5 Common Kubota BX2380 Problems and Solutions

When it comes to lawn care equipment no brands can beat Kubota. This manufacturer company makes the tractors all in one which means you get the best quality, best design, best features all at a very reasonable price.

Today we are going to talk about one of the popular tractor models from Kubota Bx series which is Kubota BX2380 problems and solutions.

Kubota’s BX series tractors are the ones you should consider when you want an affordable tractor with a space-saving design. Kubota BX2380 is a very popular choice among customers even though it has some drawbacks.

However, the drawbacks can be solved with the proper instant knowledge about troubleshooting and fixing.

So, in this article we are going to talk about Kubota BX2380 problems and solutions so that you can fix the problems on your own.

Problems and Solutions of Kubota BX2380:

1. Problems With Starting

Every user has complained about their tractor not starting at least once in their life. It is a very common problem.

So, the solution is also very easy. If you experience your engine is not starting then it might be because your tractor’s fuel filter is clogged. So, it is not getting enough fuel to start.


It only takes troubleshooting your fuel filter to fix the problems of your Kubota tractor starting.

If it is clogged with dirt or debris, clean it thoroughly. Still, if it does not solve the problem you can check the fuel injection nozzles. If they are blocked, then cleaning would do. But if they are totally damaged then only replacing them would solve this problem.

2. Engine Starts but Stops After Sometime

Your engine is faulty if it suddenly shutting down after starting or right after starting. This can be happening because of the Improper fuel injection timing or clogged fuel filter.

Improper timing means refilling up the fuel whenever you find it empty. This is a huge reason for this common problem. 


While refilling the fuel filter you should follow the instructions given by the manufacturer company. They provide guidelines about the timeline you should maintain while refilling your tractor’s fuel. Also, make sure to clean your fuel filter if it is clogged with debris.

3. Steering Box Issues

Having unsteady steering and incoherently jiggly front wheels means you have a defective steering box. In addition, you might experience resistance during wheel turning.

In the rainy season, this issue is common with tractors. This causes huge damage to the tractors.


Steering box issues require a very easy fix. All you have to do is to keep your Kubota tractor in a garage or shade and if any water is entered, then you can drain the trapped water by unplugging the weep hole.

4. Very Noisy

If your Kubota tractor is making a lot of noise and disturbing the neighbors then it is not normal, because they are built to work without much noise.


The loud noise mainly occurs because of insufficient engine oil and worn or broken pistons. Maintaining the instruction manual while refilling oil and piston replacement will solve the noise problem of your Kubota tractor.

5. PTO Problems

If you experience your Kubota tractor’s PTO light is always on or the PTO shift is not turning that means it has a problem.

There could be a blocked hose or fitting, a bad connection or ground or a malfunctioning solenoid that causes PTO engagement problems.

Poor engagement of the mechanical PTO could be caused by insufficient air pressure, misaligned cables, or too much backlash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Kubota BX2380 cost?

A new 2020 Kubota BX2380 costs about $12,050 dollars, while the 2021 version will cost $13,211.This is a very cost effective tractor that has the best features at the most affordable price. The Kubota BX2380 is a powerful machine that can handle any type of work. It will help you to finish the job faster and more efficiently.

Is there a drive-over deck on Kubota BX2380 tractor?

The Kubota BX series tractors are equipped with Easy-Over mower decks. These decks can be attached and detached quickly and easily. To activate that, you need to release the rear wheel-springs that are attached to the 40-degree ramps. Secondly, you have to pass over the deck.

Is the Kubota BX2380 4 wheel drive?

Yes. Kubota claims that all four of the BX8 Series including Kubota BX2380 tractor has excellent traction and four-wheel drive.

Final Words

Kubota tractors are an excellent choice for lawn equipment despite the few common problems. Even the best tractors can have issues, so having problems does not make Kubota a bad tractor. As long as you have the solutions, you can fix the problems easily. If you troubleshoot your tractor regularly, and follow the instructions in the manual for troubleshooting and maintenance, you will encounter the problems less often.

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