John Deere 855 Specs, Attachments, Weight, Price, Engine and Problems

John Deere 855 is a tractor with a powerful engine and large tires that can handle difficult terrain. It is perfect for farmers who need to work in tough conditions. The 855 has an agribusiness mode that makes it easier to operate, and it has a front-end loader that can move heavy objects quickly.

John Deere 855 Specifications:

MODEL:john deere 855
Width42.6 in. or 108 cm
Wheelbase64 in. or 162 cm
Power24 hp/17.9 kW
Length110.3 in. or 280 cm
Height (ROPS)75.6 in. or 192 cm
Height (hood)52.3 in. or 132 cm
Displacement60.7 ci/1.0 L
Bore/Stroke2.95×2.95 in./75 x 75 mm
4WD Weight1870 lbs or 848 kg
4WD turn radius8.8 feet [2.7 m]
4WD Clearance (drawbar)9.9 in. or 25 cm
2WD Weight1790 lbs or 811 kg
2WD turn radius8.5 feet [2.6 m], 7.4 feet [2.3 m] (with brakes)
2WD Clearance (drawbar)12.68 in. or 32 cm
Fuel systemdirect injection
Air cleanerdry element
AG front tires4.00×15
AG rear tires9.5×16
Coolant capacity4 qts/3.8 L
Ground clearance
Oil capacity3.8 qts/3.6 L
Operating RPM1400-3425
Pre-heatingair heater
Rated RPM3200
Starter volts12
Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
BrakesDifferential hydraulic wet disc
Differential lockStandard
Transmission typeHydrostatic
Transmission oil capacity17.0 L (17.96 US. qt, 14.96 Imp. qt.)
Transmission modelSunstrand Series 17
SpeedForward: 17.7 kmh (11 mph) Reverse: 8.8 (5.5 mph)
Lawn/turf rear33×12.50-15
Lawn/turf front23×8.50-12
GearsInfinite (2-range) forward and reverse
4WD Standard tires (ag)Front: 6-12. Rear: 9.5×16
2WD Standard tires (ag)Front: 4.00×15. Rear: 9.5×16
Middle PTO typeIndependent
Middle PTO spped2,100 rpm
Rear PTO typeIndependent
Rear PTO spped540 rpm
Battery cold cranking Amps475
Battery voltage12 V
Electric ground forcenegative
Number of batteries1
Electric charging Amps40 amps
Engine starter volts12 V
HydraulicsTypeopen center
Capacity4.5 gal/17.0 L
Control typePosition control
Front axle2.25 qts / 2.1 L
Fuel6.6 gal / 25.0 L
Hydraulic system4.5 gal / 17.0 L
Lift capacity356 kg (785 lbs)
Mid valves2
Pressure2050 psi/141.3 bar
Rear valves2
Total flow5.6 gpm/21.2 lpm

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How many horse is an 855 John Deere?

It has an engine that is rated at 555 horsepower, which makes it one of the most powerful machines on the market. With this much power, it can pull heavy objects with ease. In fact, it can tow up to 9900 pounds. That’s enough weight to drive a trailer full of horses!

Is John Deere or New Holland better?

The debate between John Deere and New Holland has been going on for years. Both companies offer great products, but which one is the best? In this article, we will compare the two machines head-to-head to see who comes out on top.

Both John Deere and New Holland offer great machines for different purposes. John Deere is known for its agricultural equipment, while New Holland specializes in construction equipment. Each company offers something unique that can be valuable for certain tasks. Here are some of the key differences between the two machines:

John Deere has been in business longer and is more well-known than New Holland. This means that John Deere’s products are usually more expensive, but they also offer a higher level of quality.

What engine is in a John Deere 855?

John Deere 855 engines come with a variety of engine options. The most common engine is a diesel engine, which provides good fuel efficiency and plenty of power. Other available engines include gas engines, V-8s, and Perkins 4-cylinders.

John Deere 855 Parts:


Common Problems with John Deere 855:

  • Diesel hard to start or doesn’t start
  • Engine knocking or noise
  • Engine loses power
  • Engine overheated
  • Engine shuts off suddenly during operation
  • Engine starts and then shuts off
  • Engine stops at idle
  • Oil pressure is low


John Deere 855 is a well-made tractor that is perfect for many farmers. With its powerful engine and ample storage, this machine will help you get the job done efficiently. If you’re in the market for a reliable tractor, the john deere 855 should definitely be at the top of your list.

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