6 Most Common Advanced EV Golf Cart Problems

Advanced EV Golf Cart problems

No doubt, the Advanced EV golf cart is a very convenient addition to the golf lovers’ tool list.

Its high speed and convenience make the item a very feasible one, allowing golfers to move faster around the entire golf course premises without having any hassle carrying heavy golf sets around.

But, there are some technical problems one might occasionally experience with the cart, especially due to long usage, extensive workload, and lack of maintenance.

You might wonder what the common troubles an advanced EV golf cart user might experience. Rapidly declined battery, issues regarding vehicle speed, not-operating direction switch, blocked motor, damaged lights, etc., are the most frequent anomalies while using an electric cart.

No matter how critical the issues are, there are always some simpler solutions if you know the basic techniques. Likewise, the fixing process of the advanced EV golf cart problems requires the necessary knowledge of the problems at the very first place. So, let’s learn about them.

What Are The Basic Advanced EV Cart Problems?

  • Battery Issues
  • Irregular Speed Controller
  • Failure of Direction Switch
  • Broken Solenoid
  • Light Failure
  • Motor Ignition Failure

Problem 1# Battery related issues

An advanced EV golf cart depends on a battery as its main power source. Sometimes, due to over-usage, the cart’s battery can get damaged. If the vehicle takes a long time to start or does not start at all, it’s the battery against which you need to take some action.

What causes problems with the EV golf cart’s battery?

There are certain circumstances including dead battery, charger getting damaged, or circuit problems, that can lead to the interruption of the battery’s power supply and eventually causing all the battery issues.

What is the troubleshooting process of the battery problems?

Use a multimeter and check out the voltage level to make yourself that the battery is working perfectly. In case there’s no signal, just replace it with a new or operational one. But it it’s okay, investigate the charger or its circuit for any fault and replace, if it’s necessary.

What will be the cost to fix the battery issues?

The battery used in the EV carts is lithium-made, and the approximate cost to replace the battery would be 2000 to 5000 bucks.

Problem 2# Irregular speed controller

The pedal of the cart provides the pressure to the speed controller to convert it into electrical signal. In case of any failure of this speed controller, different problems like sudden bumps, or varying of speed might cause to trouble the vehicle.

What causes failure of EV golf cart’s speed controller?

The speed controller is prone to the most damages as it repeatedly faces pressure and friction during the wriggling of the cart. It leads to the possible damages of the part including controller damage, having loose connections, frayed wire or failure of potentiometer, etc.

What is the fixing process of the speed controller issues?

Potentiometer is the device that is responsible to regulate the cart speed. Check it first to spot whether it’s damaged or not. Take a look at the connections as well to make sure there’s no loose one. The cart will miss out proper signal if there’s any loose end.

There might be some frayed wires as well. You may avoid them using a tape to wrap them up. If there’s still any problem with speed controller, then you need to remove and replace it.

What will be the cost to fix the speed controller of an EV golf cart?

The cost of troubleshooting your speed controller is a minimal one as it would take from USD 100 to 700 only.

Problem 3# Failure of direction switch

The movement of your EV cart will be hampered big time once the direction switch control gets damaged or broken. Thus, the failure of direction switch will make you face lot of troubles and you need to address the problem, ASAP.

What causes failure of direction switch?

One of the most used parts of the entire golf cart in the direction switch, and this over-usage makes it likely to get more cracks. Any circuit or connection problem may even lead to such failure. You need to be concerned about the DC converter as well, as the faulty converter will trouble you the same way.

What is the fixing process of the direction switch failure?

Check for all the loose circuit connection or other circuitry problems at first and fix the issue to get rid of the direction switch failure. In case of any damaged DC converter or supplied power interruption, you need to replace it.

Problem 4# Broken solenoid

Solenoid is a coil of wires wrapped curly in order to power a switch. The click that you’ll hear during the start of the car, it indicates that the solenoid is fully operating. If the solenoid fails to operate successfully, then the golf cart will stop moving as well.

What causes damage of solenoid?

If you miss any clicking sound, then your advanced EV golf cart is likely to have a solenoid problem. In such case, the cart won’t get necessary power to start. Damaged coil, broken wire connection and loose end of circuit are the main reasons that can affect the solenoid.

What is the fixing process of a damaged solenoid?

Once all the connections are removed, put them together again to make sure of repairing the dented solenoid part. Take a good look at all the wires to notice if there’s any cracked or frayed to fix. Also, check the coil to make sure no part is broken. If you find any, replace them with a fresh one. After going through all these stages, your solenoid is likely to work again.

What will be the fixing cost of the damaged solenoid?

Repairing a wrecked solenoid won’t cost you much. Actually, the price of this part depends on the quality of the product and usually varies between USD 20 to 150.

Problem 5# Light Failure

There are taillights, headlights and turn lights attached with an advanced EV golf cart as part of its safety features. Any failure of these lights is a possible reason of inconvenience for the cart users.

What causes advanced EV golf cart’s light failure?

Whenever any internal component requires repairing, light failure on a golf cart occurs. The most recurrent setback that the users experience is the bulb’s wire. Aside from it, other issues like bulb damage, blown fuse or any problem with DC converter might cause light failure.

What is the fixing process of light failure of a golf cart?

At first, you need to check the light after removing the glass of the faulty bulb. If the bulb is damaged, replace it with a new one. DC converter is the next thing to check if it’s working perfectly as in case it encounters any fault, it won’t supply sufficient power to light up the bulb. Therefore, the only solution is to change the converter.

If the problem still persists, the last thing to test is the fuse. Repair it, if you find necessary and your lights are set to work again.

What will be the fixing cost of the EV cart’s light?

A new bulb will cost you not more than 30 bucks, but a DC converter is going to charge you around 120 to 300 dollars.

Problem 6# Ignition failure

Another very common issue that most of the golf cart users frequently deal with is the motor switch or ignition failure. If a user extensively uses the cart, its motor will stop working, and a very annoying whining sound will be heard.

What causes ignition failure of the cart?

As it’s already said, a widespread use is the main reason behind the failure of the motor switch. In addition to this, you also need to consider other points like defective wiring, damaged machine body, cracked ignition switch or motor.

How ignition failure of the cart can be solved?

To begin with, in order to figure out any damaged wires, carefully examine all the wiring and if found one, change it immediately. If any faulty machine part or ignition switch is discovered, switch it with a new one.

Wrapping up

You won’t need any rocket science or plethora of machineries to resolve the defective advanced EV golf cart issue.

Only the basic ideas and simple toolbox containing screwdriver, wrench, hammer, etc. are enough to get rid of the hassle, all by you. Just follow the instructions given in this article, and voila! Your cart is ready for a go again.

Although, having some advises from a professional regarding this entire situation is always appreciated. Enjoy your golfing time!

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