Mahindra vs John Deere vs Kubota: Which One Is Worth It?

These three are undoubtedly the leading tractor brands you will mostly hear about. But it might be confusing when it comes to the choice, as each stands out for specific features.

That’s why today we look forward to sharing the comparison of Mahindra vs John Deere vs Kubota with you. Although three of these are amazing brands, you will have a better perspective after having our dissection. Let’s move forward!

Mahindra vs John Deere vs Kubota: Three Brands Overview

As we have used all three of the brands, we must say that they are pretty similar when it comes to the features. But still, there are some differences. So we will share those in brief, keep on reading!

Mahindra Brand Overview

Mahindra started its brand on October 2, 1945, in Ludhiana, India. This famous vehicle manufacturer has been leading the automobile business for decades. The company sells SUVs, multi-utility vehicles, lightweight and heavyweight commercial vehicles, two-wheeled motorcycles, and tractors.

John Deere Brand Overview

John Deere is one of the best international agricultural and turf equipment companies. They are well known for their components and engines as well as all the agricultural machinery like tractors they produce. John Deere produces agricultural and forestry machinery, heavy equipment, diesel engines, drivetrains used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment.

Kubota Brand Overview

Kubota started their journey in 1890. They have a wide variety of automobile productions like tractors and other agricultural machinery, construction equipment, engines, vending machines, pumps, equipment for water purification, and sewage treatment. This company is famous for its diesel engines under 100 HP alongside its well-designed tractors and lawnmowers.

Mahindra vs John Deere vs Kubota: A Quick Comparison

Let’s see at a glimpse at the major differences that you will find from the three brands:

FactorsMahindraJohn DereeKubota
EngineLasts Up To 400 Hours4500-5000 Hours10,000 Hours
ProtectionResponsible Protection With 51-Point Pre-Delivery InspectionMore Support And A Robust MechanismProtection With Fantastic Ground Clearance And Results
Price RangeStarts At $15kStarts At $16kStarts At $11k
Warranty3-5-Year Limited Powertrain Warranty5-Years John Deere Warranty2-6-Years Warranty

Mahindra vs John Deere vs Kubota: Detail Comparison

Now we will share our thoughts on the comparison depending on a few factors. Let’s focus on the factors and see what each of these stands out for:


Mahindra engines are known for their extended engine life. You can have good durability from these engines. Also, these engines are easily serviceable with a low maintenance approach. Mahindra engines last up to 400,000 km before requiring an overhaul.

In the case of John Deere, it lasts for 4500-5000 hours of mowing. They have a good reputation for their mower and tractor engines.

Lastly, Kubota engines are one of the most durable and problem-free engines out there. They will last up to 10,000 hours.

Clearly, if you want more longevity from the engine, Kubota wins the talk here without any doubt.


Mahindra tractors are known to be very reliable. They maintain good quality. Therefore, the quality offers good performance. But their tight competition is with John Deere, which is as good as Mahindra.

John Deere tractors are reliable and offer a good speed with a maximum speed of 31 mph (49.89 km/h). But Kubota beats them all in terms of performance. They are made to provide superior maneuverability. Although there are few differences, Kubota provides more advanced performance than all.

Another fact is that almost every Kubota front-end loader tractor comes with a “quick park” bucket that the John Deere ones lack. In this sense, Kubota stands out from the other two brands being handier in operation.

In terms of performance, here too the Kubota wins the discussion. You will get many features with a smooth operation from this brand.


Mahindra makes their tractors with a responsible protection system. They provide a 51-point pre-delivery inspection before they send out any vehicle. So, it is ensured that all the vehicles are checked thoroughly to meet the highest quality standards. Besides, they also provide

at least 5- to 7-year powertrain warranties.

If we move on to the John Deere tractors, they all come with powerful engines to go through any terrain keeping you all safe. You can effortlessly pull any heavy loads over the roads without much trouble. The tractors are cast iron front axles that give more support and a robust mechanism for more security.

And from Kubota, you will get superior protection with fantastic ground clearance and results. The tractors can go far beyond your imagination in tough terrains without causing any wear and tear.


After going through all the models, we saw that the strating price for Mahindra tractors are of $15,699 USD. Whereas, John Deere has the starting price of $16,000 USD. On the other hand, Kubota starts only at $11,000.

So considering everything, John Deere appeared more expensive to us. But when you want the vehicle at a reasonable price, Kubota is the best pick.


You will get the Powertrain warranty from Mahindra for 3-5-years depending on your vehicle type. John Deere offers an warranty of 5 years for all the tractors and mowers. Kubota’s warranty starts at 2 years and you can get up to 6 years of warranty depending on your purchase.

Which One Worth Your Money?

The quality of  Mahindra, John Deere, and Kubota are remarkably close in comparison. Whereas Mahindra is known to all for its durability and reliability. Mahindra’s older models are way more reliable than the newer ones; they rank higher than the other two brands.

John Deeres come with Hydrostatic transmission systems paired with competent engineering. Due to that, controlling the vehicle becomes as easy as a piece of cake. So people looking for comfort and easy operation with longevity will be more likely to vote for John Deere.

On the other hand, Kubota has smooth operation and functionality over the roads. The customers are pleased with the vehicle support. You will be comfortable using the vehicle without worrying about wearing or tearing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Kubota lawn tractors better than John Deere?

These two brands are front-line competitors with similar features and some dissimilarities. So it is hard to distinguish which one is better. Both are amazing tractor brands in terms of their longevity and durability. Not only that, they offer almost similar functionality and user comfort.

Who makes the best agricultural tractors?

Mahindra and John Deere are the two best brands known to make the best agricultural tractors. However, Kubota joins the list with some specializations as well.

What’s more expensive Kubota or John Deere?

Both of these brands come in a similar price range. But in some cases, Kubota might seem a little expensive.

Are Mahindra tractors good quality?

Yes, Mahindra tractors come in very good quality with proper reliability. They check the vehicles thoroughly to ensure all the quality standards before they let them out.

Is Mahindra as good as Kubota?

It’s hard to distinguish between these two companies as they have many similarities. Mahindra tractors are durable and rugged. The robust build stands out as well. On the other hand, Kubota is not far behind with their smooth operations and functional tractors that last a long time.

Final Words

In the comparison of Mahindra vs John Deere vs Kubota, it’s a hard nut to crack which one is the best. All these brands stand out for different reasons ranking top in the list. But after all the comparison, if we have to announce a winner, we’d say John Deere wins the talk.

However, that doesn’t mean that the other two brands are no good. They also have many spectacular features you can’t get from John Deere. So it’s better if you check the features and make your decision.

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