6 Common CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Problems And The Solutions

The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 is a well-sized vehicle that you can use on terrains and have fewer difficulties while trying to maneuver. However, the machine has problems within it as well, which can add headaches for you as you can face issues while driving it.

Therefore, we have listed the most heard complaints and issues faced while driving the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950.

The issues with ZFORCE 950 includes the engine failing to start, the engine will not turn over, the engine pinging, the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 stopping abruptly, the electronic power and steering problems, and the engine backfiring. These can be fixed by changing the spark plug or fuse.

Continue reading the article to find out the solutions to all these problems.

CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 Problems:

               Problems          Solutions
Engine failing to startRefueling or changing the spark plug
The engine will not turn overReplacing the fuse, tighten the batter and electrical connections
The engine pinging or knocksChange the spark plugs or change the brand of your fuel
The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 might stop abruptly       Tighten the loose electrical connections, change the blocked-up air filter
The Electronic power and steering problemInspect the wire connections, change the fuse, charge the battery, etc.
Engine backfiringChange the spark plug, change if the oil is old, or the replace it with an 87 unleaded octane fuel
Burned out clutch or beltChange the level of fluid and if the brakes have air trapped in it, buy a brake bleeder

As you now have an insight into the problems you can face while using the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950, let us discuss in broad what causes them and how you can fix them.

1. Engine Failing to Start

There can be a lot of reasons why the machine may not start; these can be identified if you see that the fuel filter is clogged or water can also be mixed in the oil, which can cause this issue.

Moreover, the problem can reside within the fuel pump if it does not work properly. Furthermore, the spark plugs can be an issue as well if the plug has no spark left whatsoever or the plug is damaged.

To add to it, the battery can be an issue as well, or the air filter can be blocked.

 Solutions to this issue

  • Refuel the machine if the fuel level is low
  • Check the fuel filter and clean it or change it
  • Change the old oil with an 87 octane unleaded fuel
  • Check the pump and fuse and change it if necessary
  • If the spark plugs have no spark, check whether the stop switch is on or not
  • Or change the spark plug
  • Check and change the air filter
  • Charge the battery again  to 12.8 Vdc-Confirm battery health

2. The Engine Will Not Turn Over

The fuse of the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 can be an issue for the engine to act like this. Moreover, the incompletion of the start circuit can be a problem as well.

Furthermore, loose electrical connections or loose battery connections can be an issue as well. Furthermore, the low battery voltage can be an issue as well.

Here is How To Troubleshoot

  • Change or reset the fuse
  • Inspect the battery connections and tighten them
  • Inspect the electrical connections and tighten them
  • Check the engine stop switch
  • Shift the transmission to the parking position or neutral or press the foot brake

3. The Engine Pings or Knocks

The heat range of the machine or the gap in the setup of the spark plug can be an issue.

Moreover, the ignition timing of the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 can be a problem as well. Furthermore, if the oil is old or the quality of the fuel is bad, then this can be an issue as well.

How To Fix the Problem Which Is Faced When the Engine Knocks or Pings?

If the timing of the ignition is incorrect, you may see a mechanic or the local dealership as the solution to fix this is a bit of a hassle.

Moreover, the spark plug, if it has gaps, should be fixed by setting it to specs or changing the spark plugs.

4. The CFMOTO ZFORCE Might Stop Abruptly

This can occur if the engine gets overheated due to dirt in the radiator screen and the core. Moreover, the plugged vent tank line can also cause this issue, and also the spark plugs play a major role here, so if the plugs are damaged or fouled, this can cause the engine to stop working midway.

How to Fix The CFMOTO ZFORCE If It Stops Abruptly?

If the issue is caused by overheating, then clean off the exterior and the radiator screen, which can help your machine to cool off and resolve this issue.

Moreover, the vent tank line should be taken to a mechanic to have it fixed. Also, the damaged spark plug should be replaced to stop having this difficulty in the long run.

Furthermore, the gap in the spark plug should be set up to specs. And lastly, if the fuel level if it is insufficient, then this should be fueled to a minimum of 87 octanes unleaded.

5. The Electronic Power and Steering Problem

The ways you can find out whether the EPS has issues will be described below; the reasons for this can be a lot of them.

This could be if the steering occurs without assistance; the main reasons for this can be the wire connections or the relay, and the sensor could be fouled.

Moreover, the power assist may not weigh the same for both sides. The reasons for this can be if the controller or the sensor is damaged or if the output voltage has deviation.

To add to it, the steering if it becomes heavy; the causes for this are if the battery has a power loss or if the tires are not inflated evenly.

Furthermore, the system might have noises coming out of it; this can occur if the machine motor is damaged or the mechanical assembly is too large.

Solutions For It

  •  Inspect if the connectors or the pins are fully inserted or not
  • Change the fuse
  • If the power assist feels different, it is recommended to contact the dealership
  • If the steering becomes heavy, you should recharge the battery
  • Or you can inflate the tires on both sides
  • If the system has noise issues, you should contact the mechanic

6. Engine Backfiring

The possible reasons for these can be a reduced spark from the plugs or if there is a gap in the plug. Moreover, this can be caused by a mechanical failure or if the speed limiter malfunctions.  To add to it, the oil, if it is old this, again can be an issue for you.

How To Fix the Engine Backfiring

Check whether the problem resides in the spark plug, then you should change it. Or if the problem is with the gap in the plug, you should do the same things as before; you should change the specs for the gaps.

And lastly, again, replace the fuel with the minimum 87 unleaded fuel.

7. Burned-Out Clutch or Belt

Some of the customers have complained that the clutch has noises coming out of it. Or when you use it for a longer period of time, the clutch can be burned out or the belt frequently.

So the problem could reside within the fluid level.

How To Fix The Burned-Out Clutch or Belt in the CFMOTO ZFORCE 950?:

If you have faced the belts getting burned out, then you should try to get some gates for it based on customer reviews and opinions. Also, you should measure the fluid level of the front and rear of the machine and have it filled as recommended.

Furthermore, if the brakes have air trapped or something, you should get a brake bleeder, which can help you resolve the problem.

Final Thoughts

The CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 is a reliable and very fun-to-ride vehicle that can help you enjoy the ride on even the toughest terrains out there, and the price tag is also not that burdening.

Although the looks are nice and also the performance is great, the callbacks of the ZFORCE 950 in the year 2021 can be a discouraging fact for buyers. To add to it, the machine has maintenance regularities to follow as well, such as changing the fuel and all.

Moreover, there are problems and difficulties that come with the machinery, but with the looks and the price tag, this purchase can be a win-win for you.

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