Echo PB-580t vs Husqvarna 350bt: Which one is the best?

Who doesn’t love trees laden with leaves in their back yard or lawn garden? The problem arises when the leaves dry and fall onto the lawn or backyard. It makes the property look dirty and messy. For that, you would need a leaf blower to gather around leaves and keep your yard or lawn neat and tidy.

There are quite a lot of choices of leaf blowers in the market. You have probably heard the name of the popular brands of leaf blowers, which are- Echo and Husqvarna.

When making the right buying decision between these two companies, it can be challenging as they are popular worldwide.

To help you with your decision-making, we are going to discuss the features and functions of Echo PB-580t vs. Husqvarna 350bt, which are the latest popular models of these two brands.

Echo PB-580t

The outdoor equipment from Echo surpasses industry standards for quality and technology. Almost all of their products are made in the United States, including a complete line of outdoor power tools.

With this tool, you do not have to worry about the neighbor’s complaint while using it as it would not make high noise. This backpack blower is the industry standard when comparing similar gas-powered models.

Firstly we are going to discuss Echo PB-580t. Echo’s PB-580 backpack blower fits into the mid-sized category. Despite its small size, this machine offers a wide range of professional capabilities.

These features increase productivity, such as ventilated backpacks, anti-vibration springs, and padded shoulder straps, which reduce fatigue and enhance comfort.

The features and functions of Echo PB-580t are given below:


This engine is a 2-stroke, so gasoline alone will not power the PB-580T. There are 58.2 cubic centimeters of displacement in the engine. An optimum ratio of 50:1 of gas and oil must be mixed in the fuel to allow it to function properly.


Echo’s gas-powered PB-580T blower offers a maximum air volume of 510 CFM and a maximum airspeed of 215 MPH.


With this blower, you can keep your left hand free since the throttle is located on the blower tube.

This blower is designed as a backpack, allowing you to easily carry its engine and huge fuel tank. You can refill the gas tank in seconds, thanks to the dependable gas engine. It is best for personal usage.


Plastic structures are included in the building of Echo PB-580t, which is an admirable effort, but it would not be as reliable in terms of reliability as most of the customers prefer metal bodies in this kind of tool.


As far as price is concerned, the Echo PB-580T falls into the average segment of backpack gas blowers. So, you might expect this type of blower to cost around this price range.


This Echo PB-580T has a CFM of 510 and is capable of moving hundreds of leaves per minute. Moreover, the Echo PB-580 T’s 215 MPH means it will blow leaves faster, aiding you in blowing leaves on grass and lifting heavy debris more easily.


  • Five hundred and fifty cubic feet of air per minute   
  • The fuel tank holds 62 fluid ounces.
  • 70 dB noise level
  • The weight of this item is 22.66 pounds
  • The speed limit is 215 mph
  • The engine has a displacement of 58cc
  • Suitable for soaking wet leaves
  • An Echo blower comes with a five-year warranty

Husqvarna 350bt

Husqvarna 350BT backpack blowers are designed specifically for professionals. Among the best 50cc blowers, this model is world-class and highly regarded.

A lightweight blower, the Husqvarna 350BT is ideal for backpacking and camping. For enhanced power, better fuel economy, and fewer emissions, it features a powerful X-TORQ engine.

You can choose from a wide range of styles and features with Husqvarna cordless leaf blowers. With easy-to-use controls, this blower is designed to be easy to operate while still providing high capacity. There are throttle controls on the tube.

Ergonomic controls and an adjustable harness provide the operator with comfort and allow them to work for long periods of time.

The features and functions of Husqvarna 350bt are given below:


By using a 50cc X-Torq engine, the Husqvarna 350bt is more fuel-efficient, produces less noxious fumes, and is easier to maintain.

The engine size of Husqvarna is smaller than Echo PB 580t but has no problem competing in the power department, which is one of the key areas that separates these two blowers.


This model’s power output is 2.1 horsepower, and its maximum speed is 7,500 rpm. There is no denying the 350BT’s power when it comes to its performance. An impressive 251 MPH airspeed and 710 CFM air volume are achieved by the aircraft.


A Husqvarna 350BT can achieve airspeeds of 180 MPH and volumes of 692 CFM, providing powerful clearing capabilities. Additionally, it includes cruise control so you can control the speed of the throttle. Furthermore, it requires minimal arm strain to deliver the full force of the blow.

By eliminating the downward pull of the arm, the offset handle allows you to control the blowing force more easily. When the temperature is cold, it may require a stronger force to operate the device. The use of the device is simple, but it can require strong force in some situations. It is best for commercial use.


As a product of a renowned company, the Husqvarna 350bt has lived up to expectations. Metal is the material used for the body of the Leaf blower, so it is durable.


Husqvarna 350bt costs about 339.77 US dollars. It is more reasonable than Echo PB 580T.


With the ergonomic handle of the Husqvarna 350BT, the operator can easily adjust the height and hold the tool comfortably. It also fits the contours of the operator to make it comfortable for long hours on the job. These mid-size blowers are ideal for large properties.


  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Suitable for commercial use or yards larger than 1 acre
  • The maximum airspeed is 180 MPH
  • Manual start
  • The item weighs 22.5 pounds
  • The capacity of the airflow is 692.17 cubic feet per minute
  • Not suitable for wet leaves
  • Two-year warranty

Echo PB-580t vs Husqvarna 350bt

So, if you are in the battle about choosing the better one, you will never get it right. Although there are some points to consider- the good build quality and long life of the Husqvarna 350BT, it is a wise investment. But considering the noise factor, Echo is a better choice.

There are some similarities between them while talking about the size and not being able to vacuum. The similarities will only confuse you, but if you consider the price and noise control, you might be able to understand your preference.


As you can see, each blower has a 50cc two-stroke engine, and each blower has a similar size; although the Husqvarna is slightly lighter and smaller, which makes them similar but there are many things that make them different from each other.

All you have to do is choose the one which fits your needs best. For those who are more concerned with power, the Husqvarna may be the best option. You may prefer the ECHO, however, if you value an extended warranty.

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