Polaris RZR Vs General – Brief Dissection Of Differences

Among all the trendy and super favorable off-road vehicles, Polaris introduced two incredible options to enthusiasts- the General and RZR lineup. Both these lineups are surprising for the features that they offer. But to choose one, you must take a detailed approach to what you are receiving.

Therefore, after checking out Polaris RZR vs General, the main difference was in barrier handling power and control. The RZR can deal with anything you put in front of it, and the General is more about stability. General can be used as a multi-purpose vehicle, whereas RZR is specifically an off-road one.

But that’s not it. There is more to learn about these two lineups as both of them offer some fantastic features. So if you are looking forward to knowing more, let’s dive into it!

Polaris RZR Vs General – All The Detailed Differences

As both of the vehicles are from Polaris but from different line-ups, there must be some differences. So we will look into the differences, and therefore you can understand which one is the best suited for you.

Engine Type

You will have the 2.0L ProStar Fury four-cylinder engine in your RZR. It offers 2.5 qts. (2.4 L) oil capacity and 225 HP as well as 152 lb-ft of torque. The enthusiasts say that it is one of the most powerful engines out there for side-by-sides.

Polaris RZR

The potent engine of RZR can handle anything like a beast with  the lightened crankshaft and high-compression pistons. Not only power, but the engine also offers the fastest acceleration on the road.

On the other hand, the General line-up has a 999cc ProStar 1000 twin-cylinder engine with 100 horsepower HP. The engine is good enough to go through different terrains with the three-mode drivetrain transmissions. The engine gives the rider incredible comfort, convenience, and quality drive through any condition.

Here are the detailed specs for both engines

SpecsPolaris RZRGeneral
Engine TypePolaris’ 2.0L ProStar Fury four-cylinder engine999cc ProStar 1000 twin-cylinder engine
Oil Capacity2.5 qts. (2.4 L)2.5 qts. (2.4 L)
Coolant Capacity10.8 qts.5.44 qts. (5.1 L)
Ignition System         ECUElectronic
Spark PlugNGK MR7F / 0.7-0.8 mmMR7F / 0.7-0.8 mm


While the same Polaris ProStar twin-cylinder engine is used in the General and RZR, the RZR wins the power strike with ten times more horsepower. However, the General is smoother, which is an upside about it. If you compare the top speed, RZR can hit more than 70 mph, whereas General offers less than 70.


Polaris RZR offers a strong driveline alongside concentrated shafts and knuckles. As it has  an integrated cooler system, it heavily impacts the strength; therefore, you can get extra benefits during the drive.

Polaris General also has incredible strength. It can nearly handle every stuff that the RZR can do. While both have the towing capacity of 1500 LB, you will get equal effort in work from them.


In a youth-size Polaris RZR 170, the bolt pattern is 4/110. Except for that, other models of the RZR lineup have a bolt pattern of 4/156. The General lineup has the same bolt pattern of  4/156.

polaris tire

The Polaris RZR 1000, 4 1000, and XP Turbo come with a measurement of 29×9-14 in the rear tires and 29-11-14 in the back. On the other hand, Generally comes with 27 x 9-12 on General Base and 27 x 9-14 on a General in the front tires. Whereas the rear tires are 27 x 11-12 in  General Base and 27 x 11-14 in the General.

Fuel System

The General lineup requires unleaded gasoline with an octane number of 87. Using octane of more than 87 may impact the riding quality. On the other hand, Polaris RZR Turbo will require unleaded fuel with an octane number of 91. The ethanol content cannot be more than 10 percent in both cases.

Capacities And Storage

UTVs are used for their capacities and storage capability. So here is a comparison between RZR and General according to the capacities and storage that they offer.

SpecsPolaris RZRPolaris General
Fuel Tank9.5 GAL.9.5 GAL
Towing Capacity1500 LBS. (680 KG)1500 LB
Engine Oil Capacity2 QUARTS2.5 QUARTS
Cargo Box Length22-3/8” IN.26 IN.
Cargo Box Width20-⅞ IN.43 IN.
Cargo Box Height12-½ IN.11 IN.
Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity300 LBS. (136 KG)600 LBS. (272 kg)

Our Verdict From The Comparison:

The differences are not that vital in both the RZR and General lineup. But when you require more strength on the road to use the UTV for multiple purposes, RZR should be your priority. But when it comes to a smooth ride, General stands out.

Also, if you want more storage capacity and if your priority is to carry things around, General will be the best suited for you.

Another thing is that the RZR does not contain an accessory rack, but General does. So if you want to store any spare things like tires or accessories, General will let you have that. Again, if you want speed, the RZR is faster than General, so you know which one to choose.

When Should You Get A Polaris RZR?

If you are an adventurous soul who needs the UTV not only to carry things around and go through the most challenging trails, RZR is the right choice for you. It will dismiss any obstacles and give you the best ride to have a kick of adrenaline rush.

RZR is also the choice for speed lovers, and it offers a good speed that won’t let you feel that you are riding a UTV. It also offers a reliable ride and comfortable control on the way.

Note: Polaris rzr has some problems

When Should You Get A Polaris General?

polaris general

When your sole purpose is to carry things around and you need more towing capacity alongside storage, General will be the best choice for you. It offers greater storage capacity and a smooth ride.

The control in this lineup is very smooth. So you can ride it even as a beginner. Besides, it can also go through anything that you put in front of it. You will get a combination of agility, stability, and precise control from the UTV, making the rides more fun.

More To Know About Polaris RZR Vs General

What Is The Difference Between A Polaris General And A Polaris General XP?

The General XP 4 1000 Deluxe is an upgraded version from General 4 1000. They both have equal HP, but the sizing is different. Whereas the General XP 4 1000 Deluxe comes 64 inches in width but the General 4 is 60 inches. You can say all the features are almost identical but the latter upgraded version has more convenience and usability.

Is A Polaris General Good For Hunting?

Yes. It is good for hunting as you can carry a lot of stuff as well as spare tires and coolers in the accessory rack. Besides, the built mechanism is perfect for your hunting shot. It has better agility and control that adds up to goodness.

Are Polaris RZR Reliable?

Yes, absolutely. You will get amazing reliability from the UTV more than other popular ones. It has amazing speed and offers outstanding riding skills on any road. The balance and control are also top-notch to claim that it’s super reliable.

Is Polaris Worth The Money?

Among all the popular UTV vehicles, the best ones are from Polaris. They offer a variety of vehicles for different purposes, allowing you to pick whichever serves your purpose the most. So, in a word, yes, Polaris is worth the cost that you put into it.

The Finishing Line

By now, you should’ve got the proper idea of Polaris RZR vs General. Both UTVs are incredible in quality and purpose, so you are in a winning game. Whichever you choose, you will have the best experience that you can possibly have from a UTV.

But to conclude, if you are looking for a multipurpose vehicle, the RZR will be more suitable for you. Again, if your intention is to ride and carry things around, General will serve you better.

Both offer good control, but in the case of speed, the RZR stands out. But when it comes to stability, the General can give you that!

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