Kawasaki FR691v Review: Is it Best? Read this before buy

Kawasaki FR691v

Kawaski is one of the best engines in the market. The most powerful mowers, tractors, cars, and many other vehicles use Kawaski engines for extreme power and reliability. The air filtering, engine covers, and carburetor are the best features that separate the engine from the competition. The Kawasaki FR has always been classified as a heavy-duty residential engine.

The Kawasaki FR691V is a 90° six-cylinder gasoline engine with a vertical shaft. It is a model of small air-cooled four-stroke engine used for general-purpose applications such as residential zero-turn mowers, lawn tractors, etc.

This machine has a 90-degree V-twin engine with a vertical PTO shaft, overhead valves, cast iron cylinder liners, a rotating metal grass chopper, and a cylindrical combustion chamber.

Besides the electronic spark ignition, the engine is equipped with a carburetor with an internal vent and a solenoid for shutting off fuel. With this motor, the lubrication system is high-performance, and the air filter is single-stage.

What are the Features of the Kawaski FR691V Engine?

Overhead V-valve engine with 90° V-twin is the distinguishing feature of the Kawasaki FR691V. It is equipped with a pressurized lubrication system. A spark ignition system ensures a reliable power source. Control and operation are made easy by the Automatic compression release feature of the Kawaski FR691V engine. The carburetors have an internal vent system that uses a solenoid to shut off the fuel. This rotating metal screen is used in grass cutters. Cast iron is used for the cylinder liners, providing a durable surface. So, Kawasaki FR691V is one of the best engines on the market.


  • The displacement is 726 cubic centimeters (44.3 cubic inches).
  • The number of cylinders is two
  • Bore x stroke are 3.1 x 3.0 inches. (78.5 mm x 76 mm)
  • There is a compression ratio of 8.2:1
  • The capacity of the oil with the filter is 2.1 liters (2.20 U.S. qt).
  • 3.600 RPM, 23.0 hp (17.2 kW) maximum
  • A torque of 39.5 ft-lbs (53.6 N*m) at 2,200 RPM is the maximum.
  • The dry weight of Kawaski FR691v is 40.4 kilograms

The basic features and functions of the Kawaski FR691V Engine are described below:


If your mower comes with snow clearing attachments, you may need a different oil if the weather is hot or if you use extreme heat. Kawasaki recommends SAE 10W-40 for most operating conditions. For temperatures above 104°F, a 20W-50 lubricant is recommended, while a 5W-20 lubricant is ideal.

You might need to change the oil after every 100 hours of usage. The level of engine oil must be checked each time the engine is used. Dipsticks should not be screwed into filler necks when checking oil levels. Oil should be added if the dipstick marks “ADD.” before changing the oil you should turn off the device and keep the device parked. Also, make sure it is warm.

Air Filters

In order to run effectively and prevent engine damage, constant-speed engines require a continuous supply of clean air. We design and manufacture Kawasaki air filters employing high-quality materials, media, and seals in order to meet OEM standards for dust-holding capacity. Grit ingestion is one of the primary causes of premature engine wear, and they are rigorously tested for this in wet and dry environments. The fewer harmful exhaust emissions, the cleaner, and cleaner the engines run. Specifically designed for Kawasaki engines, Kawasaki air filters trap and hold damaging grit effectively, and provide reliable engine protection for a long time to come.


Kawasaki engines follow SAE J2723 standards and are known for their Critical Power characteristics. This standard guarantees that engines produce at least 98% of the horsepower they are specified for. SAE J2723 Critical Power is an engine measurement standard that provides Kawasaki engine owners with more precise horsepower measurements. In order to prevent bias and guarantee the accuracy of ratings, Kawasaki utilizes a third-party testing group. The group assigned horsepower ratings after the testing was run using equipment and calculations set to the SAE J2723 specification. So, you know Kawaski engines are trustworthy.

Fuel System and Storage

If you plan to use the fuel for more than two weeks, Kawasaki recommends using a fuel stabilizer. When storing an engine longer than a month, drain the fuel system. The fuel must be cleaned regularly. An automatic compression release system (ACR) is installed along with a bending-style controller. Several charge coil options are available, such as 13A and 20A.


The precise horsepower ratings of Kawasaki models make them renowned for their reliability. A Kawasaki engine offers a device the power it is advertised to have. As compared to other models, Kawasaki engines have fewer problems reported by users. High-quality air-cooled engines like those produced by Kawasaki can typically last 2000-3000 hours with meticulous maintenance.


Kawasaki recommends that its engines receive regular maintenance. In your user guide, you’ll find instructions on maintaining your oil, air filter, and cooling system. Furthermore, Kawasaki engines require less maintenance since they contain fewer parts. But maintenance is very important for keeping the machine going for years. 


The Kawasaki small off-road engine, including everything related to its emissions control system, is covered by a warranty for the first retail purchaser and for any subsequent retail purchasers. Small off-road engines covered under this warranty are covered for a period of three years starting from the date of delivery to the original retail purchaser. Specifically, this warranty extends to any part whose failure would result in Pollutant G emissions being increased. Nevertheless, parts that are not likely to increase concentrations of harmful substances are excluded from this warranty.

Is the Kawasaki FR691V a Commercial Engine?

Yes. Kawasaki FR691V can be used as a commercial engine. The FR691V engine is a high-performance commercial engine that is built to meet the toughest demands of your yard. With the automatic release of compression and the cylinder with internal venting, this 4-cycle engine is easy to use.

Are Kawasaki FR engines good?

Kawasaki FR engines are one of the best engine series in the market. The best-selling lawn mower brands like John Deere and Cub Cadet use Kawasaki engines.  Over the years, Kawasaki has consistently been the best when it comes to quality. The Kawasaki engine fulfills any need, whatever the reason. That is why Kawasaki is considered one of the best engines. 

Kawasaki FR691V horsepower: how much does it produce?

The Kawasaki FR691V can produce 23.0 hp. This range of horsepower makes this engine model powerful to handle both: residential and home or personal use.

Final Words

A Kawasaki FR691V model provides a high-quality power solution for residential ride-on mowers, delivering low vibration, smooth running, and low noise. It can last for years if properly maintained. But low maintenance might cost you, so you should be careful about that. It is built with more horsepower so that it can be used in different types of vehicles. The warranty Kawasaki FR691V provides is more than most other engines in the market. So, if you pick a Kawasaki FR691V engine for your vehicle, know that you have made the right choice.

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