John Deere 75d Specs, Parts, HP, Price, Data, Weight and Problems

John Deere 75D is the latest addition to the John Deere lineup and it comes with many new features that farmers can take advantage of. This machine has a hydrostatic drive, which makes it much more efficient than previous models. It also comes with a number of other new features, such as a new sensor system that helps operators keep track of the machine’s status.

John Deere 75d Specifications:

Max Dig Depth13.5
Tail Swing Radius4.25
Stick Length Smallest Available5.33 feet
Stick Length Largest Available6.92 feet
Min Stick Force8,491 lbs
Max Travel Pressure4,554 psi
Max Swing Pressure3,626 psi
Max Bucket Force12,368 lb
Engine Rated Speed2,000 RPM
Engine Make ModelIsuzu 4LE2X
Engine Emissions StandardTier IV
Displacement133 cu. in.
Backfill Dig Depth0.92 feet
Backfill Height1.5 feet
Backfill Lift Height1.25 feet
Backfill Width8.08 feet
Counterweight Clearance2.5 feet
Ground Clearance1.17 feet
Height to Top of Cab8.83 feet
Length20.67 feet
Main System Max Flow58.1 gal/min
Max Equipment Pressure3,771 psi
Max Stick Force7,162 lbs
Tread Length9.58 feet
Tread Width1.48 feet
Width to Outside of Treads8.1 feet
Tread Type s AvailableSteel
Swing Torque12244
Swing Speed10.5
Max Reach Along Ground20.5
Max Dumping Height23.67
Max Cutting Height23.67
Hydraulic Oil Capacity including tank26 gal
Fuel Capacity35.7 gal
Engine Oil Capacity3.2 gal

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John Deere 75D is a great tractor for those who are looking for a powerful machine that can handle most tasks easily. With its large tires and powerful engine, this tractor is perfect for farmers who need a machine that can handle heavy loads and difficult terrain.

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