10 Common DR Brush Mower Problems – Find All The Solutions You Need

Despite DR Brush being one of the most used mowers globally, several users, including myself, have faced some common problems and issues while using the machine. However, these DR Brush Mower problems can be fixed at home without having to worry about replacing it with a brand new one.

Therefore, we have listed the frequent issues heard from the users of DR Brush Mower.

These include blades not working, engine overheating, uneven cuts of the grass, the engine does not start, chutes getting clogged, backward motion keeps causing difficulty, smoke coming out of the engine, clutch problem, the engine getting stalled, or the power of the mower keeps reducing.

Thereby we will put forward the problems and the solutions to these issues so that you can fix your DR Brush Mower. So continue reading to get an idea about it.

DR Brush Mower Problems Solutions At A Glance:

                  Issue                            Solutions
Mower emits smokeCorrecting the fuel-oil ratio, brushing the inner part of the air filter.
Stalling EngineReplacement of the spark plug, replacing overused oil, replacing the carburetor
Blades not working,Screwing the bolts of the carrier if it is loose, Replacement of the blades,
Power of the engine being insufficient,Checking the ignition coil, cleaning/replacing the fuel injectors
Difficulties faced while backward motioningThoroughly cleaning the bearings, changing the belt
The engine having problems while startingFilling a sufficient amount of oil, inspecting the spark plug
Grasses not cutting in shapeScrewing the bolts of the blade tightly
The engine stops working suddenlyCleaning any buildup formed in the engine
Chutes getting cloggedCleaning it thoroughly
 Problems with the clutch Can be easily fixed by adjusting the clutch

DR Brush Mower Problems In Brief With Solution:

Now that you have gotten an idea about what problems you may face while using DR Brush Mower, let us discuss in broad what causes them and how to fix them.

1. Mower Emits Smoke

The sudden smoke you see vaporing from the mower could occur if the amount of fuel in the mower is either too much or less than the required amount.

If the carburetor is not able to mix the air and oil together, the engine won’t work properly. This would cause the smoke to form and make it difficult for you to mow.     

2. Stalling Engine

If the DR Brush Mower keeps stalling regularly, the reason why it keeps happening could be due to the oil being too old to use, or the carburetor might be covered up in dirt or blocked.

Also, it could depend on the level of grass you are cutting. Furthermore, this could vary if the person is cutting at a higher level of speed.

3. Blades Not Working Perfectly

Sometimes, the direction or the way in which the blades are rolling might not be suitable or satisfactory to cut. This could occur if the bolts are loose. Moreover, the level of the deck not heightened accordingly could cause this problem.

4. Power Of The Engine Being Insufficient

The majority of the users might face this as a blocked, and dirty air filter would cause the powers of the engine to be less powerful, and thus it would get slowed down.

Moreover, the spark plug, again, might be an issue along with the ignition coil. To add to it, the temperature could also cause this as well. If it is way too hot, then this could lower the performance of the engine, which could slow it down.

5. Difficulties Faced While Backward Motioning

If you keep facing difficulties while backward motioning, the issue might be that the pulley bearings of the DR Brush Mower might be clogged or blocked up, being filled with debris and wearing away.

6. Engines Having Issues While Starting

If you keep smelling gas while starting the DR Brush Mower, this might be caused due to the tank being overfilled with oil. Also, it might be an issue again with the spark plug, as it does hold the most important while starting the engine.

7. Engine Suddenly Stops Working

If you start the mower and it keeps dying, this might be caused by a congested bowl which would be found in the carburetor that makes the procedure of the engine very obsolete.

8. Chutes Getting Clogged

Due to usage, muck can get formed, which can make the chute clogged.

9. Over Heating Of The Engine

Another issue could be the overheating of the engine, which can be caused by the grasses as it would resist the engine from cooling down if it gets stuck in the fin.


If your mower has the option of a coolant, then you could check it from time to time.

10. Clutch Problems

While mowing, you might notice that the DR Brush Mower might not be at the same level of speed. That it used to be at when it was new. So, the problem could occur as the clutch  tends to wear the belt that powers the transmission from time to time.


This can be fixed with an adjustment; you can take up the slack, which can make the machine run as it used to at the beginning.


What does DR stand for in DR mowers?

DR stands for Dick Raymond, one of the founders of DR Power Equipment.

How do you sharpen the blades on a DR brush mower?

You can use a coarse mill file (good) or a diamond file better to sharpen the blade. File the edge of the blade in a long sweeping motion in one direction at the same angle as the edge that is already there. On the DR Field and Brush Mower, this is about 35 degrees.

Who makes DR Mower?

As of today, DR Brush Mower is a subsidiary of Generac Power Systems Inc.

Final Thoughts

From our research, it evidently shows that DR Brush Mower problems are very common, but those things could be resolved with the proper maintenance of the machine, although keeping in mind that major issues that need to be fixed should not be handled at home.

So it would be beneficial to give it to the service shops.

Moreover, there are reviews that DR Brush Mower is easy to use and also not that hard to afford. However, the issue is with the availability of the resources and materials needed for the mower maintenance. 

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