John Deere 8110 Specs, Weight, Engine, Parts, Attachments, Data, HP, Price and Problems

John Deere 8110 is a tractor that is designed for harvesting crops. It has a wide variety of features that are helpful when harvesting crops, including an automatic crop gathering system that can gather multiple crops at once. The tractor also has features that make it easier to operate, such as a joystick controller and a forward/reverse switch.

John Deere 8110 Specifications:

Front Tires16.9R30
Width (axle length)2438 mm (96 inches)
Wheelbase2950 mm (116.1 inches)
Weight (Average Shipping)8125 kg (17876 lb)
Turning Radius5.3 m (17.5 ft)
Rear Tires18.4R46
Overall Length5246 mm (206.5 inches)
Maximum Permissible Tractor Weight14 000 kg (30840 lb)
Maximum Permissible Rear Axle Loads10 000 kg (22025 lb)
Maximum Permissible Front Axle Loads6000 kg (13125 lb)
Height Top of Cab3005 mm (118.3 inches)
Drawbar Clearance343 mm (15.5 inches)
Crop Clearance (Rear Axle Housing)753 mm (29.6 inches)
Crop Clearance (Front Axle-MFWD)590 mm (23.2 inches)
Axle Diameter100 mm (3-15/16 inches)
Maximum Total Weight (Tractor and Trailer)40 000 kg (88000 lb)
Air Cleanertwo paper elements
Bore4.56×5.06 inches [116 x 129 mm]
Cooling System Fluid Capacity9gal
Drawbar138.47 hp [103.3 kW]
Fuel Capacity135.3gal
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity37gal
Operating Weight17876lb
Power215 hp [160.3 kW]
Rated RPM2200
Starter volts12
Standard Size45 mm (1-3/4 in.) 1000 rpm
Relief Valve Setting2900psi
Pump Flow Capacity28gal/min
PTO TypeFully Independent
PTO Operating Speed1000 rpm – 2200 rpm
PTO (claimed)165 hp (123.0 kW)
Number Of Remote Control Valves3
Engine Oil Capacity7.4gal
Alternator Supplied Amperage140amps
3 Point Hitch Lift Capacity @ 24 Inches10399.3lb

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John Deere 8110 tractor is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable, easy to operate tractor. With many features and capabilities to make farming easier, this machine is perfect for those just starting out or those who want an upgrade. If you’re in the market for a tractor, the John Deere 8110 should definitely be at the top of your list.

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