6 Common Bobcat T250 Problems and Solutions

While the Bobcat T250 can lift all your heavy equipment and increase your work efficiency with its 81HP engine. Additionally, it has a hydraulic system that makes the operation smooth. This track loader can handle 2500 lbs of operating load.  

However, you might face some drawbacks while using this machine, which are mainly caused by user errors and a lack of troubleshooting. Starting problems, contaminated fuel, hydraulic problems, smoke coming out, controlling issues, overloading problems, etc. are the common problems of Bobcat T250.

Common Problems of Bobcat T250:

Do not let the issues make you worry too much as most of them can be easily resolved. When you are aware of the reasons behind the issues it becomes easier to solve. Also, there are some instant actions that you can perform to solve the issues without any professional help.

1. Starting problems

The Bobcat excavator features a mounted diesel-run engine. If you experience cranking an engine but not starting, there is a problem with the fuel system or the glow plug. The fuel system includes a fuel line, fuel filter, and fuel tank. So, you need to check all the components in the system.

2. Contaminated fuel

The fuel contamination is a very common issue for the excavators. When the fuel comes into any other element, it can become contaminated and turn into a harmful chemical that is not good for the machine.

If you notice Bobcat T250’s engine backfiring, hard to start, misfiring, etc. issues, then your excavator’s fuel might be contaminated.

Also, when you check the fuel and notice any change in the color of the fuel, then it can be because of contamination too. To solve the issue, you need to drain the fuel tank and refill it with new fuel.

3. Hydraulic problems

If your Bobcat T250 has hydraulic problems, you might find it loses power or does not get enough power. In that case, firstly check the hydraulic fluid level. If it is more or less than it is supposed to be then, it will lack performance efficiency. Make sure your hydraulic tank is filled up to the recommended level.

4. Smoke comes out

There are two types of smoke- black and white smoke, that can come out of your excavator as a sign of an internal issue. If you see there is black smoke coming out, then it is probably because of the clogged filter. You might need to clean it or replace it.

5. Controlling issues

When your Bobcat excavator has controlling issues, you might face that the joystick is not working, or the steering is making no response. In this case, you need to check whether all the connecting wires are working correctly or not. For the steering to function, all connections must be correctly tightened.

6. Overloading problems

When you load your excavator with more than it can handle then it will start having issues. It can become slow. Also, it can cause the drive coupling to worn and slip. So, make sure not to load your Bobcat T250 over 2500 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can a Bobcat T250 lift?

The Bobcat T250 can lift to 2,500 lbs. That is a lot of weight it can lift but make sure not to overload it. Because overloading it can cause huge damage.

How heavy is a T250 Bobcat?

The Bobcat weighs about 9347 lbs. This is a piece of heavy equipment with the perfect weight to complete all your heavy-duty tasks.

What hydraulic oil is used in the Bobcat excavator?

In order to achieve Bobcat Engineering’s exacting standards for quality and dependability, Bobcat Hydraulic Fluid is used. You can rely on it without a doubt.

Final Words

Bobcat T250 is one of the best excavators in the market you can use to complete your farm or lawn work. But with time, it can be worn out and lose its efficiency. However, if you maintain it regularly and troubleshoot it, then it will work properly for a long time.

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