John Deere 9400 Specs, Attachments, Weight, Price, Engine and More

John Deere 9400 is a powerful piece of machinery that is perfect for farmers and ranchers. This tractor is able to handle heavy loads and can pull the heaviest crops with ease. With its large tires and powerful engine, the 9400 is perfect for anyone who needs a reliable tractor.

John Deere 9400 Specifications:

Wheelbase137.8 in.
Weight33770 to 37410 pounds
Rear tire710/70R38
PTO (tested)312.25 hp / 232.8 kW
PTO (claimed)302 hp / 225.2 kW
Front tire710/70R38
Engine425 hp or 316.9 kW
Drawbar (tested)345.00 hp
Length695 cm
Fuel Capacity969 L
Ground clearance28.8 in. / 73 cm (axles)
Height137.5 in.
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity26 gal
Operating Weight41456 lbs (18,804 kg)
Width172 in. / 436 cm(duals)
Tractor typeFour wheel Drive (4WD) tractor
Production yearsFrom 1997 Until 2001
Company countryUnited states
Charging systemalternator
Charging amps140
Battery volts12
Battery CCA925
Bore/Stroke5.00×6.50 in. [127 x 165 mm]
Coolant capacity64 qts [60.6 L]
Oil capacity44 qts [41.6 L]
Pump Flow Capacity35 gal/min. (132 l/min)
Rated RPM2100
Power RPM2100 (rpm)
Oil tank capacity44 qts or 41.6 L
Number of cylinders6 cylinders
Horsepower425 hp or 316.9 kW
Fuel typediesel
Fuel tank capacity256 gal or 969.0 L
Engine torque RPM
Engine torque
Engine size765 ci / 12.5 L
Coolant tank capacity64 qts / 60.6 L
Bore stroke5.00×6.50 in


John deere 9400 is a reliable tractor that can handle most jobs. It is easy to operate, and comes with a variety of features that make it a great choice for farmers. If you are looking for a versatile tractor that will last, the john deere 9400 is a good option to consider.

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