9 Common ECHO CS-490 Chainsaw Problems and Solutions

ECHO has a wide range of chainsaw models that are known and gained popularity for their great features. It makes simply designed saws, with an on/off toggle switch, decompression valve, and an air cleaner cover.

Due to the simple design, ECHO saws are comparatively lighter equipment among the competitors.

The lightest model of ECHO chainsaw is CS-490. The CS-490 has great features of a 50.2 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine, about 10.6 lbs weighted. Despite many great features, it has some drawbacks too. The issues and the solutions of ECHO CS-490 will be discussed briefly in this article.

The main issue of ECHO CS-490 is the cutting out or stalling problem. The clogged carburetors, air filter, spark arrestor, or fuel filter could be the reason for cutting out. Other issues are dull chain, maladjustment of the carburetor, ratio of gasoline and fuel etcetera. 

ECHO CS-490 Problems and Solutions

ECHO CS-490 is one of the lightest chainsaws in the market with great power. All types of fancy features are absent in the CS-490. Rather, it is made with all the necessary features and still can put up a professional look with a 2-stroke 50.2cc engine. It also accepts 16’’, 18’’ and 20’’ bars.

The chain of the bar can be adjusted easily by the side-access chain tensioner. It has also a vibration reduction system, which minimizes operator fatigue.

It has all the necessary features to make it quick and easy to handle, but its problems cannot be neglected too. Below, the problems and solutions of ECHO CS-490 are described.

1. Cutting Out or Stalling Problem

Cutting out or stalling problem of chainsaw is the most common problem of ECHO CS-490. In this problem, the chainsaw keeps cutting out, which means, the chainsaw starts normally but stops running in a few minutes.

The reason for this cutting-out problem is, that the engine is not getting enough gas and air.

The probable cause could be many, such as carburetor clogging, air filter clogging, fuel filter clogging, air-fuel mixture ration issue, spark plug issue etc. These are described below.

2. Clogged Carburetor

The carburetor is the most important part of the chainsaw. A clogged carburetor stops the engine.

The clogging can happen because of the fuel that remained in the chainsaw for a certain time. During this time, the fuel evaporates and creates a thicker and stickier substance, which clogs the carburetor.

3. Clogged Air Filter

Dirt in the air filter causes clogging it. When the air filter is clogged, the engine is not able to get enough air, with an over amount of fuel. As a result, the engine runs roughly or stops running.

4. Clogged Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is often clogged with old or greased fuels in the chainsaw. The old fuel evaporates a thicker and stickier substance that not only damages the carburetor but also the fuel filter too. Because of the clogged fuel filter line, the chainsaw keeps running out.

5. Clogged Spark Arrestor

A spark arrestor can also be clogged due to the shoots and dirt. This is mainly a screen that is placed to protect the engine from emitting sparks. Due to this clogging in the spark arrestor, the engine gets cut out.

7. Dull Chain Issue

After using it a couple of times, the chain of the saw becomes dull and unable to cut things properly. Sometimes, chain becomes dull if you keep the chainsaw idle for a long time and it may catches rusts too.

8. Maladjustment of Carburetor

You may need to open the carburetor due to clogging. During placing the carburetor again in the machine, the placement sometimes becomes wrong. Because of this maladjustment, the chainsaw machine defects and stop running.

9. Gasoline-Oil Ratio

The CS-490 chainsaw receives a mixture of unleaded gasoline and the oil ratio is 50 to 1. This means if you give one gallon of gasoline, then oil should be given 2.6 ounces. If the ratio is not correct, it damages the engine, and the cutting-out problem arises.


The ECHO CS-490 is one of the best chainsaws that gained popularity among people for its lightweight features. Its professional two-stroke machine makes it worthy for single and professional use.

Despite having some difficulties in CS-490, the usage time can be long and effective with regular maintenance on the chainsaw. Overall, it is a good machine to continue working.

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