John Deere S240 vs X350: What is the difference?

Those who own a lawn know how challenging it can be to maintain. You would need to trim it and water it on a regular basis. But if you do the task manually, you would have to spend a lot of time and energy on it. With a lawn mower, you can easily keep your lawn in good shape. With it, your lawn maintenance task becomes easy in a very short time.

John Deere S240 vs X350: What is the difference?

A lawn mower can be difficult to buy since there are so many options on the market. It is likely, however, that despite your willingness to spend more on a lawnmower from the most popular brand, you will still be confused about which model to choose.

There are many people experiencing this difficulty with John Deere lawn mowers, which is the most popular brand currently. To help you choose which model is most ideal for you, we will analyze two popular models, the John Deere S240 and the John Deere X350 in this article. 

Overview of John Deere S240

John Deere S240

The John Deere S240 features a powerful v twin-engine powered by Kawaski. In addition, it has two adjustable mower wheels for mowing with ease, regardless of the terrain. This flexible discharge chute reduces the risk of property damage and damage to the mower deck.

Mulching is quickly and easily switched to side discharge and then to rear bagging without having to use any tools. In order to ensure a strong and protective mower deck, a rolled lip has been applied. With a thickness of 0.09 inches, this 13 gauge is tough and durable. It will provide you with years of reliable mowing with its 2.3-mm steel-deck mower.

John Deere’s S240 has the following features:


John Deere S240 uses Kawasaki 603cc 2-cyl gasoline engine, While the S240’s engine is only 18.5 horsepower, this is much lower than the X350’s power, but the good news is that John Deere guarantees that this engine is powerful enough to handle most mowing activities.

With twin-cylinder technology, there is less engine noise and vibration for an enjoyable ride. The extenders on John Deere S240 engines provide better fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs, and less emissions.  In addition to minimal noise, minimizes vibrations, and provides seamless power for smooth operation.

Cutting Deck

The top-discharge design provides the deck with additional strength. Below the opening, a section of material ties the deck’s front and rear together. The deck of the John Deere S240 features a conventional edger with 42 inches. Edge Mower Deck Systems offer three in one mowing capabilities with options for mulch kits and baggers.

This mower deck is designed to hoist grass into the air for better cleaning, as well as to cut while keeping grass from accumulating underneath. Its rolled outer edge gives it more protection and strength. John Deere’s S240 products are coated with dual-stage E-coats and powder paints to protect their surfaces against rust and scratches. Additionally, power wash ports are integrated to facilitate deck cleaning.


Hydraulic Drive with Foot Pedal Control is a standard feature of the John Deere S240. It is possible to control the ground speed in S240 in an infinitely variable manner. You would expect modern John Deere transmissions to have low maintenance cost due to improved designs with fluid reserves. While mowing large areas, the cruise control feature contributes to making the job less tiring for the operator.


John Deere S240 lawn mowers have been fitted with a tie rod steering system that has been upgraded. It will make your ride more comfortable. With this steering system, tire friction is minimized and turf surfaces are controlled easily. The seats are soft and comfortable so you do not get tired of hours of work.


With the John Deere S240, you receive a three-year factory warranty. Additional extended warranties are available with it as well.


The price of the John Deere S240 starts from $2,499.00 USD. The John Deere S240 features an outstanding performance with minimal maintenance cost. By bringing a better resale value, you will be able to save time and money. It offers the best value for money in its class.

Overview of John Deere X350

John Deere X350
John Deere X350

John Deere X350 is more upgraded than John Deere S240. With its powerful engine, you can do a lot more than you expected. The s240 series uses a Kawasaki engine, while Briggs & Stratton power the s240 series. With the optional Mulch Control kit with one-touch technology, the John Deere X350 comes equipped with a 42-inch Accel Deep Deck. Moreover, it comes with foot pedals with Twin Touch forward and reverse. This product provides 4 years of bumper-to-bumper protection. It can work up to 300 hours with a warranty.

The following are the features of the John Deere X350:


The John Deere X350 is powered by the 18.5HP Kawasaki 603cc 2-cyl gasoline. The engine features an exclusive hood design that provides even cooling, improved traction, and superior lugging ability to the unique iTorque system. It features a V-twin air-cooling design that is smooth and quiet. Overall, it provides outstanding power and performance. With this mower, you can mow for hours at a time, smoothly, without having to slow down or stop.

Cutting Deck

This John Deere X350 cutting deck has an accel depth of 42 inches. With its flat top and stamped steel design, it delivers excellent cut quality, productivity, cleanliness, durability, and flexibility. You can mow faster even in tall grass and still get optimal performance and dispersion of clippings. The Mulch Control system of X350 offers superior durability and versatility, with options for lever-action and electric one-touch operation.

In order to reduce scalping, the mower wheels can be adjusted and are located just above ground level. You can also set your desired cutting height with it. Cutting quality is excellent due to deep stamping on the mower deck. By preventing cut material from interfering with incoming grass, the Clean flow of material out of the discharge area makes incoming grass easier to cut.


Comfort is a very important feature to consider while choosing a lawn mower. So, as the John Deere X350 is the updated version of John Deere’s lawn mower, it definitely provides a more comfy seat than the S240. which means you will not get any kind of body aches due to long hours of work. In addition to being the best choice for hills and bumpy terrain, the comfortable seat on the John Deere X350 will make the ride even more enjoyable.


The John Deere X350 comes with an exclusive warranty of four years and 300 hours. The standard warranty for John Deere X300 Series Tractors is the single-source, bumper-to-bumper warranty. It is easy to deal with the warranty as John Deere handles all the paperwork making it hassle free. Due to X300 Series mower’s premium features, this extended warranty period offers more coverage than similar models.


The John Deere X350 costs about $ 3,699 dollars. Even though it might seem a bit expensive, John Deere produces its lawn mowers with quality and durability which makes it a great value for money.

Which is Better: John Deere S240 or John Deere X350?

It is difficult to detect any drastic differences in performance between John Deere s240 and x350. Many of John Deere’s heavy-duty engines and equipment are manufactured by the company itself. Those machines which require less than 100 horsepower are powered by engines manufactured by third parties such as Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton. Both of the specified lawn mowers are featured by Kawaski engines and they provide great power and efficiency. 

You can decide if you are willing to spend a little more for the convenience and updated features based on your budget. But as you pay a bit extra money you must know what you are getting with that. Well, you are getting a little bit more comfort, more detailed features and of course more years of warranty to enjoy with it.

Also, you can choose between these two mowers based on the size of your lawn. If you have a larger lawn then you can choose John Deere X350 as it has a 46 inches cutting deck and if you have a smaller lawn then you can choose John Deere S240 as it has a 42 inches cutting deck. But whatever you choose, they both are great choices for different features.

Final Words

With a reputation for manufacturing quality entry-level lawn tractors, John Deere has a well-recognized brand for lawn mowers. In terms of performance, the John Deere S240 and the X350 offer quite similar capabilities and there is little to distinguish between them. Overall, the s240 lawn tractor is a great option for homeowners looking for a lawn mower that can cover a standard lawn and mulch leaves and grass. It is also the best choice for beginners. However, if you value convenience and do not mind paying more for add-on features, the X350 is the best choice for you.

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