Most Common ATC Toy Hauler Problems And Solutions

If you are a camping addict then you should get a Toy hauler for yourself. A toy hauler RV is the best way to bring your favorite Powersports vehicle to the campsite when you are camping, and it is always more fun. In the world of RVs and camping trailers, a toy hauler is a type of trailer designed for hauling motorcycles, golf carts,  snowmobiles, and dirt bikes. There is a drop-down rear wall on the trailer that allows the large toys to be loaded and unloaded.

In this eco-conscious era, people are going back to nature for peace and relief after a tiring week. So, there are many toy haulers that you can choose from in the market. One of the best toy haulers is ATC Toy Hauler. However, it has some drawbacks too which can be solved with a bit of knowledge about ATC Toy Hauler. So, to help you with that today we are going to talk about ATC Toy Hauler’s problems and solutions.

Common Problems Of ATC Toy Hauler And Their Solutions

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Many people choose to buy toy haulers and trailers from ATC because of its outstanding customer support. Owners tend to contact them directly instead of the dealer because they are so responsive. It is certainly fine to call ATC directly, but it is preferable for you to contact your dealer first as the company suggests.

The common problems and solutions of ATC Toy Hauler are given below:

1. Issues With Windows And Roofs

ATC Toy haulers mimic our regular houses but they are made in different ways and different materials as they are not permanent and to make them suitable to be mobilized. This affects the roof and the windows of the toy haulers. So, like the doors, windows, and roofs of your toy haul, they are not that sturdy, but they are designed to withstand long-term weather exposure.

However, certain elements of each section must be sacrificed in order for your RV to be mobile.

Long-term exposure to bright sunlight and impact from low-hanging debris can damage the roof. To keep the weight down, the roof is a similar design to the sides of your RV, rather than the asphalt or tiled roof you see on a house.


If you face problems with your windows and roofs then keep them free from debris. Clean it regularly. Furthermore, certain elements of each section need to be sacrificed in order for your RV to be mobile. RVs have the same roof as their sides, unlike the roofs of normal houses, which have shingles or tiles, to lower the weight. But if you face the window and doors are unrepairable, then you should replace the window and doors as soon as possible.

2. Trouble With The Water System

Many ATC Toy Hauler users do not like to be exposed to the cold needlessly during the winter months, so they use their vehicles during the warmer months. And when the users do not use the haulers the water pipes can be damaged easily. That is why toy hauler owners keep a backup water supply with them but this is not always easy to do.


In order to prevent damage to your RV’s pump and pipes, always leave the water tanks empty when storing. Freezing can cause pipes to burst and damage your RV’s water tanks. A typical problem on RVs is damage to the water pipes and pumps due to people forgetting little details.

3. Problems With Sway

When loading up an RV, especially a toy hauler, weight distribution is crucial. If the water distribution is inappropriately loaded and unbalanced it can sway even with just a slight breeze, causing other issues. If the rigging is not properly loaded and balanced, even a small breeze can lead to significant sway issues.


Remember to pull over at a rest stop or pull over to the side of the road until the winds die down if you’re driving in high winds. This will prevent sways. In the event of a sway, quickly apply the override brakes. Keeping your foot off the accelerator will prevent your tow vehicle from swaying even further. Avoid using the brakes on your tow vehicle, which can make the sway worse. If you are already in an already-right-hand lane, you might want to move in a straight line or try to pull off the road safely.

4. Problems With Tires

The fact that recreational vehicles have tire blowouts should not be surprising, considering that daily driving cars also suffer tire problems despite weighing much less than many toy haulers. As toy hauler tires need to carry many heavyweights they are easy to end up in tire puncture or flat tires.


The better option is to use ST or Special Trailer tires for a toy hauler. People-hauling tires are not designed for towing. Travel trailers and other trailers require heavy-duty tires designed for carrying heavy loads.

5. Problems With Brake

When you are driving a huge vehicle like a hauler then it is not that easy to stop whenever you want. However, it is a must to stop whenever you need to prevent any sort of accident. There is nothing scarier than a brake problem. It is impossible to describe how frustrating it is to learn that your trailer brakes aren’t working as they should. It’s also a well-known truth that various brake components wear out over time.


It is important for trailer haulers to understand how to troubleshoot common brake problems and be familiar with the causes. Brake problems can be caused because of improper adjustments. That is why take expert help when adjusting the brakes while replacement or installment. Broken wires are another cause of brake issues. You can also check the wires to detect if they are okay, if not then replace the wires.

6. Toilet Problems

Water damage caused by toilet problems is much more costly to repair than water supply disruption. The overflowing toilet bowl of an RV can cause further damage if left unused. It can also lead to flush problems.


It is generally the water valve that causes an RV toilet to run. You may need to replace it if it is stuck. It is easy to replace the water valve on your own. RV toilets fail to flush for two main reasons- the foot pedal does not allow water to enter the bowl, making it impossible to wash away waste and water can enter but can not exit. If a blockage is apparent in the pipe or at the top of the pipe where it connects to the black water tank, you should remove the blockage.

7. Additional Problems

In spite of all your efforts, sometimes you will experience a wavering in your toy transporter. You can regulate and reduce sway without being worried. If you maintain some rules while using your toy hauler then you can avoid the problems.


When you want to avoid brake problems, you should steer as straight as possible or try to get off the road in a safe manner. Sway can be eliminated using a few easy steps, regardless of the reason. Following the posted speed limit and avoiding unplanned lane changes and turns are essential elements of driving properly. Break slowly and evenly, especially when going downward. This will prevent most additional problems with your toy hauler.

Final Words

Do not let the ATC Toy Hauler problems back you out in fear of too many problems and repairments. Not only ATC but every toy hauler brand have this simple rule which is- if Toy haulers are mostly worth it if only use on a regular basis. In that case, your Toy haulers will not sit idle and will be constant on use and on repair if something needs to be fixed. Otherwise, if you can only use it once in a year or two then it is definitely not worth it and will cause you more problems.

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