9 Common Exmark Commercial 30 Problems and Solutions

In the broad market of lawnmowers, Exmark holds a significant place. However, lawnmowers run on automobile mechanisms and can collapse anytime.

So Exmark Commercial 30.. Despite the market position, we have surveyed and figured out Exmark Commercial 30 problems. Therefore, we can quickly solve the issues regarding this series of lawnmowers.

However, before knowing how to solve it, we will have to enlighten you about the issues you should not avoid.

These problems are the mower does not start, the mower dying while processing, generating excessive smoke, suffering the weak hydrostatic transmission, Unstable steering or control, the mower does not move, the mower shaking excessively, failure to provide a good quality cut, and lastly, gas leaks.

Moreover, we will discuss the problems stated in the paragraph and the solution below.  To learn more, keep reading the brief ideas.

Exmark Commercial 30 Global Problems And Solutions At A Glance:

Though it is a good quality mower existing in the market, we have already found some issues faced by users globally that still need to be solved. Let us have a look at the problems and the solutions shortly.

The mower does not start.Solving the fuel restriction of the engine.
The mower dies while processing.Clearing clogged fuel system or air filter.
Generating excessive smokeEmitting excess oil from the crankcase.
Weak hydrostatic systemChanging hydraulic fluid.
Unstable steering or controlReducing tire pressures or replacing dampers.
The mower does not moveFixing the position of the drive lever or replacing the cracked belt.
Shakes excessivelyFixing engine bolts or replacing the clutch.
The uneven quality of cutTuning engine speed or ground speed.
Gas leaksCleaning the carburetor or replacing the fuel filter.

We have looked at the chart of the Exmark Commercial 30 problems and solutions at a glance above. Therefore, let us move to the section where we will discuss the identified issues and solutions in depth.

1. The Exmark Commercial 30 Mower Does Not Start

 When you see your Exmark Commercial 30 does not start, there must be some restrictions between the fuel source and the engine. Moreover, blockages in the carburetor or the fuel line can be the reason behind power failure.

Blockages around the fuel tank area can cause severe fuel lines trouble and serious engine issues.

2. The Mower Dies Processing

The same issues which stop the mower from starting can also cause the engine to die while processing. When the engine does not get sufficient fuel, it will die eventually. Blockages in the fuel supply to the engine cause these kinds of seizures.

Sometimes bad fuel caps can hamper the fuel supply. Blockages create a type of vapor that stops air and fuel movement. Moreover, engine overheats can cause the machine to fail as well. Blocked or damaged air fins can cause the fins to fail to move the air.

3. Generates Excessive Smoke

If you notice excessive smoke emitting from the mower engine, consider it a serious issue. A jammed air filter, the wrong fuel level, and errors in the engine can be the leading cause of too much smoke. 

When the engine fails to get the correct ratio between fuel and air or the oil temperature becomes excessively hot can create too much smoke. Some users avoid this issue. Therefore, they fell into deep trouble with the engine at different times.

You can go through this case study on engines and their maintenance. It will help to learn about the importance of the engine’s good health.

4. Weak Hydrostatic System

You must change the hydraulic fluid when using Exmark Commercial 30 lawnmower. However, running the engine on a lower level of hydro oil gets aged and interrupts the hydrostatic transmission.

Furthermore, the transmission may seem weak due to a faulty driving belt or tension. Besides, keeping it as it is can lead to a severe processing issue that can damage the fuel transmission and engine concerns.

5. Unstable Steering or Control

Issues like this can happen due to inappropriate tire pressure or a damaged damper. Inaccurate tire pressure can pull the mower to one side. It will occur in the process. Moreover, bad dampers can also force the mower to one side. Keeping these defects can turn into a problem in the long run.

6. The Mower Does Not Move

Your Exmark Commercial 30 will not move if you use old hydraulic fuel or maintain a lower oil level. Troubleshoot the drive belts, tensioner, and spring. You will have difficulty moving the mower if any of them are missing or damaged. Another thing is the hydraulic release lever. If it is displaced, the mower will not move.

7. Shakes Excessively

Vibration or shakes in the mower are the most common as the engine generates it. However, you might sometimes feel uneven vibrations, which is not normal.

It is an issue you should address immediately. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the mower’s engine section.

8. Low Quality of Cut

Exmark mowers are famous for their perfect cut quality. However, If it starts to give worse quality cuts that are not up to the mark, you should look for a solution.

The cut quality issues are a jammed mower deck, inappropriate tire pressure, damaged deck components, damaged blades, and wrong operating method. If any of the mentioned issues are detected upon troubleshooting, you have to take action immediately to fix them.

9. Gas Leakage Issue

If you sense the odor of gas or see any sign of burned grass, you should check for fuel lines to troubleshoot for fuel leaks. However, it is not easy to find out because fuel evaporates, and only the smell remains.

The most common spot to troubleshoot for gas leaks in Exmarl commercial 30 is the carburetor. Besides, old fuel can degrade the plastic in the components and lead to leakage.


How much does the Exmark Commercial 30 mower weigh?

The Exmark Commercial 30 mower weighs around 186 lbs.

How long do Exmark Commercial 30 last?

The Exmark Commercial 30 mowers last about 1,500-2,000 hours.

Who are Exmark mowers made by?

Back in 1997, Exmark became a part of the Toro Company. Since then, Exmark has ensured quality and market growth.

Final Thoughts

You will always face issues while using a lawnmower in your yard. However, proper troubleshooting methods and following the appropriate guideline will help fix Exmark Commercial 30 issues.

Exmark series lawnmowers are pretty easy to use. Besides, they are environmentally friendly too.

However, the engineering behind the mechanism can only be understood by a highly professional fixer. If you can’t fix an issue, we recommend visiting an authorized servicing shop or a nearby automobile shop to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

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