(Solved) 8 Common Cub Cadet Volunteer Problems and Solutions

Although Cub Cadet is best known for their lawn mowers, they produce excellent quality utility vehicles too. One of the popular utility vehicles is Cub Cadet Volunteer. It has high power and can perform the rough tasks within a very little time.

A 748cc EFI V-Twin liquid-cooled engine powers the machine, which is built on a fully welded steel frame for extra durability and strength. All in all, the machine has everything you need for tough, reliable heavy-duty work.

You might, however, begin experiencing problems after a while, despite all its amazing features. Good news is that most of the problems have solutions, which will be discussed in this article.

Common Cub Cadet Volunteer Problems

  1. Engine will not start
  2. Electrical system does not work
  3. Engine overheats
  4. Starter does not work
  5. Shifting Problems
  6. Battery will not take a charge

Problems and Solutions of Cub Cadet Volunteer

Any utility machine you buy, will end up having issues for all the tough and rough work. It is nothing to worry about. Knowing the causes of the problems and acting accordingly without being worried is all you need. In many cases, you can solve them on your own. However, if you cannot resolve some problems, you can call the mechanic for assistance.

The problems and solutions of Cub cadet Volunteer are: 

1. Engine will not start

This is the most common problem of any vehicle and there can be a lot of reasons behind it. So, identifying the reason is hard work. Sometimes, the engine does not start when the weather is too cold. Sometimes the problem can be solved just with recharging the battery. Additionally, loose connections, broken spark plugs, blocked fuel filter, blown fuse are to blame for engine not starting.


To determine the cause of this problem, you must conduct a thorough troubleshooting process. If it is because of the cold, you should start the vehicle and wait till it is warm enough to start. Then, drive in slow motion till it is ready to run at full speed. Check the battery and charge, recharge if needed. Repair or replace faulty spark plug and fuse if these are the problem. And finally if it is the fuel filter that is clogged, cleaning it will solve the problem.

2. Electrical system does not work

If you experience that your Cub Cadet Volunteer’s engine is not cranking and the headlights are not working, then this might be a sign of electrical problems. Electrical system problems are usually caused by blown fuse, loose or damaged connections, and worn-out battery.


It is better to call an electrician or an expert to deal with electrical problems. Because any wrong move might put your life at risk.

3. Engine overheats

You may drive your Cub Cadet volunteer a bit slow to adjust the temperature of the engine, but if you do it for too long, then your vehicle’s engine might start to overheat. The heat of the engine can expand metals and cause serious accidents and damages. A dirty radiator and overloaded vehicle can also be the culprit for engine overheating problems.


Do not drive your Cub Cadet Volunteer at low speed for too long. Also, do not overload the vehicle and make sure to keep the carbulators clean.

4. Starter does not work

If you have a problem activating your vehicle, then there can be something wrong with the starter. Loose or corroded connections, low or insufficient battery output are the main reasons for a faulty starter problem. Sometimes you might also experience the vehicle cranking.


If you face a problem with the starter, then there is a high chance that the culprit is the battery. So, check the battery if it is worn out. If not, check the sufficient battery output.

5. Shifting Problems

If you experience hard shifting while operating your Cub Cadet UTV, then that is the sign of shifting problems. Any utility vehicle can also suddenly have issues with shifting gears when the gears are not lined up precisely, and it usually happens when the gears are out of synchronization.


The most common solution for shifting problems is to accelerate until the engine goes back to standby. Then start again. If the problem is not fixed by then, maybe you need to take it to an expert.

6. Battery will not take a charge

You are trying to charge the battery of your UTV but it is not accepting charge, this can be a tiring and frustrating problem for beginners. However, it is not an uncommon problem. It can happen because of a dead battery, loose or corroded connections, sulfated or worn-out battery and low fluid level.


Dead batteries will not accept charge. So you should repair or replace the battery to solve this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does a Cub Cadet Volunteer go?

This Cub Cadet Volunteer 4×4 EFI Camo vehicle has a top speed of 32 mph, which is perfect for hunters who want to get to the hunting location as soon as possible. It is powered by a Kohler V-twin engine with electronic fuel injection which is a very powerful engine.

What kind of oil does a Cub Cadet Volunteer take?

The Cub Cadet Volunteer takes SAE 20W-40 ATV/UV Engine Oil. and it can hold 2.7 liters of oil. The oil keeps the engine running smooth on rough terrains.

How fast can the Cub Cadet Volunteer go?

The Cub Cadet Volunteer can go as fast as 32 mph. It is not the fastest but it is more than enough for UTV vehicles. Volunteer keep going over rocks, logs, and mud, and inside, bucket seats give it a sportier feel and hold the back of the user in place without giving them body pain.

Final Words

As you can see, Cub Cadet Volunteer is an amazing UTV vehicle that can give you the best off road ride experiences. Therefore, do not worry about the problems that it might have. By following the instruction manual and maintaining it regularly with thorough troubleshooting, you are most likely to face fewer problems with this UTV.

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