How to put a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower diagram?

The mower helps a lot to cut down the grass and other plants found on the fields. It is also famous as a grass cutter or lawnmower. The sharp blades are enough to even the field within a minute. With over application, temperature changes, and time, the belts extend and wear. So, it is essential to check the transmission and mowing deck drive belts annually.

How to put a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower diagram?

If there is any cracking and stretching, it will be convenient for you to protect the mower deck from belt breakage and damage. Therefore, only some basic hand tools are needed to exchange the transmission and mowing deck drive belts. In this article, we are going to discuss the tricks and tips of putting a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower diagram.

Types of Belts Murray lawn tractors use

In general, Murray lawn tractors need to use two types of belts for riding. One is a transmission belt, and the second one is a mowing deck drive belt. Both of them help the mower to work properly with their blades.

Some precautions to take before exchanging the belts

Undoubtedly, lawn tractors made your work quite easy, but you have to be careful with the machine also. If the machine accidentally gets started without your consent, then there is a high chance of getting hurt.

To avoid this, park the Murray lawn tractor on a level surface. Now, you have to deactivate the mowing deck cutting blades. Therefore, to prevent the tractor from turning, engage the foot brake and chock the tires with a block of wood or rock. After that, you have to set the cutting grass deck to the lowest setting. After that, switch off the motor and detach the ignition key. Although it is not needed, you may prefer to detach the spark plug wire from the spark plug.

So, we will suggest you take the necessary precaution before giving a hand on the machine. If you are not sure, take your time to do enough research. Even after that, you do not feel much confident, then look for some professional help.

How to remove the Mowing Deck

If there is an existing belt that needs to be exchanged, then at first, you have to pull the existing belt out from the mower.

Detach the mowing deck

If you want to get the belt, at first, you have to detach the mowing deck from a Murray lawn tractor. After removing the mowing deck, now consider detaching the adjustment rod strands of hair from the mowing deck’s front left and right sides.

Working on the rear

Then, you have to look for the rear. On the left and right sides of the rear, you need to remove the remaining hairpins. After that, look for the adjuster plates, and slide the mowing deck suspension links. It will detach the rear mowing deck from the frame.

Removing the control rod stud

Now, it is time to work on the control rod stud. Again, you have to detach the control rod stud along with the hairpin and washer from the bottom of the blade control lever shift linkage. In addition, you have to pull out the front hanger rod also. Therefore, do not forget to take out the hairpin and flat washer as it is holding the rod in place on the mower.

Detaching the belt

Now, you can see the belt clearly. Nonetheless, you have to take the help of a socket wrench for losing the belt guide retaining bolts. Finally, you can pull the engine stack pulley belt to allow the mower deck to be moved out under the tractor.

How to install the Mowing Deck Drive Belt?

After removing the belt, now it is time for installing a new one. There are some steps that you need to follow-

  1. At first, you have to slip right the new transmission drive belt into place. Secondly, put the drive belt between the stack pulley and the belt guide plate. Now, you have to try to set the position on the top pulley and install the motion drive belt there. You have to focus on the V side of the belt, as you need to store the V side of the belt against the pulley.
  2. One of the major works is already done. Now the next part is to drop the action drive belt through to the shift lever hole also into the frame. You need to raise the belt edge out over the shift lever. After that, turn back via the framework whole. Therefore, wrap the motion control belt’s end from around the drive pull. Now, to secure the settings, you should tighten the belt guides. They are situated around the belt drive pulley. Do not forget to secure the electric motor pulley in the belt.
  3. After that, put together the idler pulley. The hex nut is used to secure the idler pulley. As seen, coordinate the bottom part of the belt with the idler pulley. Often, ensure certain if the belt is not bent.
  4. After doing all these, check the drive belt to make sure the motion drive belt’s location. It should remain inside all the belt guides. Cross-checking is always good. So, before using the whole unit, you ought to check the adjustment of the clutch. You can take help from the instructions “How to Check and Adjust the Clutch” to figure out the work.

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Dealing with the Mower diagram is tricky and technical work to do. At first, you need to understand the whole process before giving a hand on the original work. Undoubtedly, the machine assists you a lot. Moreover, there are several parts which you need to face for dealing with it. We will suggest you research well and take a bit of time with the mower diagram. Even if you are facing any problem, our article is there to help you out.

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