services, which have cemented it in a very niche market. There may not be a lot else made by the Toro company is known for, but this is what they do best. Toro Super Recycler successfully outdoes other companies that offer the same level of smooth handling as Personal Pace. Toro responds to the needs of the user automatically, so this beats other super recyclers.

Unlike any other mulcher available, Toro is the most premium in quality. This is the best mulching mower you can buy, provided you use it properly. With the Super Recycle, you have an extremely robust system for setting your pace. The mower will last for its entire lifetime. It only happens if you adjust the cable too tightly if you are having trouble pulling the mower backward. In the event that your mower is having issues pulling backward, it’s as simple as an adjustment to the cable and a screwdriver within 20 seconds.

The features of Toro Super Recycler are given below:


In terms of power, Toro has more options for being run by electricity. The Super Recycler features a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine, which is designed to prevent bogging down and require no oil changes.


Toro’s Personal Pace feature makes Toro’s mowers convenient for people who have trouble figuring out what speed to use. Personal Pace excels at this. Toro is the only company that offers lawnmower handling innovations that can compete with its offerings. When you use Toro lawnmowers, you need to push a bit, but switching between speeds is no longer necessary.  Additionally, no buttons or levers are needed for speed saving or tinkering. By changing the amount of force you apply to the mower, you can make it go faster or slower based on your personal preference.


Toro’s deck is made of rust-proof aluminum cast from the highest quality raw materials. So, it is very durable.


As you do not need to change the engine oil frequently, maintaining a Toro Super Recycler is very easy. All you have to do is add a bit of oil after every use. Additionally, you can clean it regularly to keep it going.


Toro’s design provides safety by never allowing blades to reach any extremities and only allowing water to hydrate the lawn.


  • Oil changes are not required, so it’s a hassle-free product. Adding just a little bit more would be sufficient.
  • By simply folding, locking, and storing, you can decrease 70% of your storage space.
  • A durable aluminum deck made of military-grade material.
  • It delivers superior cutting results with its unique dual accelerator blade design.
  • The Toro Personal Pace Self-Propel System allows you to adjust your speed at your convenience and offers improved maneuverability.
  • As you can easily switch from mulching to bagging to side-discharge, it is very flexible to use.
  • Due to the Flex Handle Suspension, it does not matter if you are riding on grass or turf.
  • It is a very light weighted lawn mower so you can easily push from behind without losing too much energy.

Honda HRX

Honda HRX Series lawn mowers lead the way in lawn mower engineering through unmatched innovation and technology. There are advanced design features that take the HRX to the next level, from Honda’s easy-starting V-TEC 200 to its Versamow System. Furthermore, it delivers the best cutting performance available. So, you can only expect the best from Honda and the best is all you get.

The Honda HRX series mowers come with Honda’s easy-to-start and powerful GCV200 engine, which has an increase of 11% in power and torque. While it’s cutting, it looks gorgeous while cutting taller, thicker grass without stalling. It is also easier to maintain because Honda HRX offers a 60 percent larger fuel filler to reduce spills, as well as an optimized oil filler position.

The features of Honda HRX are given below:


Both Honda and Toro offer various power levels for their models. If power is your numero uno when looking for a good ol’ 21″, Honda’s got your back. The GCV200 engine delivers a far more superior cutting power to Super Recycler®. 10% more powerful than previous models’ GCV190 engine, it makes quick work of tall and thick grasses without stalling and saves more time than its Toro counterpart.


Honda’s exclusive Cruise Control hydrostatic transmission allows you to set your mower’s speed. Honda’s Cruise Control hydrostatic transmission allows the weak, indoor-accustomed you to set and easily change your mower speed easily, anywhere from 0 and 4 mph. Even if you are weak, you can choose from 9 different preset max speeds using the HRX’s orange shift lever, then saving your preferred mowing speed to make it convenient for you the next time you need to start mowing again.


Honda HXR is very much durable which is why the company of Honda does not hesitate to offer a lifetime warranty to their customers. NeXite decks come with a lifetime warranty on all HXR models. This is an exceptionally durable polymer material that many attributes to its lighter weight than Toro’s aluminum decking.


When it comes to Honda, the least amount of maintenance is needed. Normal wear and tear cannot completely shield them, so periodic servicing and cleaning are a must. Easy oil changes are designed into the HRX series engines. The mower should be routinely serviced, including routine oil changes and brushing. The wheels should be lubricated at least twice a year, and the blades should be sharpened or replaced at least annually.


The Honda Roto-Stop blade stop system brings the ante even higher, allowing you to stop the blades while the engine runs. When you remove debris from the way, you do not have to worry about a runaway death machine. In addition, emptying a bag or transporting it over gravel doesn’t require the inconvenience of restarting your engine when you shut it off.


  • Honda GCV200 engine powers the vehicle
  •  Materials used on the deck are NeXite
  • There is a 21″ cutting width
  • The height of the mower can be adjusted between 34″ and 4″
  • Adjustment of Mowing Height is 7
  • You can change your speed infinitely by selecting Drive or Cruise Control
  • A fixed-speed belt clutch transmission or a hydrostatic variable speed transmission is used for transmission
  • A ground speed of zero to four miles per hour is considered normal
  • The starter coil must be electric and must be rechargeable or replaceable.
  • An automatic choking system is used in this lawn mower.

Which is Better: Toro Super Recycler or Honda HRX?

Even while both brands offer a good level of durability and reliability, one will always outperform the other. The Toro Personal Pace system has a patented system, but Honda has the MicroCut Twin Blade System which makes it stand out from the crowd. Due to its more powerful engine and twin blades, the Honda HRX is able to mow faster and last longer than its predecessors. In addition to having better durability, Honda’s wheels feature ball bearings in all four wheels, which ensure a smoother drive. 

With the Honda HRX, you can mow through wide areas of the property with no trouble whatsoever. It has a great balance between power and safety. Honda lawnmowers offer a warranty that ensures it is a very unlikely event if the mower stops working. But even if it does, the loss will be covered. This is why it is popular with many users.

Despite Honda’s many advantages, its Super Recycler still excels in areas where Toro’s version falls short. Unlike other companies, Toro’s Personal Pace feature can ensure that your lawns are handled smoothly. In addition to having multiple presets or how easily they may be adjusted, there is no substitute for equipment that automatically responds to a user’s needs. 

Final Words

So, you can see both of the lawn mowers can be very good options for you. You will have a great time driving the Super Recycler. A Honda mower, on the other hand, is both stronger and safer. The Toro Super Recycler lawn mower is a good choice if you prefer the Personal Pace feature, and if you only change the oil when you feel like it. Honda HRX is also better because of its more powerful engine, MicroCut Twin Blade System, and Roto-Stop Blade Stop System.

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