9 Common Bad Boy Buggy Problems and Solutions

Do you think owning a Bad Boy Buggy can be difficult at times? Having problems despite proper maintenance can indicate that your vehicle’s components are getting old. The Bad Boy Buggy problems can range in severity.

Some are so simple that you can fix them yourself at home with just a few basic tools and understanding.

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Repairing your buggy may appear to be a difficult task at first. But that shouldn’t be the case because we have answers to all of your questions right here.

Bad Boy Buggy Problems And Solutions At A Glimpse:

Shorter than Normal Run TimeFix the weak battery or the defective cable
Charge on the BatteryCharge fully, generators can be used as well
Fluid in the DifferentialsKeep changing the fluid regularly and methodically
Amount of Water in the BatteriesBarely covering the lead plates
Adding Accessories to the BuggyConnect to the battery directly
Cannot Locate the Fuses on the Bad BoyVaries depending on the model, search according to the model.
Cannot Locate the Controller on the Bad BoyVaries depending on the model, search according to the model.
Cannot Locate the Directional Contactors on the Bad BoyVaries depending on the model, search according to the model.
Humming Sound on the Bad Boy BuggyGenerated by the high voltage  needed to run the car.

Problem 1: Shorter than Normal Run Time

If your run time is shorter than usual, determining the cause and correcting it is one way to solve the problem on your own. Assuming the charger is working properly, the only things that can reduce run-time are faulty or weak batteries, broken cable, or a faulty cable connection.

Problem 2: Charge on the Battery

You may be concerned about how much to charge your Bad Boy Buggy’s battery. Test runs in optimal circumstances have manufactured run times of up to thirty miles when charged fully;

however, realistic run times of between 15 and 25 miles after every charge can be expected in pretty standard hunting conditions consisting of mixed terrain. The run time of all-electric vehicles is directly affected by weather conditions, terrain, and payload.

Problem 3: Fluid in the Differentials

Adjusting the liquid in the differentials is a tricky and necessary part of the Bad Boy Buggy’s smooth operation, and it can be quite a problem if not done properly.

Problem 4: Amount of Water in the Batteries

It is difficult to determine how much liquid should be contained in the batteries. Because overfilled batteries can overheat when charging, and exposure plates can be compromised if indeed the water levels are too low.

Problem 5: Adding Accessories to the Buggy

You may find it a problem to figure out how to add 12-volt accessories to the buggy. Not if you know what to do.

Problem 6: Cannot Locate the Fuses on the Bad Boy

If you need to access a fuse and can’t figure out where the fuses are on the Bad Boy, you’ll need some pointers.

Problem 7: Cannot Locate the Controller on the Bad Boy

If you need to locate the controller and you cannot figure where they are on the Bad Boy, some advice may come handy.

Problem 8: Cannot Locate the Directional Contactors on the Bad Boy

This question may apply to “Series” units in terms of where the double contactor , also known as directional contactor, is located.

Problem 9: Humming Sound on the Bad Boy Buggy

Whenever the buggy is turned on, you might notice a humming sound. This should only apply to older “Series” units with directional contactors.

Recommended Factors for a Smooth Bad Boy Buggy

  • The preferred air pressure for the front tires is 12 psi and 14 psi inside the rear tires.
  • It is not suggested that such Bad Boy be driven in water greater depth than 12 inches in the core of the axles.
  • Conventional SAE 85-140 weight percentage. gear oil is used in the differentials.


What is the ground clearance of the buggy?

The frame has a ground clearance of 16.5″.

What size are the buggy’s tires and wheels?

24 x 11 x 10 Radial Tread is the conventional tire diameter for Classic, Stretch, and LT models. 25 x 10 x 12 – Directional Tread is the standard wheel size for the XT Model.

What is the top speed of the buggy?

The 2009 model of the Bad Boy Buggy has a top speed of 18-22 mph, depending on payload and ground conditions.

What is the load capacity of the Bad Boy?

The XT and the Classic models have a load capacity of 1000 lbs. The LT has an 800-pound load capacity.

What is the Bad Boy’s towing capacity?

The towing capacity is 800 pounds, with a maximum tongue weight of 150 pounds.

Final Words

It goes without saying that your Bad Boy Buggy problems will trouble you even if you thoroughly maintain it and keep it under periodic checks.

Not only that, but keeping the air pressure up can prevent you from getting problems. Furthermore, if an issue arises, do not be too daring and attempt to drive it nonetheless. It will not contribute to the sustainability you are no doubt hoping for.  Try reading the owner’s manual for your vehicle to know it closely.

If you are unable to resolve an issue with your vehicle, take it to a professional. But before that, we’d be glad if this article helped you approach some of the problems that create a challenge for you.

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