How to install Clutch Return Spring for Craftsman Mower

How to install Clutch Return Spring for Craftsman Mower

The clutch return spring is the important one in the inner part of a mower machine. When it is broken or damaged, you can’t control your Craftsman mower machine. So when it would like to break down or be damaged, you should install a new clutch return spring to maintain your lovely Craftsman Mower.

Before proceeding with our guide, you should have to know what clutch return spring is and where it is situated, and how it works.

What is Clutch Return Spring?

Short or small coil springs that continuously retain or hold the friction and driven plates simultaneously through spring tension obstruct slicing without when the clutch lever is engaged.

When suppressing, the clutch pedal helps as it prevents the spring tension in the pressure plate diaphragm. When the clutch pedal is not suppressed, it works as a return spring and retains the clutch pedal against the cease, so the throwout bearing is not remaining or resting on the diaphragm finger.

Usually, there are two types of springs for the clutch. One is located above the clutch pedal, and the other is under the clutch pedal.

The clutch return spring is located under the left brake pedal.

We will guide you on how you can install a second one (Clutch Return Spring). So, stay with us till the end.

Hopefully, you will be benefited.

When will your Craftsman Mower need a clutch return spring to install?

Craftsman Mower

When the clutch return spring doesn’t act smoothly carrying out its business, or when it is broken or worn out, or when the clutch return spring is the main problem for the smooth gear system.

Whenever you see that the clutch pedal sticks to the floor, you have to change or remove the spring to align the rod with the pedal.

And when the clutch pedal doesn’t go to the floor, you must change the spring.

If you find such symptoms, you should install a new one for your Craftsman lawn mower.

Step by Step Guide to install Clutch Return Spring for Craftsman Mower

Now you’re aware of all symptoms. Now you need to know how you can install it. But before starting your task, you have to consider some criteria and tools you must need.

Criteria: Time(you have to manage 10-15 minutes somehow), Users Manual(you have to read out your user manual guide on how Craftsman Company prefers to install it), and Assistance(If you’re a fresher, you may take assistance from others).

Tools you must need

  • A Screwdriver
  • A Socket Range
  • A lifting jack
  • A hardware cleaning brush
  • A plastic sheet or trash bag
  • A pair of work gloves(for protection)

Select perfect Area

First of all, you should select the perfect place where you stand your Craftsman lawn mower to do so. We suggest or recommend you stand your mower in a flat place or your garage.

Prepare the mower

There are some tips to prepare the mower.

  • Activate your parking brake
  • Turn switch off
  • Disconnect the power cable from the battery
  • Taking the fuel tank cover off

Now we proceed with the main part.

Gist/Main part

Craftsman lawn mowers have a lever-operated clutch system. This spring did fit into the installation location, although it was a little more difficult to install than you have expected.

Now you need to detach the clutch cable from the retainer and slide or way the deck out from the frame.

There is a welded bracket on the clutch shaft assembly. Place the blade engage, which is located before the steering wheel, into the off position.

Step the deck height adjuster, which is located on the fender to the left of the driver’s seat, to the minimum possible cutting height by pressing it to the floor.

The return spring hooks into the idler arm.

How do you attach a clutch return spring on a Craftsman lawn mower?

While mowing very recently, the idler return spring for your Craftsman should only be undertaken by a qualified attach the spring to the tab.

There is a tab on the clutch with a hole in it for the return spring to attach. Attach or match the spring to the tab. Pull or tension the return spring toward the rear or back of the mower in a straight line and see for what the other connects to. The clutch return spring is the spring that attaches to the clutch handle, which lifts up and down. So, the attachment of the clutch return spring is an important integral part of your task.

What does the clutch return spring attach to on the Craftsman mower?

This spring is difficult to hook. Therefore you will need some assistance from someone with needle-nose pliers to guide the hook into the hole for you. Then set the deck back into the structure and tighten the clutch. We are not sure where the other end hooks. Remove or detach any dirt possible with a screwdriver.

You will need to detach or remove the clutch cable from the sanction and slide the deck out from the structure or frame.

You have to keep in mind whether your Craftsman lawn mower has an electric clutch system or not. The electric clutch adheres to the engine crankshaft and controls or monitors the Craftsman lawn mower’s cutting blade.

Review and Closing

When your task is done, you must revise your task. Whether any screw is residue to replace or not. If none is the residue, then close your job as per your opening formula.

To keep your clutch long-lasting, you would have to tighten the screw relating to the clutch.

Final words

Research is a scientific search for knowledge. You are in the right place because we are the best guide in this regard.

Now, you’re aware of installing a clutch return spring through our guide. Craftsman mowers are one of the best to mow. To remain the clutch return spring long-lasting, you should take care of it properly and regularly.

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