John Deere vs Kubota: Who Makes the Best Mower?

If you have a large lawn or a yard, then you must maintain it properly. But it will not be possible without a lawn mower. Only a lawn mower can keep your lawn grass trimmed and tidy. But it can be hard choosing the mower between so many choices. John Deere and Kubota are two popular brands for lawn mowers.

Kubota and John Deere tractors are both commonly used on the field for a variety of tasks. Rather than being too large for most homeowners, they are the perfect size for mowing grass, tilling gardens, and plowing driveways.

The best mower in the world is not an absolute one. It is important to choose the right product based on your area of use and compatibility. Those who use tractors and mowers for simple tasks may not think there is much difference between John Deere and Kubota, but if they use one for complex actions, they will know how important those differences are. In this article, we will discuss the features and functions of two popular lawn mower brands-John Deere and Kubota-in order to help you determine which is best for you.

John Deere vs Kubota

John Deere

Among all manufacturers, John Deere is the only one considered Excellent both for predicted reliability as well as customer satisfaction. John Deere ZTRs are prone to needing repairs 30% of the time after four years. A John Deere tractor is typically powered by Kawasaki, Yanmar, or Briggs & Stratton engines, the best-known engine for lawn mowers.

One of the best things about John Deere’s lawn mower is that the mower models are constantly being updated. Each model diminishes the flaws of the previous models based on the customer’s requirements.

The features and functions of the John Deere lawn mower are given below to help you determine if this is the right choice for you-

Features of John Deere

The features of John Deere are given below:

  • Material: John Deere’s compact and subcompact lawn mowers feature polymer panels which are far more advanced than metal panels. Most professionals in the automotive or aerospace engineering world are familiar with the benefits of high-strength plastics. Due to their non-rusted bodies, John Deere tractors typically maintain their shine for several years. But a major disadvantage of plastic material is the possibility of damaging it by violent impacts. Although metal fenders and hoods look much better than their John Deere counterparts, the John Deere fenders and hoods hold their color and look superior to them. But some of the John Deere lawn mowers are made of aluminum body which makes the mowers very sturdy and durable.
  • Engine: The engines that power their machinery are mostly made by them, but for smaller machines that require less horsepower, like those below 100 horsepower, Kawasaki, Yanmar, and Briggs & Stratton engines are used.
  • Quick Attach Bucket: All John Deere equipment comes standard with the quick-attach bucket. The bucket needs to be quickly attachable if you want to use your loader for anything other than bucketing. At the end of the loader’s arms, you can attach tools such as pallet forks, bale spears, snow pushers, grapples, and snow blades. In order for you to use this lawn mower even in the winter.
  • Pedals: Pedals for forward and reverse are located side by side on the operator station floorboard of a John Deere. You will find the brake pedal on the left side of the floorboard.

John Deere Functions

John Deere mower has the following functions:


There’s no need to be a mechanic to operate John Deere tractors. Located on the right side, the forward and reverse pedals make it easy for operators to switch between them. It is easy to stop the car in an emergency by rapidly pressing the brake pedal with the left foot. The tractor is easy to operate in part because of the way the pedals are positioned. There is one downside to placing these pedals in this way which is- it occupies a considerable amount of floor space.


John Deere loaders have a joystick to pressurize the bucket. Then, from the operation station, it is very easy to use the joystick. With it, you can spring each bracket up and then park the loader. In order to park the loader, John Deere has integrated it in such a way that the stand can move into position as the hydraulic system is moved. 


Tractors built by John Deere have only two transmissions, despite their ease of operation. Because of this, you may be pushed to drive at a speed that is higher or lower than the one you would like to drive at.


A John Deere riding mower can last between 4500 and 5000 hours if it is maintained properly. The good working of riding lawn mowers is dependent on their longevity of 1,000 hours or more.


The basic specifications of a John Deere lawn mower are-

  • V-Twin engine with 22 horsepower.
  • Pedals on side-by-side
  • Electric PTO and Hydrostatic Transmission
  • The mower deck is mostly 42″ wide
  • The fuel gauge is easily readable
  • An open-back seat that measures 15 inches wide and a standard bumper
  • Simple oil change system that takes just 30 seconds.
  • Guaranteed bumper-to-bumper warranties for two years or 120 hours


John Deere is a bit expensive brand, but if you want to ensure the quality, then it is the right choice for you. But if you are looking for something reasonable, you can go for used or second-hand lawn mowers from John Deere. Despite the fact that these lawn mowers are second-hand, the quality materials and technologies ensure they work perfectly.



Among the best lawn tractors available, Kubota tractors have an outstanding reputation for durability, quality, and performance. Kubota’s midrange HST option is more versatile and usable than similar models. A three-range shift option is also available on the Kubota L Series’ optional HST transmission system. Kubota’s zero-turn mower is designed for both- residential and commercial use. It combines style, comfort, and performance. So, Kubota wins when it comes to heavy-duty machines.

Kubota’s compact tractors and subcompact tractors are the best on the market. There are few diesel engines that can compare with their quality and reliability. Kubota engines offer the power and performance you need for mowing performance, as well as durability and quality that you can count on.

The following is a list of the features and functions of the Kubota lawn mower to help you decide if it is right for you. 

Features of Kubota

The features of the Kubota lawn mower are given below:

  • Materials: Kubota can have a lot of shine, and it can be in a great cosmetic shape. Rugged and durable steel is used to construct Kubota tractor fenders and hoods. Despite the fact that it is built tough and looks nicer, it should be able to withstand the test of time with just a little care. In saying that, metal has some pretty major disadvantages compared to plastic when it comes to the fenders and hood of a tractor, which are exposed to a lot of impacts. In addition to causing damage to steel panels, an impact like that could do the same. Last but not least, painted Kubota panels don’t maintain the color as well as unpainted ones.
  • Engine: Kubota engines range from tiny 0.276-liter units up to 6.1-liter units, both naturally aspirated and forced-induction, both in diesel and gasoline or spark ignition configurations. Kubota manufactures all of its tractors and engines.
  • Quick Park Loader: While riding a lawn mower, you would need to swiftly jump on the tractor, moving your legs when needed to avoid the stored stand position or hopping back to the mower “quick park” loader helps with all these functions and parking. Those other attachments, however, cannot be added quickly to your loader because Kubota does not offer quick attach buckets. However, the Kubota skid steers quick carriers do not offer free upgrades, but they are available.
  • Quickmount Front Loader: Kubota L Series front loaders come with a quick-mount system. So, the loader can easily be reattached later, if not needed, when the loader is not needed.
  • Pedals: A treadle pedal is something Kubota makes that uses a pedal by your toe to move forward and a pedal by your rear to rewind. The operation station floorboard also has an indicator for this on the right side. This rear pedal occupies quite a bit of valuable floor space, as well as making it awkward to use your heel to apply pressure. The brake pedal has also been positioned directly above the “go forward” hydrostatic pedal on Kubota vehicles. By pressing the wrong pedal or both simultaneously in an emergency situation where braking is necessary, a catastrophe can be quickly caused.

Kubota Functions

Here is a list of the various functions of Kubota lawn mowers:


In comparison to John Deere tractors, Kubota tractors do require some more technical expertise. In Kubota tractors, you will have to use your toe and the base of your foot to switch between the accelerator and reverse pedals. Kubota tractors feature 3-range hydrostatic transmissions, which allow operators to operate them smoothly. The 3-range transmissions have this particular feature that gives you full control as an operator. Several of the components can also be removed and attached to Kubota tractors, although additional parts may be needed.


Kubota’s front-end loaders and lift capacity are quite impressive. Specifically, there are joystick controls that allow you to move the joystick from its center and raise the bucket or drop the bucket and dump it all at once. The Kubota has this capability, while the John Deere doesn’t have it.


Kubota lawn mower’s speed is more than the average lawn mower’s speed. It is not super fast, but it will serve you well. You will not be disappointed by its speed range.


The life of a Kubota tractor should range between 4500 and 5500 gauged hours, depending on how well it is maintained. The simple fact that many tractor owners only use their tractors 100-200 hours per year can amount to years of use. Kubota tractors can be maintained to an exceptional standard if you take the time and care to do so.


  • All the body parts are made of steel, including the hood and the fenders
  • Joysticks are mounted on the machine to control curl, raise, and drop
  • 3-range Transmissions are available on all tractors except the BX series
  • Toe and ankle pedals at the base of the foot serve as accelerators and reverse pedals
  • Using the quick-attach feature, the operator can easily remove this front-end loader from the seat
  • There are several decks of mowers available
  • Fuel gauges with more modern technology


Kubota’s price range starts from a reasonable range, but some models of Kubota can be expensive for their quality. However, the price is worth it, and even when you want to buy a reasonable one or a used one, you will see no compromise in its working ability or its quality.


Knowing both the lawn mower’s advantages and disadvantages will allow you to easily determine which one is your deal-breaker. The reason that Kubota and John Deere are industry leaders remains the same regardless of the brand.

Both John Deere and Kubota make quality tractors, so potential customers are not going to be disappointed whatever they choose. There are plenty of dealers and good customer service and support you can expect, regardless of the brand you choose. You can choose according to your area of usage and your personal preferences.

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