5 Common John Deere CT322 Problems and Solutions

As the world is constantly going through infrastructure changes, skid steer usage has significantly increased, mainly in construction. John Deere CT322 is one of the most reliable skid steer loaders that also comes with a powerful and positive critique review. Despite having such a good review, some users are facing problems.

Many of these commonly faced problems include the parking brake not working, the control system being stuck and malfunctioning, engine issues, hydraulic issues, and in some cases, the emission of black and white smoke. Even though most of these are not severe issues, they should be solved immediately.

Let’s take a quick look at these commonly reported problems that the users faced and a simple fix.

John Deere CT322 Problems and Solutions:

Parking brake not workingSeat belt needs adjust or replacement/ brake solenoid needs to be replaced
Control system is stuckSolenoid replacement; professional help is recommended
Engine ProblemsInspect fuel system; replace the fuel filter if required
Hydraulic IssuesCleaning fuel filter; Filling hydraulic fuel to an optimal level
Black or White fume exhaustionCleaning air Filter; Replace gasket head

Now that you guys have an idea about the problems that you might face with a John Deere CT322 let’s talk about the solutions to these problems in detail.

1. Parking brake not working

A common problem among users is that the parking brakes stop working or fail to release. The incidence is highlighted as a major problem; however the culprit of this problem is minor.

One of the main reasons for this is that the solenoid or the seat belt might have worn, and thus the brakes stop releasing. Other reasons might be due to improper fuel and coolant levels as well as hydraulic temp turning bad, thus occurring this problem.

2. Control System Stuck

After the gradual usage of the John Deere CT322, a commonly risen problem is that the users find it difficult to move the steering as well as the joysticks and foot controls. The list of possible reasons for this problem is quite long. Some of these reasons are

  • Loose steering and loader wire connection.
  • Improper connection to the hydraulic pump.
  • Malfunction of safety switches.
  • In special cases, malfunction of the control system.

3. Engine Problems

Engine stalls create panic among the users. Even though it is rare to find people with an engine not working, it is still a mention-worthy problem. In case of an engine malfunction, the main culprit tends to be the fuel system.

The fuel system consists of the fuel tank, fuel filter, and fuel lines. A clog inside the fuel system might stall the engine and stop it from starting.

4. Hydraulic Issues

As the John Deere CT322 is a track loader, the hydraulics play an essential part in the machinery. After the track loader has worn down after its usage throughout the year, users find a problem with the hydraulics not working.

This creates some big problems when construction comes into play, creating major delays. The reasons causing these problems are mainly:

  • Under or Over-filled fluids in the hydraulic system.
  • Clogged hydraulic fuel filter.
  • Loosen or leaked hydraulic lines might also be the case.
  • Loosen valves and seals of the control system.

5. Black and White smoke

A widely voiced problem in the John Deere CT322 as well as to all the track loaders out in the market, is the emission of black and white fumes.

Most people tend to avoid it thinking of a tiny issue but it might go on and lead to complex issues such as engine failure. What causes Black or White smoke? Here’s the answer:

  • Black smoke occurs when the air filter is blocked due to dirt residue and the engine does not get enough air.
  • White smoke tends to appear in case of a blown-out gasket head.
  • Sometimes, lack of coolant also causes these fumes to appear.


How much does a John Deere CT322?

The price range of John Deere CT322 varies from $26500-$34900 depending on the condition you are taking it in. As it is an older model, it is hard to come by with a brand new John Deere CT322.

Who are the manufacturers of John Deere CT322?

John Deere CT322 is produced by John Deerein their factory that is located in Wisconsin, USA.

Is John Deere CT322 a reliable track loader?

John Deere CT322 has shown extremely high test evaluation and has an excellent customer review. Users of John Deere CT322 recommend purchases of this track loader due to its low operating costs.

Final Words

Throughout our time researching the John Deere CT322 and reports that we received from the users it has been seen that there are quite many problems with this track loader.

However, most of these CT322 problems are fixable at home at a low expense. Additionally, it is recommended to take help from experts in case of major problems arise.

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