John Deere 333g Problems, Specs, Attachments, Weight, Price, Engine and More

The John Deere 333G is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of applications. It is a great choice for those who need a machine that can handle a variety of tasks. The 333G is a well-rounded machine that is perfect for those who want a versatile machine that can do it all.

John Deere 333g Specifications:

Ground Clearance240 (9.4)
Rear Departure Angle, Degrees31
Width – No Bucket, mm (inches)2050 (80.7)
Height – Top Of Cab2200 (86.7)
Length – No Bucket3100 (122)
Length – Foundry Bucket3710 (146)
Height to Hinge Pin, mm (inches)3350 (132)
Engine Output – Net, kW (hp)72 (96.6)
Engine ManufacturerYanmar
Engine Output – Gross, kW (hp)74.6 (100)
Engine Model4TNV94FHT
AspirationTurbo. intercooled
Fuel Tank30.2gal
Operational Weight5,493 kg
Max Speed – kph12.6 (7.8)
Tipping Load – Foundry5280kg
Breakout – Bucket, kN (lbf):61.8 (13904)
Breakout – Lift, kN (lbf):37.8 (8520)
Power, kW (hp)37.29 (50)
Hydraulic Power – Option, kW (hp)61.234 (82.1)

John Deere 333g Problems:

  • john deere 333g hydraulic problem
  • john deere 333g overheating problem
  • john deere 333g def problem
  • john deere 333g fuel problem
  • john deere 333g ac problem
  • Engine Issue
  • Control system Issue
  • Brake Problem
  • Fuel Filter Issue
  • Electrical Problem


If you are looking for a machine that is versatile and powerful, the John Deere 333G is a great choice. It is a bit pricey, but if you need a machine that can do it all, the 333G is a good choice.

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