John Deere 3038E Review: Pros and Cons

You should maintain your lawn regularly and properly if you have a large lawn in your backyard or on your front lawn. But it is very time consuming and energy consuming to do it manually. A lawn tractor is the solution to this problem. The sight of a beautifully cut lawn is simply delightful. Keeping your lawn short, neat and even is easy with regular mowing.

But with so many choices in the market, it becomes very hard to choose the right one for oneself, especially for beginners. That is why we are going to give a review about one of the most popular lawn tractor brands in the market, which is John Deere’s 3038E, to help you determine if this lawn tractor model suits your needs.

John Deere 3038E – Overview

John Deere 3038E

In addition to its versatility, the John Deere 3038E compact utility tractor is also very affordable, which makes it just the right tool for any landowner who needs to do a variety of jobs. The reason for this is mostly because of the large range of attachments it can be used with.

Among the brand’s most broadly appealing products, John Deere’s 3038E is touted as a value-oriented lawn mower. The Yanmar 3TNV84T three-cylinder diesel engine provides 37.1 horsepower to the diesel power takeoff (PTO) through the use of modern turbocharging and direct injection technologies. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a blindingly bright headlight, plus a movable lamp mounted on the roll hoop for easy use at night.


Below are some of the features of John Deere 3038E:


The engine of John Deere  is powered by the Yanmar 3TNV84T which has 36.3 HP. The engine is a diesel powered natural aspiration engine. With a displacement of just 1.5 liters, the engine is quite powerful. In addition to optimizing fuel economy, repair and precision, and reducing environmental impact, the engine uses the latest technology. The engine features an after-treatment system that is automatic.

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) catches particles in the exhaust gas as they travel through the exhaust system. The heat generated by normal operation of the engine eliminates most of the particles trapped in the exhaust filter by a natural cleaning process. During low temperatures, engine speeds, or load factors, an active cleaning cycle begins. During this type of cleaning cycle, additional fuel is injected into the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) during the exhaust stroke. This increases the exhaust gas temperature.


The 3038E features an ergonomically designed, color-coded driver’s platform with uncluttered levers, controls, and controls placed to accommodate ergonomics. Testing has found that the twin side-by-side pedal arrangement for controlling the hydrostat receives universal praise from the testers. The tractor’s control system is intuitive, so you can point it in any direction.

Foot brakes are located on either side of the vehicle, so making tight turns and nipping into tight spaces is an easy task. Additionally the brake pedal incorporates a differential lock that can be engaged at any time. It has two separate pedals for controlling forward and reverse motion, unlike some machinery powered by a single rocker-type pedal. There are also handles with easy-to-grasp orange handles that are quite sturdy which makes the gardening and lawn care fun.

Hydrostatic Transmission

There is a two-range hydrostatic transmission on the John Deere 3038E tractor, which is housed in die-cast aluminum transmission cases. Through a closed-loop pump and motor arrangement, engine power is transmitted to the drive wheels through fluid under pressure. The tractor has an infinite speed range, which enables the operator to match the tractor’s speed to the task. For fast and easy direction changes, the foot pedals have Twin Touch for forward/reverse operation.

No clutching means that you can quickly change direction. In addition, this feature offers a transmission oil cooler which helps prolong the transmission life.

Fuel Capacity

The fuel storage and the utilization of fuel is excellent in John Deere 3038E lawn tractor. There are a total 7.5 gallons of fuel capacity. This is not going to finish easily. This means it just adds to your comfort as you do not have to take breaks between your work to refill the fuel tank although for days of usage.


Usually lawn tractors are black or red in color. So,  they do not have anything about them that is quite aesthetically pleasing in the middle of your green lawn. But that is not in the case of John Deere lawn tractors! John Deere 3038E has a soothing yellow and green color that fits in perfectly with your lush green lawn or yard.


John Deere is very comfortable to use as it is a riding lawn tractor, you can just sit back and relax while doing all the hard work of your yard. It has headlights which give you the freedom to work at night even.


  • Engine power- 37.2 hp
  • Power take-off (PTO) power- 30 hp
  • Steering hydraulics- 15 L/min
  • Implement hydraulics- 20.2 L/min
  • Lift capacity- 615.1 kg
  • Transmission; forward/reverse: Hydrostatic transmission
  • Optional Cruise control
  • Approximate shipping weight- 1007.9 kg
  • Wheelbase- 159.5 cm
  • Injection pump type- High pressure common rail direct injection
  • Cylinders- 3
  • Displacement- 1.57 L
  • Bore and stroke- 86 x 90 m
  • Compression ratio: 19.1:1
  • Cooling system- Water Pump
  • Air cleaner- Dual element
  • Engine torque at rated speed- 105 Nm
  • Fuel tank capacity- 7.5 gal.
  • Battery size- 500 CCA
  • Alternator- 55 amp
  • Final drive- Bull Gear
  • Brakes- Wet disc
  • Power steering

Final Words

In case you are having trouble choosing between lawn tractors, remember to consider if the tractor fits your lawn and budget at the same time. John Deere 3038E starts with an exceptionally reasonable price despite all the great features that it offers. Thus, if you are looking for a lawn tractor that offers durability and power, you might want to consider this model. 

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