Kubota Z231kw-42 Reviews: Pros and Cons

In order to establish yourself as a lawn care professional, you should purchase a lawn mower as soon as possible. By eliminating the need for manual labor, a lawn mower is the most efficient way to maintain your lawn. But choosing a lawn mower or lawn tractor to buy is not that easy especially for a beginner. With so many lawn mower brands available in the market, it can be difficult to pick the best one for your needs.

In order to help you, we have provided a review on Kubota Z231kw-42, which is among the best lawn mower brand models available. You can determine whether this lawn mower is the right one for you after reading this review and understanding the features it offers.

Kubota Z231kw-42 – Product Overview

Kubota Z231kw-42

The Kubota Z231KW-42 is the ideal tool for cutting your lawn with professional results. This new zero-turn mower features a powerful Kawasaki engine. This Kubota lawn mower is powerful and maneuverable – that is exactly the type of mower a lawnmower should be. The Kubota Z231KW is perfect for working in tight spaces without sacrificing mobility.

With its 42 inches deep fabricated mower deck, this mower offers outstanding stability, well-placed controls, and a low center of gravity for comfort unmatched in the industry. The mower also comes with a height-adjustable seat for ultimate comfort in addition to the fixed Rollover Protection Structure. Kubota’s innovative dial cam helps you achieve your most precise cuts ever by quickly and easily adjust the cutting height


With a Kawasaki engine, you get reliable and powerful performance whenever you need it. The Z231KW-42 utilizes a Kawasaki engine, which delivers 21.5 horsepower, as well as a two-range HST with gear reduction, helping you maintain straight lines and put power where your mower needs it. The mower deck and wheels are powered and operated by an integrated transmission, which is rugged, low-maintenance, and provides outstanding performance. For delicate trimming and working around tree and flower beds, this dual-operation tool provides smooth and precise control.

The rest of the detailed features of Kubota Z231KW42 are given below:


Kubota lawn mowers are usually very comfortable. And if you want to know about the new Z231KW, then is the most comfortable than ever! It has a sliding, high-back seat so you can find just the right position for maximum personal comfort. With this, you will not get tired of working all day long.  Furthermore, its wide front foot offers plenty of legroom up front so your legs do not hurt while working. And of course, it has cup holders to help you stay refreshed by keeping your favorite drink whether it is a hot summer day or a cold winter day.  You can also keep your lunch boxes in the additional storage boxes. 

Operation and Control

You will need the precision control and smooth operation of the dual operation lever system for delicate trimming and work around trees and flowerbeds. The models with Kohler headlights come with LED low-light systems. B&S models have LED options as well. With this feature, you can work at night even. You can ensure operator safety by fixing the ROPS feature. Kubota Z231KW 42 has a patented mechanical one-push deck lift pedal that makes adjusting the cutting height simple. You can adjust the cutting height in 1/4″ increments by turning the dial. The user-friendly layout of the control panel makes it easy to use.

Rear Tires

This new model of Kubota has ultra scalper Z rear tires. This means you get Big tires that ensure a safer and softer ride. A wide-tread will also provide better traction and distribution of weight, which will help you protect your lawn.

Mower Deck

The new Kubota mower deck is made of heavy and durable 10 gauge steel and welded material to provide exceptional cutting performance. This is a 42” cutting deck that provides a smooth cut.  This mower deck is perfect for homeowners who wish to have the best lawn.

Parts and Components

Safety parts are installed on the Kubota Z231KW in full height. With the Z rear tyres, your lawn will ride softer and will be protected from ruts and abrasions. There is also an option to install a hitch kit.


  • Engine Type- V twin 
  • Engine power- 21.5 HP
  • Cooling system- air-cooled
  • Fuel tank capacity- 12.2 litres
  • Battery – U1 (12V, RC: 45min, CCA: 300, CA: 410)
  • Starting system- Key switch
  • Engine stop system- Key stop
  • Total displacement- 726 cc
  • Dimensions length- 1890 mm
  • Overall height- 1659 mm
  • Tyre size- 11 × 4 – 5 pneumatic
  • Rear- 18 × 7.5 – 14
  • Transmission- ZT2200
  • Transmission system- 2-HST w/ gear reduction
  • Weight- 281.6 KG
  • Lock/lever for parking brake – Cog style
  • Mowing system- Mechanical
  • Type of deck- Pro commercial fabricated deck
  • Belt type- Single belt
  • Anti-scalp roller- Rigid type
  • Cutting width- 42 inches
  • Number of blades- 2 blades
  • Cutting height -1.5 inches to 4.25 inches

Final Words

So, that was all about the review of the Kubota Z231KW 42 lawn mower.  By reading all the features, you will be able to make a more informed decision. Even though there are a few seemingly insignificant downsides, they can result in tarnishing the reputation of a model which can cope with the toughest grasses with surprising ease. While there are some flaws, this is a sturdy, tough mower that lasts for years and years without losing its edge while completing every task with ease.

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