5 Common Kubota RTV 1100 Problems and Solutions

Kubota is one of the top brands in the tractor market, and their utility vehicles are incredibly reliable that delivers both power and durability.

I bought a Kubota RTV 1100 after seeing such praise of the company itself, and I must say I am impressed. It is a great RTV, and it has supported me very well. But as we all know, every machine and device has flaws, and the Kubota RTV 1100 is no different.

Talking about flaws, the most common problems of Kubota RTV 1100 are transmission-related problems like stiffness from the throttle, hydrostatic pump failure, burning smell, etc. There are a few things that you need to do to fix these issues, like adding anticoagulant, replacing solenoids, etc.

I have compiled total information regarding the machine so you can save your precious time and energy. So, without wasting any of your valuable time, let’s dig in.

Kubota RTV 1100 Problems & Solutions at a Glance:

Cold Hydraulic System MalfunctionNeed to add anticoagulant
Overheating Hydraulic SystemGears’ solenoids need to be replaced
Hydrostatic Transmission Pump FailureReplace the oil pump
Burning SmellIf the amount of oil in the transmission is low, then needs to refill.
Lack of Response When Pressing the ThrottleReset the software settings or check the gear ratio

As you now have a brief understanding of the problems you may face and some solutions for them, let’s have a broad look at the problems and the full solution. 

1. Cold Hydraulic System Malfunction

Having a cold transmission on your Kubota RTV 1100 can likely cause a severe malfunction in the system. The fluid inside will get thickened and stuck from getting into the pump. Additionally, this will make the hydraulic system fail to get rid of the heat and hurt itself.

You can easily notice the issue from the dashboard; you will see a temperature sign saying the hydraulic system is too cold to work and needs to be warmed up.

2. Overheating Hydraulic System

Another common problem with the Kubota RTV 1100 is the temperature problem which causes the system to sear. It happens if the fluid somehow gets into the transmission. The fluids can get dirty due to any leaks, and this can make the problem even worse.

Usually, a message should pop up when the transmission reaches or exceeds the temperature limit, but unfortunately, it does not pop up sometimes. So, you can use an identification tool to determine the exact error codes.

3. Hydrostatic Transmission Pump Failure

Just like the first problem, you will face similar issues when driving, like the car not wanting to accelerate or respond to the acceleration.

This problem can also be noticed easily; you will encounter shifting problems, or shifting may not work totally. As the problem is related to shifting, you will encounter this problem while driving at a set speed or RPM.

4. Burning Smell

Sometimes, if clutch debris like metal parts is present, it can cause the transmission fuel to overheat and cause a burning smell in your Kubota RTV 1100. It is a worrisome problem.

The smell is enough to tell you there is a problem with Kubota RTV 1100. Then you can use a diagnostic tool to further detect the problem source

5. Lack of Response When Pressing the Throttle

It is a big problem if the vehicle stops responding immediately to acceleration when driving, as well as the ride will be very painful.

This problem is related to the channeling of your Kubota RTV 1100, so let’s see the solution.


What Engine Does a Kubota Rtv 1100 Come With?

V3-E4B diesel engine is used to drive the Kubota RTV 1100. This 3-cylinder engine makes 29.5 HP at 2600 RPM and can hold a total of 100 CU.

How many hours can you get out of a Kubota RTV?

The Kubota RTV can last up to 410,000 to 510,000 hours, depending on how the machine has been taken care of. This is a huge number as most tractor users use their tractor for around 300 hours in a year.

What is the Top Speed of a Kubota RTV 1100?

The Kubota RTV 1100 can max out at around 25 mph. It is fueled by a three-cylinder diesel engine and both four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive.

What is the operation of a Kubota RTV transmission?

Kubota transmission works more like a tractor transmission than a UTV transmission. It is also known as Variable Hydro. When the accelerator is pushed, the RPM goes up, but it’s not the same as a standard CVT engine.


I have tried to provide all the information about the problem I have faced with the Kubota RTV 1100. Hopefully, you now have a proper understanding of what type of problems you can expect if you buy a Kubota RTV 1100.

Overall, I had so much fun with this vehicle; it is a powerful machine that can accomplish anything to get your job done. As mentioned above, Kubota is well-known for its high-quality, durable tractors, and this one is no slouch.

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