8 Common Problems with Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000

Arctic Cat has expanded its presence in the Sport UTV industry. Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 can easily manage deep, uneven whoops created by every type of off-road vehicle imaginable. The one and the only way to get around in most UTVs is to go slowly. However, certainly not applicable to the Wildcat.

Nevertheless, you can face problems with Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 despite maintaining your machine carefully. This article is an effort so that you have some heads-up about those problems and how to handle them before considering a mechanic.

Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 Problems At a Glance:

Engine case leakClean up and spot the leak
Primary clutch hub crackedFixed under warranty
The SLD brokeDrain the oil and inspect
3 Gates belts brokeSwitch to Arctic Cat Heavy Duty.
3 Flat Duro tiresSwitch to GBC Mongrels on stock wheels

1. Engine case leak

Oil leaking from the engine between both the case and the second transmitting behind the drive belt.


Clean it thoroughly and run it for just long enough to locate the source of the leak. If you haven’t already disassembled it. Check to see if your seller can repair it under warranty, as they usually can.

2. Primary clutch hub cracked

The primary clutch can be problematic. When the bike is idle, it can even seize on the rider due to the roller bearing between the two shelves.


Get yourself a magnifier and a bright light. Examine the spider for minuscule cracking. A ready-to-go spider would be out of alignment, affecting other parts of the clutch. If the last three digits on the green tag start with a ‘3’, you know it’s the older clutch. Spend no money on it. This is also usually covered by the warranty.

3. The SLD broke

The SLD (Spike Load Dampener), which is intended to absorb a portion of the stress and power going into the rear differential, can fail and cause problems.


Drain the oil, unscrew the cover bolts, and gently remove the cover. Then inspect your gears, taking care not to drop or lose any. Some may remain on the cover. Then repeat the process.

4. 3 Gates belts broke

If you have a Wildcat 1000 and broke your first belt, that might be an issue for you.


Grenade the belt took a chunk out of the cover and check for any other damage. Check the shift cable. Make sure you got the right Gates belt for your model. Switch to Arctic Cat Heavy Duty if needed.

5. 3 Flat Duro tires

Flat Duro tires may occur due to cord failure or because of defective tires.


Switch to GBC Mongrels on stock wheels.

6. Uncomfortable Seating Arrangement

This might happen if drivers height is 6+ feet, leaving less room for legs.


With two people in the car, you have to adjust the shocks to a firm setting to keep it from bottoming out in the rear.

7. 3 Lack of Power

As your Wildcat 1000 becomes older you may experience a power loss. This may happen for several reasons, but the most common reason issues with belt or clutch.


Put a new belt or try cleaning it. If it does not work, talk with an expert.

8. Limited Aftermarket

The aftermarket is very limited, and it takes some modifications to make the available stuff work with each other.

Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 Pros and Cons


  • Price is comparatively cheaper
  • The suspension is impressive
  • High-speed handling is remarkable
  • Tube chassis is up to the mark
  • The twin-fan rear radiator is simply the best
  • The seats are well-made and ultra-comfortable
  • The axles are great
  • The diff lock works well and is solid.
  • Vision is very good.


  • Too long for tight trails
  • Does not turn tight.
  • If you love to get muddy, this is your ride.
  • Fenders are tree magnets.
  • Steering is too slow.
  • Shifting is a little finicky at times.
  • Decals are not standard.
  • Needs better radius rods.

Bumpers are just for looks.


What’s new for 2015 Wildcat?

New for 2015 Wildcat

  • JRi ECX-1 piggyback gas shocks have 2.5-in. bodies and reservoirs, as well as full pressure adjustability, for fade-free suspended performance in any terrain.
  • A fresh closed-loop EFI scheme with catalyst exhaust improves fuel economy by 25% and reduces CO emissions for optimized performance in all circumstances.
  • For easier entry/exit, half gates have new paddle-style latches.
  • Arctic Cat Variable Automated Power Steering now has a 20% increase in low-speed assist.

Is there a trick to moving the button that allows you to lock the front diff?

Do not attempt to switch from 4wd to the diff lock. I go back to 2wd and then directly to diff lock by pressing down just on the diff lock button prior to actually pressing inward on the switch, which works flawlessly even during the muddiest situations. Alternatively, install two switches. It works much better.

Final Words

With this article at hand, you can hope to keep the Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000’s problems at bay. However, as a rider, you might be concerned about the terrain ahead, but you’d strike right through if you can maneuver it right. If you’re looking for something tuned for challenging ways, I can only assume the bliss that the Wildcat could provide!

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