John Deere 7130 Specs, Parts, HP, Price, Data, Weight and Problems

John Deere is an iconic American brand that has been around for over a century. The company produces a wide range of agricultural equipment, from tractors and tillers to seeding and harvesting machines. Their JD 7130 tractor is one of the most popular models on the market, and for good reason. It’s reliable, easy to use, and can handle a variety of tasks.

John Deere 7130 Specifications:

Wheelbase106.3 in. or 270 cm (2WD)
Weight9657 to 12340 pounds
Rear tire18.4R38 (2WD)
HeightROPS: 2,920 mm (115 in), Cab: 2,900 mm (114.2 in)
Ground clearance (front axle)2WD: 540 mm (21.3 in), 4WD: 580 mm (22.8 in)
Fuel tank capacity207.0 liters (54.7 US gal.; 45.5 Imp. gal)
Front tire10.00-16
Charging systemalternator
Air cleanerdual paper elements
Bore/Stroke4.19×5.00 in. (106 x 127 mm)
Cabin typeTwo-post Roll-Gard ROPS or Cab (optional)
Charging amps90
EmissionsTier III
Firing order1-3-4-2, 1-5-3-6-2-4
Fuel systemhigh-pressure common rail
Idle RPM850-2460
Oil capacity16.8 qts (15.9 L), 20.8 qts (19.7 L)
Operating RPM1600-2300
Transmission typePartial power shift
Transmission oil capacity51.9 L (13.7 US. gal, 11.4 Imp. gal.)
Transmission modelJohn Deere PowrQuad
Torque RPM1500, 1600
Torque358 lb-feet (485.4 Nm), 372 lb-feet (504.4 Nm)
Steering typeHydrostatic power
Starter volts12
Starter power4 hp (3.0 kW)
SpeedForward: 38.8 kmh (19.1 mph) Reverse: 40.5 kmh (25.2 mph)
Rated RPM2300
Rated Power (EC 97/98)125 hp (93.2 kW)
Intake valve clearance0.014 in. (0.356 mm)
Gears24 forward and 24 reverse
2WD turn radius15.3 feet or 4.7 m
4WD turn radius16.1 feet or 4.9 m
BrakesDifferential hydraulic wet disc
Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Clearance (drawbar)19 in. or 48 cm
Exhaust valve clearance0.018 in. (0.457 mm)
Clearance (front axle)21.6 in. or 54 cm or 2WD
Clearance (rear axle)28.2 in. or 71 cm
Drawbar capacity4,960 lbs or 2249 kg
Front axle load4,520 lbs or 2050 kg or 2WD
Front tread59.5 to 85.5 in. (2WD) and (151 to 217 cm) and (2WD) and 59.4 to 88 in. (4WD) (150 to 223 cm) (4WD)
Height (cab)114.4 in. or 290 cm
Height (ROPS)115.2 in. or 292 cm
Rear axle load14,330 lbs or 6500 kg
Rear tread63.5 to 72.5 in. (161 to 184 cm)
Weight (max capacity)18,740 lbs or 8500 kg
Weight (operating)12,340 lbs or 5597 kg
Weight (shipping)9,657 lbs or 4380 kg or 2WD

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John Deere 7130 is a great tractor for those looking for something powerful and reliable. With its large engine and plenty of power, this tractor is perfect for farmers and landscapers who need to do serious work.

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